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Families are generally happy with their African au pairs. New profiles are added every week. Log on. Home Au pair African African au pair. New Zealander. South African.

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Au Pair A to Z

Babysitting Bank Holidays Bedroom Board. Car Child-carer Childminder Contract Croatian au pairs. Demi au pair Dietary requirements Disabled Driving licence. Elderly care Employment England. Language courses Length of stay Light housework Live-out. Nanny Native speaker Notice period. Taxes Termination of stay Time off.

Wales Wi-fi Working hours. The majority of au pairs are between 17 or 18 and 30 years old, while childminders and nannies are usually aged 23 to 40 years and older. Here is a list of the au pair age range in the main host countries destinations:. It is important that your host family knows of any allergies that you may have. As a host family please make sure that your au pair is aware of any allergies that your family and children have. Make sure to mention any allergies in your profile.

See au pair programme for USA. The word "Au Pair" is a French term, which means "on par" or "equal to", denoting living on an equal basis in a reciprocal, caring relationship between the host family and the au pair. Au pairs travel to another country, usually to improve their foreign language skills, as well as to gain a new cultural experience.

An au pair will usually stay with a family between months. Although an au pair can stay with a host family for up to 2 years depending on the au pair regulations of the host country. A summer au pair will usually stay with their host family for months. An au pair contract is sometimes known as an au pair agreement. See au pair contract below. The au pair programme is a cultural exchange programme in which a young foreign person comes and lives as part of a family.

The au pair will help the family with their childcare needs and some light housework in exchange for board, food and weekly or monthly pocket money. The au pair will live as part of the family and usually there is a language acquisition element to the au pair programme. As the au pair programme is considered to be a cultural exchange programme and not paid employment, an au pair usually only works part-time for their host family except in the USA where an au pair can work full-time.

Many European countries have a maximum number of working hours that an au pair can work and so do not recognise an au pair plus programme. Please see our table of au pair working hours. See au pair programme Australia. Au pairs can be asked to babysit for 1 or 2 nights max per week. A maximum of 1 of these evenings babysitting should be at the week-end Friday or Saturday evening.

Babysitting should be agreed in the au pair contract that the host family and au pair sign at the beginning of the au pair placement. Au pairs are entitled to have public holidays and bank holidays off.

Au pairs must be provided with their own private bedroom. The bedroom must have a window and adequate storage. A study desk is also a requirement in many countries. Childminders have the same entitlements as any other employee, therefore they must receive at least minimum wage. As part of their responsibilities, child-carers will often do some housework and might be asked to cook the family meal.

A nanny is an in-home childminder who has formal childcare qualifications. See nanny below. At Kangaroo Au Pair, we recommend that all our families and au pairs sign a contract before entering into an au pair placement. While there is no official au pair contract for most countries in Europe, some au pairs prefer to have a contract as it gives a sense of security.

Other au pairs feel that a list of duties is sufficient and are more comfortable with this arrangement as they may find a contract to be too formal. Alternatively, we have made available another au pair contract which you may find easier to use, download our Au Pair Contract template. Please beware that in some countries in Europe it is mandatory to sign an au pair contract before departure. Non-EU citizens might need to present a signed copy of the contract to their local authorities to get a visa if they want to find a placement in some European countries e.

UK, Spain, Italy, etc. Check the table below to find out whether an au pair contract is mandatory in the host country of your choice. We recommend that all au pairs and host families sign a contract even when it is not requirement of the host country, in order to avoid future any misunderstandings or disagreements.

As of 1 July , Croatia has become a member State of the European Union, therefore Croatian au pairs are no longer required to apply for a visa to become au pairs in an EU country. Some EU countries might still require Croatian citizens to apply for a work permit, if they want to become au pairs in their country.

Here is a list of countries with specific legislation for Croatian citizens. A demi au pair or demi-pair is the same as a standard au pair but works shorter hours than a standard au pair, usually hours per week and 1 or 2 nights babysitting.

A demi au pair may suit a family with older children who only need a small amount of supervision after school or a family in which one of the parents is in the home full time. A demi au pair position may suit an au pair who is studying or wants to do an intensive language course. Make sure to mention to your host family if you have any dietary requirements. It is important that they know this before agreeing to an au pair stay. Many au pairs who have very specific dietary requirements choose to do their own cooking themselves.

As we want to make sure that our families get the best au pair for their family, we included an option in the family profile page where families can state whether there is any children with special needs in their family. Au pairs have to state in their profile whether they are willing to look after a child with special needs. Not all au pairs might have enough experience or feel comfortable at looking after children with special needs, so we recommend that families who have a child with special needs make contact with the au pairs who have stated in their profiles, that they are willing to take care of children with special needs.

Some au pairs might be more at ease with children with physical disabilities over children with cognitive disabilities, while for other au pairs it could be the other way round.

Holders of a driving licence issued by an EU member State can drive in another EU country as long as their existing driving licence is valid. An elderly care au pair is an au pair who looks after an older person, offers companionship and will do some light housework.

Elderly care au pairs will help with shopping and errands and they will assist in moving in and out of the house especially when taking transport. They may also cook the dinner and make meals and snacks for the older person. Elderly care au pairs are entitled to the same rights as other au pairs such as free board and lodging, their own private room, holidays and time off. In regards to pocket money, elderly care au pairs would usually receive a slightly lower amount of weekly pocket money compared to childcare au pairs.

Elderly care au pairs are not suitable for old people whose needs are medically-based or are suffering from any form of dementia.

As an au pair programme is considered to be a cultural exchange programme, in most countries an au pair is not considered to be an employee. However if a host family uses an au pair as a domestic employee and does not follow the recommendations of the au pair programme, they may be liable to pay an au pair the national minimum hourly wage and to meet all their employers obligations such as taxes and holiday pay etc.

