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Our tour bus stopped here for a few minutes. You can see it from the bus or get out and take pictures. Very haunting images of the famine! Worth a photo shot when walking up the Liffey, a good historical reminder of years gone by and troubled times.


Atomic Physics 7

The annual enterprise infrastructure extravaganza known as VMworld happens next week. For tech watchers, that means the end of summer and the start of a busy fall season of vendor dog and pony shows. The milestone also makes it a good time to look back on the significant technology trends, news events and product announcements in the realm of enterprise infrastructure, cloud services and application platforms so far this year.

Enterprise infrastructure, both the traditional data center and services operated by IT and the various vendors serving them, is being drastically restructured by the snowballing immensity of cloud service providers. Indeed, whether an organization uses cloud infrastructure or not, recent market estimates and financial reports from the likes of Intel, NVIDIA, Broadcom and others show that the mega cloud providers now drive, and account for any remaining growth in, the market for enterprise hardware and, increasingly, software.

However, services like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud have only scratched the surface of the immense totality of enterprise infrastructure. The end of last year and to date have witnessed the battle for enterprise business only intensify. Technology watchers have been conditioned by the success of various hardware and software platforms to think of every technology market as being defined by network effects; namely that the more users of a platform, the more valuable it becomes to both users and providers.

The cloud infrastructure and applications market is a critical foundation of the digital economy that resembles big oil more than it does natural monopolies like water and power. Network effects help the providers by making their applications more useful, while the increased usage funds the significant investments required to build world-class data centers and develop innovative new AI and analytics services.

There is plenty of business for three major vendors to fight over without existential risks to any of them, with enough leftover for smaller providers targeting niche markets and specialized needs. The fortuitous result for enterprise buyers is seeing deep-pocketed cloud services innovating at a furious pace and battling for enterprise business. The prime example of cloud competitiveness is the effort to support legacy enterprise workloads via hybrid cloud infrastructure, where cloud vendors have a two-pronged strategy.

First, gain trust as organizations migrate existing applications, which leads to part two: becoming the preferred destination for future workloads as organizations evolve away from privately-owned infrastructure and build cloud-native enterprise applications. The hybrid cloud trend picked up steam in as Google Cloud and Dell-EMC and used their respective customer conferences to prominently feature products designed to bridge the gap been private and public clouds. Google Cloud went first by showing that under its enterprise-savvy new CEO, former Oracle exec Thomas Kurian, the company is no longer satisfied serving fellow cloud natives who spend more time reading Stack Exchange than the Financial Times, but is focused on C-level executives making strategic decisions as they adapt to a digitized, constantly-connected world.

In facing rivals like AWS and Microsoft, Google is in a battle of equals: not just technologically and financially, but in their will to win at virtually all costs.

As I noted,. Many people, myself included, have long predicted that Google would use containers as the Trojan Horse to break down the walled gardens of other clouds, notably AWS. At Next, Google introduced the culmination of its container-based grand unification theory: Anthos. Anthos, which is an evolution of the Cloud Services Platform Google announced last year, provides a multi-cloud container environment based on Kubernetes cluster management and workload orchestration and Istio service mesh.

The message seems to have more teeth behind it this year with a new CEO familiar in the ways to CIO schmoozing and enterprise sales processes paired with its rounding out a hybrid infrastructure portfolio via Anthos and its various hardware and OSS partnerships. Dell-EMC, along with its kissing cousin VMware, went next, seeking to offset potential long-term lethargy in its traditional business of enterprise hardware with a shiny new Dell Technologies Cloud.

The company opened its toolbox and pieced together some Dell hardware and VMware software, finishing off with a coating of cloud services designed to metamorphose enterprise data centers into hybrid cloud locations optionally connected to backend cloud infrastructure and all managed by VMware.

As I wrote in Dell-VMware beat the hybrid cloud drum ,. Indeed, every major technology vendor has acknowledged the desires of cloud buyers, particularly in large enterprises, for the freedom and flexibility to run workloads on multiple environments, with the efficiency and simplicity of a consistent set of services, application and management interfaces and operations console.

As I detailed in Cloud ERP taking off but confusion persists around security and control topics , SaaS is also displacing traditional IT functions by delivering commonly used applications as a subscription service. Service management was also the theme of another column, Taming the multi-cloud monster - organic adoption vs. I note that. Enterprises increasingly treat cloud infrastructure as a strategic, mission-critical extension of traditional on-premises systems and are consequently concentrating on operational excellence, efficiency, governance, security and compliance.

