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How to find a pure girl

Many men seek purity in women. Some men view them as of higher value; as something beautiful. The idea of purity is very important, especially when a man is looking for a long term relationship. Now, personally I do not care for purity — in fact, purity for me is unattractive in the sense that it is incongruent with sexual liberalism. I enjoy female sexuality; I find it hot, sexy, and mysterious. It gives me so many kicks, you have no idea.

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If You Want A Girl Who Is Lovely and Pure

Want to write for the Covenant Eyes blog? Share the story of your journey to freedom from pornography. Let us know how you overcame porn or how Covenant Eyes has made a difference in your life or the lives of those you love.

Is finding a pure man hopeless in this generation? These and other questions plague many women who are seeking a long-term commitment, one that might lead to marriage. A woman should begin the process of searching for a pure man by setting a standard for herself. This lays the foundation to attract purity, says Heidi Monuteaux, founder of Moshia Ministries, which helps families recover from sexual addiction. These practices, Monuteaux says, will help a woman set standards for herself just as she is hoping her future husband will set standards for himself.

Women must take into account what they do and do not want to deal with in a relationship with their future husbands. Lust has a whirlpool effect that is difficult to escape, she said. It pulls and pulls until the viewer gets sucked in and cannot get out. Women must be aware of this luring temptation.

If a woman found out that her partner was using pornography, what should she do? Should she abandon the relationship completely, just hit the highway and allow him to figure out his own problems? Monuteaux said she would counsel a woman to use grace and mercy in a relationship with these circumstances. She would not abandon the relationship right away but would look at the actions of her partner and see if he had a repentant heart and a willingness to seek godly help and counseling.

Women need to be honest with themselves and decide what they are willing to do if something like this arises in their relationships, she said. If her partner has a willingness to seek help, a woman should make her decision based on what she believes she can handle, and what she believes God is leading her to do. If a woman is looking for a man who is pursuing purity, she can search for the opposite of this list. Look for a man who desires to be open about his behaviors.

One of the first steps women should take to protect themselves, and potentially their families, is to call out a problem, and to get counseling to heal from the hurt. If there is no problem with pornography, then take the time to sit down and determine what measures will be taken to protect both parties, as well as the potential family in the future.

Humans have a sinful nature, and no sin is greater than another, but sin must be dealt with. Pure is defined as unmixed with any other matter; free from dust, dirt, or taint. Humans are born impure. Photo credit: DMahendra on Flickr. I am a young guy who is striving for purity as much as possible because I have struggled with porn for years. For example, I really do not struggle with lying or homosexuality, but I do believe that I struggle with lust more than most men.

After digging around on the internet for a while, I have found that a major problem within marriages is one spouse wanting sex more frequently than the other. If you for instance despise the thought of pornography like no other and are not interested in sex much at all, I would advise not seeking to marry someone who is the opposite. Just something to consider. For most men, sex is tied into their intimate feelings of being loved. That is why we struggle with lust so much. The problem is we as men take that out of context.

I do believe God can use my strong desire for sex to unite me all the more with my future wife, but it nonetheless remains an obligation for me to strive for purity both now and then and I ought to accept the possibility that God may not have even planned marriage for me. I do my best to love God as much as I possibly can with all that I am, I read His word daily, pray regularly for purity, and do my best to be a godly Christian man with the help of the Spirit, but I nonetheless continue to look at pornography every couple of days on average.

I do see God working in me to restore me back to the person I ought to be, but that does not happen overnight and I still have a ways to go. If I am seeking God so intently and still failing at it every so often, I think it critically important that women show grace, mercy, and an understanding to men who struggle with purity!

Do your best to encourage men in the right direction, but also strive to be like God who forgives us of all of our sins and loves us despite our sin because we are sorry for it and have faith in Him. We are called by God to forgive but that does not mean that we should not set healthy boundaries. If you are a man still struggling with porn, as you admitted that you do, then you have no business pursuing a woman until you get this out of your life.

If you were truly sorry for your sin you would get the help you need. You look at porn every couple of days and then say you are striving for purity? A truly repentant heart sees how sickening and destructive that garbage is. You are a sex addict and you need help. Grow and get yourself some help. Hey Danielle. Thanks for writing in. I agree with you that forgiveness and healthy boundaries absolutely must go together.