See au pair programmes. See au pair programmes United Kingdom. Au pairs are entitled to receive food and drinks at all time during their au pair stay, even in case of illness. Host families should provide food for families for 7 days per week, not just the days that the au pair is working.

If the family are away or not at home, they should make sure that there is either food for the au pair or they should leave money with the au pair to pay for the food that she needs. If there are specific foods or snacks that the au pair likes the family might buy these for the au pair occasionally, when they are doing the grocery shop.

Some families make a shopping list and let the au pair add food that she likes to this list. If the au pair has specific dietary requirements, she may choose to do her own cooking.

The au pair will usually have the main meal with the family each day. Meals often become a very enjoyable experience for the family as they are the time that the au pair, the host parents and the children get to talk about their day and discuss plans. See our au pair programme for France. See our au pair programme for Germany. Au pairs are strongly recommended to organise their health insurance before moving to their host country.

European au pairs moving to another European country and holding a European Health Insurance Card EHIC will usually be entitled to some free National Health service treatments please check the agreements between your country of origin and your host country , while non-European moving to a European country will have to take out a private health insurance.

We recommend that both EU and non-EU au pairs take out comprehensive travel insurance that will cover travel, liability and medical costs. In most EU countries au pairs are entitled to at least 1 week of paid holidays every 6 months of employment but this does differ from country to country.

Host families who go on holiday may take their au pairs on holiday with them. For more information about your holiday entitlements in your host country, please visit our Au Pair Programmes page and search by country. Some host families living in the countryside might have a farm with horses among other animals and it is not uncommon for the host family to look for an au pair who can horse ride.

Both host families and au pairs on our website can add this specific requirement in their profile. Host families can specifically search for au pairs who can horse ride, while au pairs can search for families who are looking for an au pair with such skill.

A host family is a family who hosts an au pair coming from a foreign country for a limited amount of time. A host family must consist of at least one parent and one child under the age of The host family should have a different mother tongue to the au pair.

Au pairs should receive free food and accommodation in exchange for help minding the children and doing light housework. The au pair stay will usually be extended for no longer than 2 years. The amount of hours au pairs can be asked to help minding the children and doing light housework will differ from host country to host country.

Some countries have specific legislation that states the maximum number of hours that an au pair can work. For example, in Germany au pairs are not supposed to work more than 6 hours per day and 5 days a week.

Find J-1 Au Pair Host Families

Find great nanny jobs, babysitting jobs, au pair jobs in Danish. Sign up free. Search free. Connect free. GreatAupair offers the easiest, most direct way to find Caregiver jobs in Danish.

So far everything went very well, very good communication. We believe we found a very nice person as aupair for our kids. Veru good experience again.

Babysitting Bank Holidays Bedroom Board. Car Child-carer Childminder Contract Croatian au pairs. Demi au pair Dietary requirements Disabled Driving licence. Elderly care Employment England. Language courses Length of stay Light housework Live-out.

Au Pair Example Profile

They say: Dear au pair, my name is Athanasia Nancy Tourlaki and I live in Milan with my husband and two lovely children, a year old son and a year old daughter. Our children are smart and friendly, and we would like them to become familiar with the English language. We offer you a private room in an apartment located only 2 minutes walk from our house. The families interests include: Cycling, going to museums, cinema, art exhibitions, jazz music, good food with friends. They say: We are looking for a live in nanny housekeeper in Milan who is willing to come On holidays with us and available also for week ends! The families interests include: Going away for week ends in the seaside and montains and going to the park. They say: Looking for an aupair girl speaking Japanese and English. The families interests include: Swimming Running Riding horses Going to amusement parks.

Have a quick look at our available Au Pairs

Au Pairs Available near Roma. Free Au Pair background check available to all eligible candidates. Privacy Assured. Start now! In search of a Au Pair?

Latest updates for the coronavirus situation:.

Info HeavenlyAuPairs. Info HeavenlyNannies. To the future au pairs, here are some accounts written by some of our current or former heavenly au pairs:. I am here for 9 weeks now and have settled in very well.

African au pair

Even if the dates above are not perfect for you, it is a good idea to ask the au pair if all her other details look good to you. I am happy, friendly, helpful person and student of University of Warsaw. I am experienced with taking care on children from 3 years. I have been nanny working on camps as an educator.

We always recommend you to use an IAPA member agency to ensure you will have a safe and happy au pair experience. Please look for a suitable agency in your home country in our member search. Simply put in your country and you will see a list of member agencies in your home country that you can contact for further information. For any general information see also our part about the au pair program www. Agencies will not ask you to wire money abroad Beware! Some scammers use the names and logos of legit organizations.

Bringing au pairs and host families together

Finding an au pair from a foreign country has also become a particular challenge. To help as best we can in this difficult period, we have modified our search algorithms. It is now possible for you to view all au pairs that are currently already in your country and looking for a family. To access this view, select the option "We live in" and then click on the button below the text. We use cookies that are essential for the operation of this website and cookies for Google Ads that measure the success of our advertising with Google and that can help to target advertising. By clicking on "Accept Google Ads cookies" you allow the use of the essential cookies and the Google Ads cookies. By clicking on "Accept essential cookies" you only allow the use of cookies that are essential for the operation of the website.

Dear future au pair ;o) Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile.:) We are a loving family of five + a dog who looks for a nice girl / young lady who can.

Au Pairs Available near Lausanne. Free Au Pair background check available to all eligible candidates. Privacy Assured.

Au pair search

We are recognized by immigration IND as an official partner and we are one of the largest placement agencies in the country. We have 20 years of experience placing excellent candidates with wonderful families in all of Holland. Brabant and Zeeland are other areas that we are active in, as well as Overijssel and Groningen.

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