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We are preparing to move all Fandom and Gamepedia logins to a unified login system. If you have an account on Fandom with the same username as on Gamepedia, we have a very simple set of instructions to resolve the conflicting username. Further work will be done to resolve other username conflicts later. The primary purpose of this build is to be a godlike support unit, especially when near his Ally Supported partner. The first set of skills supports a defensive partner, and the second set supports an offensive partner. These sets, however, are merely examples and thereby flexible; use what best fits Corrin's support partner.

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As an Avatar , their name and appearance are customizable by the player. Corrin is member of Nohr and Hoshido royalty, and so has a central role in the war between both kingdoms. Corrin wields the sword Yato as their main weapon. Corrin was supposedly born to the Hoshidan royal family as the child of Mikoto and Hoshido's king Sumeragi.

As a result, they are the younger half sibling of Ryoma and Hinoka and the older half sibling of Takumi and Sakura , who are instead Sumeragi's children with his first wife Ikona. They were kidnapped as a young child and raised by the royal family of the neighboring kingdom of Nohr , gaining new siblings in the form of Xander , Camilla , Leo , and Elise. Unlike previous protagonists, Corrin has the ability to transform into a dragon, a similar trait to Manakete from past games of the series.

They only gain the ability to transform after Chapter 5. As a member of royalty, Corrin can wield the power of Dragon Veins , allowing them to alter the terrain of a map.

A great war looms over Hoshido and Nohr and soon the two kingdoms meet on the battlefield. Corrin must choose to side with one of the kingdoms and help with their respective causes or be neutral in an attempt to combat a larger threat by joining the two kingdoms together. If Corrin achieves an S-Support with any opposite gendered character, they will have a child named Kana , whose gender is the opposite of Corrin's.

Male Corrin can also be the father of Shigure , while female Corrin can be the mother to all of the children characters aside from Shigure.

In actuality, Corrin was born to Mikoto and the human manifestation of Anankos 's benevolent soul in Valla. However, their happiness toward their child was short lived as the dragon form of Anankos began his rampage in Valla, forcing Anankos' human form to send his lover and child to safety.

Corrin was officially adopted into the family, but the fact that they were not related to the Hoshido royal family by blood was kept a secret by Sumeragi, Mikoto, and Ryoma. As a result, Corrin also never learns that Anankos is their birth father, nor do they learn that Lilith is their 'sister' due to separate vows of secrecy that Lilith and Mikoto made with Anankos's heart. However, this parley was a trap and Sumeragi was killed defending Corrin.

Corrin was kidnapped by Garon and raised in Nohr as a member of their royal family. Corrin lost all memory of their life prior to their life now confined to the Northern Fortress , with their memory of Sumeragi's death in particular being sealed away by a curse. For many years, Corrin was raised in the Northern Fortress and was not allowed to leave it until Garon deemed them worthy.

They were accompanied by their retainers and servants Flora , Felicia , and Jakob. Gunter , a veteran soldier, was also hired to serve as Corrin's combat instructor and the two became close.

The Nohrian Royal Siblings would also pay frequent visits to the castle with Xander in particular serving as Corrin's main sparring partner. One day, a young boy named Silas paid a visit to the Fortress. The two quickly became friends. However, their time together was cut short when Silas attempted to smuggle Corrin out of the fortress to take them on a picnic.

With him forbidden from returning, this made them cry every day until their retainers sought to take their mind off Silas, leading to them not even remembering him. Corrin also found an injured bird one day and nursed it back to health. Unbeknownst to them, this "bird" would become a very important person in their life soon after. Many years later, Corrin receives a premonition of a battle between Hoshido and Nohr in a dream, but they are awoken by Flora, Jakob, and Felicia.

Before Corrin can properly tell them the story, they are summoned by Xander for another combat test, where they finally succeed in impressing Garon enough to allow them to leave the Fortress. To test Corrin's loyalty, he orders that they execute some recently captured Hoshidan soldiers. Among them are Kaze and Rinkah , both of whom they choose to spare. Though Garon demands that they be executed, Corrin continues to refuse. However, Leo and Xander help Corrin out by pretending to execute them in order to allow Corrin to set them free later.

Upset by Corrin's defiance, Garon gives them the task of surveying a fortress situated at the Bottomless Canyon. Xander warns Corrin to be careful around Hans who was sent with them as Xander had once arrested him. At the Canyon, Corrin sees that the fortress is occupied by Hoshidan soldiers and decides to head back to report.

Hans brazenly engages on the Hoshidan soldiers, forcing Corrin and Gunter to fight them. After the battle, the Nohrian siblings, worried for Corrin, check on them to find them still engaged with the Hoshido forces. When they are sent back to the Castle, Hans betrays Corrin and attacks Gunter, plunging him into the canyon. Enraged, Corrin's arm shifts into a dragon appendage, greatly surprising both.