The data shows cloud services following a typical pattern in which the rapid pace of technology adoption outpaces the necessary organizational controls. Now that these services have become vital components of enterprise operations, hosting data, and applications critical to many business processes, the focus shifts to management and security.

However, as I caution,. The trick for enterprises is balancing the need for cloud controls and management with the convenience, speed and dynamism that drew users to cloud services in the first place.

The situation is improving as companies with companies packaging Kubernetes components into ready-to-use products. Fueled by a shift of application workloads from VMs to containers, Kubernetes has become a popular choice for automating and scaling container deployments.

However, Kubernetes development so far has focused on the infrastructure internals and not the broader problem of streamlining application development and deployment. Fortunately, such insularity is waning as several PaaS stacks are adding Kubernetes clusters as a supported runtime destination, with the latest being enterprise favorite, Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

Until recently, container development has been by experts targeted for experts, leaving most IT executives in the dark about how the technology helps address their operational problems. As my column concluded,. Enterprises see the value of containers and Kubernetes, but need products and services that simplify the:. Recent developments are promising steps in the evolution of container infrastructure.

The marriage of core container technology with PaaS frameworks and development methodologies will ultimately make Kubernetes and its ecosystem ripe for the average enterprise. Serverless is another revolution in application development and deployment that has made its way to the enterprise.

Popularized by cloud services like AWS Lambda and Azure Functions, functions-as-a-service FaaS , aka serverless, is a compelling alternative to spinning up a full VM for many transient, event-driven workloads. As I described in Bringing serverless convenience to containers , many enterprises want an open, cross-platform alternative to proprietary cloud serverless services, writing that.

A cleaner architectural approach [ to migrating raw code between cloud services] would combine the multi-platform portability of Kubernetes with the usage simplicity and deployment immediacy of serverless functions.

Several recent announcements from Microsoft Azure and Red Hat, coupled with earlier work by Google and the broader container open source community are bringing serverless convenience to containers and enabling portable, multi-cloud application environments based on an ecosystem of containers and associated orchestration and service management-service mesh software.

The technology is young, but full of potential. As I concluded,. FaaS is a perfect compliment to containers, not a replacement for them. Recent announcements show that Microsoft and Red Hat with KEDA along with Google, IBM, Red Hat and the rest of the Knative developer community are building a multi-cloud foundation for next-generation applications that bridge the world of container infrastructure and serverless FaaS; a platform that enterprise architects, developers and IT executives are wise to investigate thoroughly.

Migrating infrastructure and applications to cloud utilities means putting up with bane of every Florida homeowner during thunderstorm and hurricane season: outages. As I wrote,. Just as the systems on a manned spacecraft require far more redundancy than a passenger car, some applications are so critical to the business that avoiding even short periods of downtime can justify a much more elaborate cloud implementation.

No discussion of cloud adoption and enterprise usage would be complete without discussing the biggest concerns of most enterprise executives: security and data protection. None was more disturbing than the most recent data theft at Capital One since it was perpetrated by an ex-AWS employee and exploited an organization with ample experience in using cloud infrastructure.

As I detailed in The Capital One - AWS incident highlights the roles and responsibilities of cloud customers, providers , the event should disabuse cloud users of any notion that migrating infrastructure to AWS, Azure or Google Cloud means relating all responsibility for security to a third-party, no matter how deep their expertise. As I discuss in Cloud security threats require improved IT collaboration, governance, not necessarily new technology , organizational structures that take security teams out of a ghetto of incident response and integrates security responsibilities across development and operational organizations is a more effective and cheaper way of preventing costly, embarrassing security incidents.

Significant improvements to security can also be had by adopting relatively simple authentication policies as I discuss in Basic security hygiene works wonders for protecting user accounts. Two-factor authentication techniques, whether using device-resident code generators or hardware security keys, are simple to use and implement and almost entirely effective at eliminating most compromises of user accounts. Most of these themes, particularly hybrid cloud, containerization and application security will likely be prominent in executive keynotes next week at VMworld and in future tech events this fall.

Each vendor will claim the superiority and uniqueness of their products, however, competitive differences are usually on the margin. Standard and interoperable is better than better in the looming era of multi-cloud enterprise environments.

Infrastructure in Highlights so far.

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The annual enterprise infrastructure extravaganza known as VMworld happens next week. For tech watchers, that means the end of summer and the start of a busy fall season of vendor dog and pony shows.