However, I would challenge some of the ideas here. I do think that addicts can be sincerely wanting recovery, yet continue to struggle over many months and years, until they are finally free. Shame is never a thing that sets people free. It just makes people feel helpless and hopeless.

Yes, we need to understand the reality of pornography and fight against it. But we also need to keep in mind the inherent worth and value of those who are trying to get free from it. They are still people God loves. Like you, I too get tired of women being hurt by this. And the thing I tell women all the time is, process your own emotions in a safe place. Have good boundaries. Work on your own health and healing, regardless of what the other person chooses.

Find a group , find a therapist , get the help you need just for you. We cannot control the choices of others, but we can be making good choices for ourselves. I literally feel exactly the same way you did. Everything you said was solo true and it is encouraging that someone is was just like me. I am constantly depressed and I have strong anxiety, and I look at pornography a lot as well.

As much as I try to stop and as much as I go to confession, the problem remains. Once again, thank you for taking the time to comment this. Your desire for porn will not increase your sex life with your future wife and unite her with you all the more. You are clearly sucked in to porn on a deep level.

Porn destroys your ability to have a true intimate sexual relationship with a woman. If you think your desire for porn has anything to do with how strong your sex life will be with your further wife you are sadly mistaken and in for a very rude awakening.

Porn kills a mans desire for something real. It robs of true intimacy. Reading the list in the article, I think the guy I just broke up with may have had a pornography problem.

He had a wandering eye. He also was very private and emotionally distant and seemed to want to spend almost all his time alone. He stopped going to church and was super anti-authority. The problem is all the men in his life—his friends and family members—are not religious and seem to think pornography is okay. There is one thing I disagree with—he says if one partner thinks porn is disgusting and wants to have nothing to do with it and has no interest in sex, and the other one does, the relationship will not work.

That is true, but he inaccurately links interest in having sex with a partner with interest in porn. I have a super super high sex drive. I will want to have sex with my husband every day. I am disgusted by porn. My sister had a stronger sex drive than her husband, and wanted sex more than he did. It hurt her. Then she later found out he had a pornography problem. Usually people with pornography issues are less interested in a real sexual relationship to communicate love to a real live partner with whom they have a real emotional connection.

They are more interested in selfish indulgence instead of connecting. Interest level in porn is NOT the same as degree of sex drive and interest in connecting sexually with a spouse. They are actually the opposite. Also, I am a woman who does not care about how much money a man makes. I do care about his purity, his sincerity, his commitment, desire, and ability to be fiercely loyal on thoughts, words, and actions—to me and to God. I can understand impure thoughts coming into his mind. I want to be modest and attract someone who loves me for me.

It feels like a catch My sisters have dressed very immodestly. And instead the guys I date end up getting attracted to my sisters with their immodest clothes and breast implants.

And then he got this weird smile afterwards. Two of my sisters have had stronger sex drives than their husbands, and one of their husbands has admitted to having a pornography addiction, but he is a good man trying to curb it.

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Where to find a pure wife – A Christian approach

But, if you want a girl who is lovely and pure, you can begin by keeping your mind and thoughts on these positive things. After all, what is true? What is honorable? What is right?

Love is great! Being in love is a feeling that comes in a lifetime, sure!

Want to write for the Covenant Eyes blog? Share the story of your journey to freedom from pornography. Let us know how you overcame porn or how Covenant Eyes has made a difference in your life or the lives of those you love. Is finding a pure man hopeless in this generation?

Pure Heart Quotes

It was pretty bold of me to write on this topic, but I feel many guys out there are conflicted. That is why I choose to write on the subject of purity in a religious marriage and the psychology of dating that gets you the lady friend of your dreams. Some guys look at it this way, they do not want to marry, for the rest of their lives, a girl who has given herself to someone else. A hundred years ago this was not much of a problem, today with feminism and liberalism chipping away at society, if you even bring this point up to a girl, she will get all huffy and disappear.

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Sign in with Facebook Sign in options. Join Goodreads. Quotes tagged as "pure-heart" Showing of JoyBell C. Duarte, Fall Out Girl. So long as you act and speak with love and truth in you, and are good to your fellow man — in that you treat everybody as you would want yourself to be treated, your heart will stand by God regardless of the label you have assigned to your mind.

10 Reasons Why Being A Single Girl Is Pure Bliss

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Jul 19, - One of the factors that women have to consider about their ideal man is the common use of pornography. Can a woman find a pure man?

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Is the Search for a Pure Woman Quixotic?

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