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Making investments and all the risk around it can sound intimidating with all its complexities. On this episode, Chris and Gail continue to feed us with a great amount of knowledge as they talk about questions they have been getting over the past months from investors. Some of the questions they shed light on are about property locations, hiring realtors, legal descriptions, neighbors around the property, deficiency judgment, forced place insurance, title insurance claim and some important details around these.

On our previous episode, we took a brief look at how to break some of those down and look at them. I started going through the tape. I go back to using one of my favorites with DataTree.

That saves a little time hunting down important documents on the website. In our last episode, I talked about this at length but I forgot a couple of varied key things that I wanted to say. The house was in hazardous condition and I felt helpless while the borrower was still marginally complying with her land contract and I was not able to take the house back.

My main motivation in taking it back was to take a hazardous house that I thought the family living there was in imminent danger. It was in a real conundrum.

You have the liability if anything happens and you have no control. I wanted to tell people that first of all, you have to worry about things being in your IRA. We have OJ Simpson to thank for that because he lost a huge lawsuit filed by the grieving families after the deaths. Even though they want a big judgment, they could never get his money because it was all in his IRAs.

The fact that my IRA owned this house means it could have been sued had anything happened. What I should have done all along was put this house in a trust where my IRA would have been the beneficiary of the trust, but there would not have been a public record that my IRA was the owner.

That would have been a simple way to insulate my IRA from any legal issues in the future. What happened for me is I got the title report back.

The title insurance companies and sometimes the municipalities themselves require a certificate of authorization showing that anyone who signed a deed in the past had the authority to do it. If this gentleman always signs for harbor and this gentleman always signs for the home opportunity, they still need a paper that shows it.

Sometimes they even want to see the partnership agreements that establish what the title of that person is once and for all. I have a pile of quitclaim deeds on this property and we are waiting in total suspense to see if the title insurance company is going to make me go back to all of those companies and get that certificate of authority. An interesting strategy though with the IRA is to put it into a trust or separate it for each property.

Do you know somebody already? I think you use a gentleman, Adam Bergman. Is that your IRA attorney that you use? He set up my IRA. He helped me set up my Solo k. How did you go about building your teams in a certain location? Who the team is and how you communicated or contacted and vetted them?

If you got a contract for deeds back, the house is usually in bad shape. Do I fix it up a little so I can sell it on a land contract? Do I try to sell it retail? Bottom line is you often end up needing to find someone to help you sell a house, someone to help you fix a house.

Where are you going to send that person to sign the papers? What we did need was advertising the properties on Facebook and other places to get potential buyers over there. Be the one person that you give the lockbox code to and will stand there ready to go. Simple purchase agreements for anyone who expresses a lot of interest and who will get the phone numbers of everyone and make sure the place gets locked up nice and tight.

Most of the things are not difficult, besides you ask people to go into a house and photograph it for you so you can see it. They come over. There are generally crazy neighbors who apparently sit at home and look out the windows all the time and look for ways to make trouble. They just want it.

After you rejected their low ball offers, they dedicate themselves to making sure anyone else who comes over to look for it get scared away by their crazy behavior. That would definitely give me pause if I was a buyer and a neighbor like that. When should somebody start finding whether it is a realtor or maintenance property, a do-it-all guy?

When should people start to solicit or find people? I use Craigslist most of the time for fix-it people. They might not even be living in the same town when you need them. The best way to get a reference on anyone is to ask someone who lives there, who has some connection to it. If you knew that a house was in good enough condition and was worth enough that you were going to turn it over to a realtor. You and I had a great experience with that in New Hampshire where the realtor had somebody come over to winterize a house for us.

It turned out that guy who was inexpensive and the nicest person ever, we ended up using it for all stuff. He eventually did a huge cleanup for us and filled the dumpster. He went to quite a bit of trouble and it was sweet and I told him that if cloning were possible, I would want him everywhere in the country that I have a house. Tom Olson, a note investor, is big in the group with a lot of fix and flippers, rehabbers and contractors in that area.

You can go on there and if I needed somebody to put a roof on or something like that, I can either ask people or keyword search roof. I use Craigslist a lot as well. If I need somebody to go shovel snow or do something laborious, Craigslist. Do you have a property manager or a realtor or a fixer-upper guy?