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Dave tells Large about how out of control unboxing has become. Click here to refresh the feed. Caleb called into the Yak to tell Big Cat about his battle with his brother in quarantine. Dave talks about all the boxes in his apartment and hits the stock market with Large. Large and Dave run through the stock market and plan Dave's unboxing event. Coronavirus emptied out the Barstool office except for Dave and Large. They are still day trading in a coronavirus impacted market, and the market hasn't been kind. On Tuesday Dave called in from his apartment, and yelled at Pete when his audio sounded like garbage. Dave and Big Cat can only watch as Coronavirus takes out all their favorite sports one by one, until March Madness is forced into cancellation.

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Kirk Minihane addresses the controversy surrounding his old producer's love life and the utterly predictable mishandling of the situation by Entercom and WEEI. You won't get the details on this one from Beat the Press or the Boston Globe. Blind Mike made it into to work despite the evisceration he suffered Friday at the hands of Dave Portnoy. The crew reacts to Mike's performance and tries to get to the bottom of Portnoy's anger. Minihane shares a phone call he had with Kmarko, the Barstool Sport's editor whose whining started the whole affray.

To get better results, add more information such as Birth Info, Death Info and Location —even a guess will help.

Listen to a podcast, please open Podcast Republic app. Available on Google Play Store. Nov 20, Oct 15, worth your time, if you have a lot of it.

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Dane Cook is kicking off a new tour and talks with KFC and Feits about his decade of dominance, hashing things out with Louis CK, his Captain America audition, dating a 20 year-old, selling out the Garden with one MySpace post, and grudges in comedy. Voicemails include: block sports or Netflix, fake coughing, dropping 3 dollars, our favorite couple, the KFCR dating app. Also how Frankie Borrelli is like Jordyn Woods and everyone famous before is canceled.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Spinzone: Racists/Sexists Could Take A Cue From Barstool

Negative effects of teenage dating Hbo's newest documentary will learn something. Teens are more normative and through an internet magnifies negative attitudes exert a few things you want. Some negative, we offer professional matchmaking services for love and mating, though there are a positive okc dating classifieds negative sides of many. Some serious side to assault through all of computer-mediated communication, because you want. People who asserts himself and negative aspects of 58 people tend to prevent and downs.

Atomic Physics 7

- Она подошла вплотную к окну. Бринкерхофф почувствовал, как его тело покрывается холодным. Мидж продолжала читать. Мгновение спустя она удовлетворенно вскрикнула: - Я так и знала. Он это сделал. Идиот! - Она замахала бумагой.

Dec 16, - I checked Twitter on Friday and the Barstool Gold account said Kmarko was doing an AMA on Monday at 1 PM. So looks like I'm doing an AMA.

Спокойно. Он оглядел пустой зал. Ни души. Продала кольцо и улетела. Он увидел уборщика и подошел к .

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ГЛАВА 52 Клуб Колдун располагался на окраине города, в конце автобусного маршрута 27. Похожий скорее на крепость, чем на танцевальное заведение, он со всех сторон был окружен высокими оштукатуренными стенами с вделанными в них битыми пивными бутылками - своего рода примитивной системой безопасности, не дающей возможности проникнуть в клуб незаконно, не оставив на стене изрядной части собственного тела.

Еще в автобусе Беккер смирился с мыслью, что его миссия провалилась. Пора звонить Стратмору и выкладывать плохую новость: поиски зашли в тупик.

Best Of Week 99: Too Close For Comfort

Слушай, сопливый мозгляк. Убирайся отсюда немедленно, или я вырву эту булавку из твоих ноздрей и застегну ею твой поганый рот. Парень побелел.

Даже клочка бумаги. - Где теперь это кольцо? - спросил Беккер.

Вцепившись в левую створку, он тянул ее на себя, Сьюзан толкала правую створку в противоположном направлении. Через некоторое время им с огромным трудом удалось расширить щель до одного фута. - Не отпускай, - сказал Стратмор, стараясь изо всех сил.  - Еще чуточку. Сьюзан удалось протиснуть в щель плечо.

The Kirk Minihane Show

- Поэтому я его и попросил. Я не мог позволить себе роскошь… - Директор знает, что вы послали в Испанию частное лицо. - Сьюзан, - сказал Стратмор, уже теряя терпение, - директор не имеет к этому никакого отношения. Он вообще не в курсе дела. Сьюзан смотрела на Стратмора, не веря своим ушам. У нее возникло ощущение, что она разговаривает с абсолютно незнакомым человеком. Коммандер послал ее жениха, преподавателя, с заданием от АНБ и даже не потрудился сообщить директору о самом серьезном кризисе в истории агентства.

Сердце у Сьюзан бешено забилось. Правильно ли она поняла. Все сказанное было вполне в духе Грега Хейла.

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