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Whales are polygamous mammals, with females giving birth to live young and nursing them for several months. During breeding season, the male, or bull whale, copulates underwater with the female, or cow, in a complex mating ritual that varies widely from species to species. Mating entails long migrations to oceanic breeding grounds, vocalizations or songs and, sometimes, large groups of male whales, such as humpbacks, competing for females in violent displays of dominance. As large mammals with a gestation period of a year or more and another 5—6 months spent nursing newborn calves, whales generally breed once every 2 years.

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Animal Sex: How Blue Whales Do It

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All rights reserved. Passengers on a whale-watching tour were treated to a surprise when they spotted not two, but what appeared to be three gray whales mating off the coast of Newport Beach, California earlier this month. The intriguing footage captured the three cetaceans encircling and rolling around each other while dolphins swim nearby.

The footage was shot via drone by Mark Girardeau. What appears to be mating, however, is simply an elaborate courtship in which two males can be seen attempting to mate with a female.

Christopher Fitzsimmons, an education specialist at the Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography , explained that mating in pods of three, with two males and a female, is entirely common among gray whales. Gray whales engage in often elaborate courtship practices before mating.

Males will use their pectoral fins to coerce and align females into mating positions. Females have even been observed avoiding the attempts of males for days. Bruce Mate, director of the Marine Mammal Institute at Oregon State University , confirmed that no actual copulation takes place in the video. One of the males can be seen with his penis out two minutes into the footage, but by turning her back to the male, the female signals a lack of interest.

Because gray whales must mate belly to belly, this rolling behavior is the most obvious signal that a female is either uninterested or testing the rigor of the male. Because gray whales are pregnant for approximately thirteen months and spend almost a year nursing, females are highly selective in choosing mates. They commonly mate during winter seasons in warmer waters near Baja, California. Once the female displays a willingness to pair up, she may mate with two or three males over the course of an hour.

In addition to the gray whales, bottlenose dolphins can be seen swimming and playing nearby in the video. According to Fitzsimmons, dolphins can often be seen near large whale mating rituals and courtships.

The reasons why are unknown but the dolphins may be attracted to the social aspect of the interaction. She also noted that gray whales sometimes practice mating outside of times when females can become pregnant. I think they probably mate just for the fun of it," she added. Watch the Elaborate Courtship of Three Gray Whales Rare video footage captured off the coast of California shows three gray whales engaged in complex mating rituals.

By Sarah Gibbens. As Mate puts it: "The females always have the upper hand. Continue Reading.

Scientists have a new theory about why female orcas live so long after they stop having babies

For years a mysterious whale with a unique song was tracked in the Pacific Ocean. Is it still out there? And is it really alone? It's been nicknamed "the loneliest whale in the world". It sings a song like no other.

The vast, lovelorn mammal will always be alone. He is a lone voice crying out for love in the wilderness. For years he has roamed singing unrequited songs of yearning, searching for a soul to share his solitary world.

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The loneliest whale in the world: The whale whose unique call has stopped him finding love

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Do Whales Mate For Life?

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In fact some species of whale can mate with a number of different partners over the course of a single year, especially during mating season when large numbers of whales gather together to mate and bear offspring. In certain cases several males may mate with a single female in an attempt to bear her offspring and may even fight one another or compete against each other for the opportunity to mate with a particular female whale.

With the recent flux of summer killer whale sightings in B. Are these breeding groups, families, or just random congregations of whales that happen to be at the same place at the same time? After humans, killer whales have some of the most complex cultures and social structures of any species on the planet. The two populations that occur in our waters, northern and southern residents, are completely distinct from one another.

Killer Whale Culture: From Matrilines to Mating Rituals

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All rights reserved. Passengers on a whale-watching tour were treated to a surprise when they spotted not two, but what appeared to be three gray whales mating off the coast of Newport Beach, California earlier this month. The intriguing footage captured the three cetaceans encircling and rolling around each other while dolphins swim nearby. The footage was shot via drone by Mark Girardeau. What appears to be mating, however, is simply an elaborate courtship in which two males can be seen attempting to mate with a female.


Despite the whale's size, scientists have trouble locating and studying the cetacean in the vastness of the ocean, leaving many questions about the mammal's life history, particularly its mating and courtship behaviors. Blue whales Balaenoptera musculus are found worldwide, with different regional populations forming distinct subspecies. Scientists believe they reach sexual maturity between 5 and 15 years of age, and have a gestation period that lasts 10 to 12 months. Mating and birthing take place during the winter, though the animals don't appear to have a set breeding ground, said Richard Sears, a cetacean researcher with the Mingan Island Cetacean Study. Unlike other baleen whales, or those whales that use so-called baleen plates to filter tiny bits of food from seawater, blue whales typically travel alone.

Resident female killer whales in the north Pacific have not been known to reproduce after 46 Killer whales are polygamous: they mate with several partners.

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