She will be Mrs. Happy Homemaker who you did a job for. As well on Craigslist, I found a roofer in Indiana who was unbelievable. It was great and I found a property manager in Indiana by asking in a Facebook group and I got these people and they were terrible. I wish I had a simple formula that always works. There are definitely some things that help. When I did Craigslist listings, I always put some direction in the body of the posting where I answer this with this and the subject line.

How do I get paid? Someone asked us about deficiency judgments and how you handle that. What do you go after? What have you been able to get? Is it worth the effort? The only time it might be worthwhile to consider doing one is if the owner had multiple properties that had a lot of equity. I have never collected on one. I was going to do a second one on a property, but because of how the borrower left the property condition, at the end of the day the relationship started sour.

Even though the woman has other rentals and so forth that I could technically probably collect on because it ended on good terms. She did what she said and left the property in great condition. With deficiency judgments in most instances, there was a primary residence.

You can spend a few thousand dollars to get a judgment. What you may end up doing is forcing them into bankruptcy, which is probably not something you want to go through or put somebody through. If it was an investor and it was a rental property for them and there was a business entity, that can be a different story where you can go collect or try to collect because they may have some assets. You have to have an attorney.

As a lien, you could foreclose eventually. It can be in first, second, third position. What you got to remember is the first would get paid off first, then the balance of whatever flat property comes back to you. Four properties, you can try and wipe out all four to make sure you get all your money.

You can force that. My guess is in most instances they probably would settle. If you could get that money immediately versus over the long haul. Do you have to pick one? Can we put the judgments on those properties? You can do it at one or five or ten properties. You can do it on as many as you want. Say they own the property free and clear, but there are other liens on it for taxes.

Would you be behind all of these things, your lien? Do you take present? That is aggravating enough. How do you handle or what happens if there is an insurance claim on a property and you have the property covered by force-placed insurance?

This did happen to me.

Understanding Your Investments Better To Avoid Risks

Making investments and all the risk around it can sound intimidating with all its complexities. On this episode, Chris and Gail continue to feed us with a great amount of knowledge as they talk about questions they have been getting over the past months from investors. Some of the questions they shed light on are about property locations, hiring realtors, legal descriptions, neighbors around the property, deficiency judgment, forced place insurance, title insurance claim and some important details around these.

Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Some are simple things that some people just don't understand.

The storms that zoomed across the US over the weekend also ran into Lake Michigan, which decided to punish Chicago, the Illinois burbs that are on the Lake and the lakeshore communities in Northwest Indiana. Lake levels are close to historic highs due to excess precipitation rain and snow melt over the past few years in the Midwest and the Great Lakes basin. Any NorthWest Indiana ladies that wanna be ate out and treated like a princess? And of course much more.

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Town of Schererville Jobs. City of Whiting Job Openings. Continue scrolling down on this page for a listing of top employers with links to the jobs they offer. Please note that the jobs listed in the Healthcare Jobs section represent a sampling of jobs found on a particular review date. You can visit the links provided for the most current opportunities. Check for updates. Methodist Hospital Job Openings. Saint Catherine Hospital Jobs. Franciscan Hammond Clinic Jobs.

Crown Point Estate Sales

Join Now Login Search Community. Set up your account. March 10, 5: After years of a tagline that suggested entry to a mature xx, the amie bar appeared on the screen: And, according to law enforcement pas and experts, something had: Craigslist's adult -- once "amigo" -- pas mi. Near the xx of Craigslist northwest indiana personals, ne craigslist northwest indiana personals classified amie Craigslist began censoring its adult pas section, widely criticized by law enforcement officials across the country as a den for alleged and confirmed prostitution ads.

Listed below are all the estate sales that are currently scheduled for the Crown Point area.

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We are trying to make an alternative to backpage , its name backpage. What are you serious? Same setup same configuration with same service. They can sale their products and can do online marketing.

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Northwest Indiana jobs in Merrillville, IN

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pets, politics, rants & raves, rideshare, volunteers. missed connections >. post · account. 0 favorites. 0 hidden. CL. northwest indiana > missed connections.

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Northwest indiana craigslist dating

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