Before they can exact their vengeance, the Ganglari flings Corrin into the Canyon. Lilith , Corrin's stablehand, appears and dives after them. Immediately upon returning to the world, they are knocked out by Rinkah and brought to Hoshido.

Escorted by Kaze back to Castle Shirasagi , they meet Ryoma , their long lost older brother and, most importantly, their mother, Mikoto. Overjoyed to be reunited with her child, she embraces them.

However, Corrin's earlier childhood is a haze, preventing them from realizing that she really is their mother. Not wanting to pressure them, Mikoto tells them to take all the time they need. However, alarming news comes from the northern area of Hoshido where Faceless , Nohrian monstrosities, were attacking a local village where Corrin's two sisters, Hinoka and Sakura , were helping.

Later, Corrin walks near a lake to gather their thoughts. After spending a few days in Hoshido, they are still unable to recall any memories of their past.

However, Mikoto still wishes to introduce them to the people of Hoshido. At the castle town, just as Mikoto introduces Corrin to the Hoshidan people, a hooded man appears and calls the Ganglari to him. Using the sword, he causes a large explosion, causing massive destruction to the town and the citizens there. Finally, using shards of the blade, he directs it towards Corrin, only for Mikoto to intercept the attack. Her final words to Corrin was to merely ask if they are unharmed, which they affirm.

Her death causes Corrin to spontaneously awaken their dragon blood, causing them to become a Feral Dragon. Devoid of their senses, Corrin assaults the hooded man, but only manages to force him to retreat. Azura, using her special pendant and song , is able to quell their rage, reverting them back to their human form. Although Takumi , Corrin's younger brother, labels them the cause of the tragedy, Ryoma assures that Corrin is innocent and that the Nohrian forces are responsible.

Due to the explosion, the statue in the center of the town was destroyed, revealing a sword that was hidden inside. Yukimura explains that the sword is the Yato , a legendary blade meant to be wielded by a hero who would use its power to end a great war.

The sword suddenly rises from the pedestal and flies into Corrin's hands, choosing them as its wielder. With the death of Mikoto, the barrier that once prevented hostile attacks from Nohr disappeared. Immediately, the Nohrian forces, led by the Nohrian Royal Siblings, head out to the Plains of Hoshido where they are intercepted by the Hoshidan army, led by the Hoshidan Royal Siblings. Corrin realizes that their dream had come true and now, their siblings from both families are about to cross blades.

Corrin decides to fight for Hoshido, refusing to follow the man who orchestrated the death of many innocent lives, including their now departed mother. Despite Xander's plea to have them return home to Nohr, Corrin refuses and thus, Xander resolves himself into attacking Corrin and dragging them back to Nohr. Xander easily overwhelms them, leading Ryoma to step in and the Hoshido army manages to repel the Nohrian forces. Corrin is labeled a traitor by Nohr. Throughout the initial part of the story, Corrin gathers the best of the Hoshidan forces and find Ryoma and Takumi who went missing.

They head to Izumo where they meet with Izana , who tells them about the recent battle and that they are both alive. Corrin captures Zola and spares him. During their trip through Mokushu, they find Takumi, who joins their group shortly afterwards, and take a ship to Crykensia. Arriving in Nohr, they wind up in Cyrkensia , a port town where, at a local Opera House , where King Garon was going to watch a performance. As luck would have it, the star of the show Layla wanted to visit her mother and Azura comes up with the idea to masquerade as her using Zola's magic.

Using her deception, they plot to kidnap Garon and force the war to end in exchange for his life. Garon summons his forces, aware that the Hoshidans were inside and reveals that Zola had leaked information to him. Despite Zola's betrayal, he attempts to parley some mercy for Corrin, but Garon executes him for his sentiment. Corrin barely manages to escape from the trap and makes their way with the rest of their army to Cheve.

At Cheve, Corrin stops to take a rest, only for Camilla and Hans to appear and another fight ensues. The Chevois quietly aid the Hoshidans with various items to help their cause. After the battle is over, Corrin tries to reason with Camilla, almost managing to convince her until Leo shows up. Hans is revealed to have survived the battle. Before they are able to do anything, a General appears and attacks Leo.

A strong rebel force led by Scarlet soon appear, Leo retreats with Hans, taking Camilla with him. The general reveals himself as Ryoma, and the Hoshidan siblings are reunited again. Scarlet takes the group to the resistance hideout, where the Nohrian army suddenly attacks. They make their way to the border wall and break through the defenses set there. Due to the Nohrian blockade around the capital, Corrin is forced to go through Mount Garou.

