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Divyang Matrimony

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As per the census, about 2. If you consider the disabled population above 20 years of age and below 40 years, there are about 8 million Indians in the marriageable age group who are either married or looking to get married. Writing a matrimonial profile for handicapped individuals is a challenge. While the profile itself is clear and precise, notice the expectations. In other words, a groom with a disability need not respond.

The two examples show two different issues when writing a profile for a handicapped bride or groom in matrimonial sites. Some handicapped matrimony profiles make the disability the focus of the profile.

In an attempt to highlight the disability, they end up completely ignoring the fact that like any human being planning on getting married, the person with a disability has interests, goals, expectations, and dreams.

Some matrimonial profile includes a technical definition of the disability and pretty much nothing else. Some of these terms are not commonly understood and you will probably need to research the condition a little more to make sense of what it actually means in terms of lifestyle.

Disability is seen as a big negative factor in finding a suitable match for handicapped brides and grooms. Some of the profiles in matchmaking sites seem to be devoid of anything other than the fact that the son or the daughter is handicapped and they need someone to look after them and their aged parents! Here is an example. While it is advisable to keep the focus of the matrimonial profile description of the lifestyle, personality and the interests of the person, some people just go overboard with making the person with a disability a superhero!

Here are five sample handicapped matrimony profile descriptions for brides and grooms who have a disability. My daughter is a cheerful, ambitious and smart person who believes this is the right time to find a suitable person to spend her life with.

She lost her legs in an accident over a decade ago and wears prosthetic limbs. She is completely mobile and leads a normal life. My daughter is an active person and believes in keeping herself fit. She hits the gym every day and watches what she eats carefully. Being an extrovert, she loves interacting with people. She will go out of the way to help others and can easily empathise with anyone she meets. We belong to an upper-middle-class Mudaliar family based out of Chennai.

I am a retired civil servant from the central government tax department. My wife runs a non-profit organisation in Chennai for street children. My younger daughter is doing her graduation course in Chennai. Our extended relatives are all based out of Chennai and the US.

We are looking for a Tamil Mudaliar boy who is around 30 years of age. He should be well educated, professionally successful with clean habits and a healthy lifestyle. Of course, he should have the maturity to appreciate our daughter for who she is. My daughter is very particular about pursuing her career after marriage.

He had polio when he was a toddler and this has left him with a limp. We belong to a middle-class, orthodox Brahmin family based out of Allahabad in UP. My husband was working as a school teacher and he passed away a few years after our son was born. I started working as an accountant for a private firm to support my son and continue to remain employed even now.

I share a special bond with my son and together we have rebuilt our lives. My son values education a lot as it really helped him overcome the many challenges he faced.

He has a deep sense of commitment to family and friends. He is a very responsible individual and is always committed to anything he takes up. When he gets a chance, he loves cooking traditional food items at home and watches movies. He hopes to find a loving person who appreciates honesty, the virtue of leading a simple life, and values culture. I come from a middle-class Marathi Hindu family.

My father is a retired engineer from a private company and my mother is a homemaker. My parents dedicated their lives to make sure I get a proper education and the ability to communicate clearly.

They gave me the freedom and the opportunity to express my creative side through art and I owe my current success as an entrepreneur to their unwavering support. I am very happy about my accomplishments and proud of the fact that I never let my hearing disability come in the way of my professional and personal life. I am a foodie and love to cook as well.

I have a special place in my heart should I say stomach? I enjoy watching Hollywood action movies and a big fan of Tom Cruise. I also teach arts at a school for hearing-impaired children. I am looking for someone in the 30 to 35 years age group who is mature, understanding and progressive.

Caste is not a consideration and you are welcome to respond if you have a disability or have a hearing impairment. Hello, thank you for reading my profile. I was diagnosed with arthrogryposis at birth. This condition has limited my range of motion. Other than running, I can pretty much do everything else without any assistance and I lead a completely independent life. I come from a middle-class Telugu Reddy family. My father is working as a consultant for Hyderabad Metro and my mother is a homemaker.

I have an elder brother who is married and settled in Bangalore. My younger sister is in her first year of B. Com at a local college. We are a close-knit family and support each other in everything we do. When I was a child, my physical limitations did not allow me to actively play with other children. So I ended up spending a lot of time reading books. Even now, I am a big fan of books ranging from fiction to biographies. I also enjoy Tollywood movies and music when I get a chance.

I am a social drinker and do not smoke. My ideal match will be someone who is based out of Hyderabad in my age group with a good educational background with decent career prospects. I plan to continue working after marriage and cannot relocate to any other place. Religion and caste are not important. The only thing that really matters is the willingness to commit to a relationship, a positive frame of mind, progressive thoughts and sincerity.

I have reached a point in my life where I believe it is the right time to get married. I have an autism spectrum disorder ASD. What does this mean? Other than it, I can communicate and lead a normal life. Baking is my world and I am laser-focused on it. In some ways, my condition is a blessing. I am very creative and experiment with baking techniques and pastry recipes. Have won several awards for my work.

I grew up in Delhi and after school enrolled in a local culinary institute. Have never looked back since then and I am very happy with what I have accomplished so far. Other than baking, I read books and listen to Bollywood songs. My parents are the coolest people I have ever known! They understand me well and have given me the tools and the freedom to be successful. Father is a retired Brigadier from the Indian Army and my mother is a School principal.

I have an elder brother who is married. Prefer my age-group and someone who lives in and around Delhi. Everything else can be discussed in person. Wrong — Afflicted with, affected with, suffering from Right — Person who has a disability. Wrong — Handicapped, disabled, deaf, retarded Right — Person who has the name of the disability.

Wrong — Confined to a wheelchair, partially blind Right — Uses a wheelchair, partially sighted. Want to create a marriage biodata that gets you noticed? Choose from our library of biodata for marriage templates to showcase your personality and interests.

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Handicapped Matrimony Brides.

Chandigarh , India. Araria , Bihar , India. Taxes , USA. Not Specified , USA.

As per the census, about 2. If you consider the disabled population above 20 years of age and below 40 years, there are about 8 million Indians in the marriageable age group who are either married or looking to get married. Writing a matrimonial profile for handicapped individuals is a challenge.

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Handicapped Matrimony Profiles – 5 Samples You Can Copy Now!

Find your Partner. Search Results. View Profile. Getmemarry Matrimonial Getmemarry. Our objective is to provide a matchmaking experience by expanding the opportunities available to meet potential Handicapped life partners. We offer a one stop platform for online matchmaking that allows prospective Indian Handicapped brides to meet and communicate regarding matrimonial. Registration is free for our matrimonial service. We provide the most comprehensive listing of Indian Handicapped matrimonial profiles for singles seeking love and marriage. Follow us.

Handicapped Matrimony Profiles – 5 Samples You Can Copy Now!

Advanced Search Handicapped Matrimony Brides. Simple Search. This is a FREE service. Enter your partner criteria and start searching for your best match.

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Second Marriage Matrimony

Tech Rs. Pharma Rs. A No Income Looking for job Nagpur.

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Rishton Ka Sansar is % free indian matrimonial sites for divorce,widow, widower, re-marriage & second marriage, there is thousand of registered profile for.

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Muslim, single and disabled

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