There they encounter Keaton who, despite initial hostility, allows them to pass through. However, a magical land mine planted by Iago detonates, killing a Wolfskin and a fight ensues. At the end of the battle, Keaton and the Wolfskins are killed in battle. Corrin expresses regret fighting the Wolfskin people, but this thought is dashed when the ground crumbles beneath them.

As they fall, Kaze leaps in and grabs Corrin, but Corrin clings to Kaze's arm for dear life. Depending on Corrin's support level with Kaze, a different scene unfolds. Shortly after leaving Mount Garou, Takumi has a critical fever and Corrin decides to go search a Nohrian stronghold for medicine.

Best pairings for Corrin?

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Forgot your password? By Chase , April 17, in Gaming General. This is a pairing preference forum. If you didn't know, Fates allowed you to matchmake your units if they were opposite gender or not, if your Avatar decided to enter a homosexual relationship with Niles if you were male, or Rhajat if you were female. You are allowed to use any of the routes you wish, but for me, I will mostly be using Revelation, because of the more freedom I have to pair within that game.

Fire Emblem Heroes Wiki:Build Center/Corrin: Fateful Prince

Using this weapon, the focus would be to provide as much support as possible to that ally. The bread and butter of a build that focuses on Enemy Phase; it allows Corrin to counter units regardless of distance. At launch, it provides what is essentially Darting Blow 2, which is considered to be a mediocre effect even at launch. Coupled with his stat line which seems to be all over the place except for RES , Corrin was rarely in the spotlight. However, everything changed when the refinery nation attacked. The sheer amount of stats Corrin could potentially provide caught the attention of some. The introduction of bonus kill mechanics makes support units rise in value.

Who would be the best wife for my Corrin?

After several sleepless nights, it can be said that these installments are some of the best in series, revolving around two royal families at war with one another and the decision of the main character on which path to choose. The real struggle lies in choosing a partner for Corrin to marry, as there are several amazing S-Support options in both games. Marriage options galore, in fact. Marrying a companion is not only an adorable element of romance, it serves an even bigger purpose in combat. Camilla, at first glance, is absolutely gorgeous.

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Good partner for male Corrin in conquest?

As an Avatar , their name and appearance are customizable by the player. Corrin is member of Nohr and Hoshido royalty, and so has a central role in the war between both kingdoms. Corrin wields the sword Yato as their main weapon.

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Fire Emblem Fates Marriage Guide – Inheritance, Best Children, Pairs, Stats, Ratings

Очень уместно, - мысленно застонал.  - Сюрреализм. Я в плену абсурдного сна. Проснувшись утром в своей постели, Беккер заканчивал день тем, что ломился в гостиничный номер незнакомого человека в Испании в поисках какого-то магического кольца. Суровый голос Стратмора вернул его к действительности. Вы должны найти это кольцо. Беккер глубоко вздохнул и перестал жаловаться на судьбу.

Male Corrin can also be the father of Shigure, while female Corrin can be the to the castle with Xander in particular serving as Corrin's main sparring partner. Throughout the initial part of the story, Corrin gathers the best of the Hoshidan.

В тридцати футах от них, скрытый за стеклом односторонней видимости Грег Хейл стоял у терминала Сьюзан. Черный экран. Хейл бросил взгляд на коммандера и Сьюзан, затем достал из кармана бумажник, извлек из него крохотную каталожную карточку и прочитал то, что было на ней написано.

Corrin (M)

Ведь если кто и может справиться с возникшей опасностью, да еще без посторонней помощи, так это Тревор Стратмор. Он обладал сверхъестественной способностью одерживать верх над всеми, кто бросал ему вызов. Шесть месяцев назад, когда Фонд электронных границ обнародовал информацию о том, что подводная лодка АНБ прослушивает подводные телефонные кабели, Стратмор организовал утечку информации о том, что эта подводная лодка на самом деле занимается незаконным сбросом токсичных отходов.

Может случиться так, что компьютер, найдя нужный ключ, продолжает поиски, как бы не понимая, что нашел то, что искал.  - Стратмор смотрел на нее отсутствующим взглядом.  - Я полагаю, у этого алгоритма меняющийся открытый текст.

Она хорошо понимала, что в отчаянной ситуации требуются отчаянные меры, в том числе и от АНБ.

Это единственное решение. Единственное, что остается. Нужно было думать о долге - о стране и о чести. Стратмор полагал, что у него еще есть время.

В нашем распоряжении будет целых два дня. - Но я уже забронировала номер, обиженно сказала Сьюзан.  - Нашу старую комнату в Стоун-Мэнор. - Я понимаю, но… - Сегодня у нас особый день - мы собирались отметить шесть месяцев. Надеюсь, ты помнишь, что мы помолвлены.

Потом изобразил смущенную улыбку. - Неужели это так заметно. - Как ее зовут? - Женщина лукаво подмигнула.

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