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How to get a woman excited

We went pretty deep into the metaphysical with yesterday's article, so now let's come back up for some air. Let's talk about how to turn a girl on. Men who haven't mastered or worked on their sexy side yet have been missing out - you have tremendous power in your ability to make a woman weak in the knees for you. Once you have the ability to turn girls on at will, you'll find their hearts beating faster, their breaths coming quicker, and their smiles spreading wider, just by being in your presence.

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How to Turn a Girl On: 3 Tiers of Sexual Excitement

Sometime back ago, when I was still new to learning about seduction, I shared with a friend the tale of a girl I'd gone out with and the sexual dialogue I'd tried using to get her mind going the right way But words aren't very good at this. You need to use sexual tension. And I heard this, and I thought it sounded like a great idea And my friend, for all his wisdom, was at a loss to explain it.

So, I did what any real student of anything does who is unable to find the answer by simpler means, and I embarked on a quest to discover the mechanisms of this phenomenon and to find the key to unlock its power for myself. Well Josh, the fortunate thing is, unlike my friend from that conversation past, this is one I had to put together over time and figure out the puzzle pieces for, and I can both tell you how to create it, and tell you how to use it.

Now let me show you how you can build and direct sexual tension to drive the women you meet lusty, horny, and randy, in minutes or less. The mistake I made early on trying to create sexual tension was the same one just about every guy makes: I tried to talk my way to tension.

I initially tried talking to women about all kinds of things:. And these led to some truly very fascinating discussions. I learned a lot about female sexuality that I perhaps otherwise wouldn't have learned if not for launching into these intellectual forays about the vagaries of sex. But one thing I didn't do was turn women on. Talking about sex did not make me sexy , I discovered. I struggled to understand this at first. Why would talking about sex turn women off and drive them away? It took me a little while, but the reasons why sex talk doesn't lead to sexual tension in and of itself began dawning on me, one at a time:.

It kills intrigue. When everyone's cards are laid out on the table, suddenly the poker game is a lot less exciting.

Women want anticipation in their seductions It's unromantic. Ever see a movie where a man's talking to a woman about sex outright? Occasionally you'll see it done well, and it seems romantic and scintillating, but usually it's just crude.

It's very hard to do blatant sex talk correctly, and when you're focused on the talk, rather than the tension , you're almost assured of not getting it right. It's skepticism-inducing. Women have adapted in our society to be very skeptical of what men say, because men have adapted in our society to say next to anything in order to get in women's pants. A guy telling a girl he's a good lover is likely to give her the opposite impression Honest sex talk has the other disadvantage that it can make you come across as the creepy guy if you really don't have the timing to discuss it at the right moments naturally or the vibe to remain calm and non-needy while talking about it, but even if you do these things alone aren't enough to build sexual tension.

One of the biggest protests of some individuals who oppose the teaching and learning of seduction techniques is that a seducer is someone who takes advantage of, and knowingly manipulates, women. But once you are a seducer, you tend to see things in a very different light.

I, for one, am well aware that I can create sexual tension pretty well these days. But I can't create it in every girl. Try as I might, I will sometimes meet women who simply seem immune to the creation of sexual tension.

No matter how much I dial up my sexuality, they just Why might this be? What Bassoon is saying here is that women in a neutral state don't become sexually turned on; women who want or need to be sexually turned on seek out the stimuli that can achieve this for them. A lot in seduction discusses "creating attraction" or "creating desire" within a woman. And often, as you build attraction up in a girl, or you build up sexual tension within her, you do seem to be creating it, nearly from thin air.

But this overlooks the fact that most of the time this happens it's with women who were already interested in you. Women who from the start had some desire to get to know you further, to find out if you were who they thought you were.

If Bassoon is correct - and I do think she is, from everything I've seen over the years, the seducer does not CREATE the sexual tension a woman feels - he merely provides the stimuli It's why you hear so many experienced seducers saying they think women want sex more than men do, while so many men with little luck yet with women say they think women don't want sex at all.

Because to the men who haven't learned how to unlock that door yet, women seem to be eternally closed off to sexual desire Well, to become that Master Key, you must first master sexual tension.

Sexual tension is the bittings, the teeth, on the key that lets you open those locks that are so begging for a man to open them. It is what enables you to free the women you meet to indulge in the raw sexuality they are seeking and desire, if they so choose. You cannot force a woman into wanting her. You can't trick her, or fool her, or manipulate her. You can only free her into her desire If she does not want to feel desire though, nowhere in her heart, nothing you can do or say can affect her.

The good news, of course, is that the more talented at creating sexual tension you become, the better able you are to unlock the desire in women who even have that desire buried somewhat under the surface The latter part has been particularly intriguing for me. As I've gotten better and better at creating sexual tension, I've noticed the following becomes true when you're very good at creating this tension:.

The women who DON'T want you, or whom you don't want, understand why their friends DO want you, and understand it's their friends you want and not them and that it's you their friends want, and because this is mutual, they calmly clear the path. You are speaking a sort of unspoken language that only women and very sexual men understand as you grow better at creating tension, and other people can see it. It's the "spark" women talk on and on about; that magic "thing" no one can seem to put a finger on.

It is the magnetic pull between two individuals that combines charisma and desire and mutual interest and makes it something great than all of those things. And when other people see it between you and a girl - when they can tell it is mutual, and that she truly desire you, and you truly desire her - they get out of the way.

No cock-blocking. No interventions. No pulling the friend away to "go to the bathroom," never to return. They just let the two lovers alone, because they can see that they will become lovers, and they should become lovers. This all probably sounds very new-agey to you if you haven't experienced what I'm talking about here yet. For the more advanced guys, you're probably nodding your heads in agreement, whether you know how to do this consistently right now or you've stumbled on this by accident from time to time.

But anyway, I just wanted to give you a taste of what it feels like to have sexual tension decoded and in your pocket, ready to be pulled out to help you open locks whenever and wherever you need it. Let's get into the real nitty-gritty now of how you transform yourself into that Master Key. If you want to be the man who creates sexual tension in women and draws those hidden desires out of them and liberates them, you'll have some tweaking and changing of how you interact with women and how you present yourself first.

And to start with, you must, of course, be comfortable with being around tension Imagine a big, powerful, angry-looking man walks right up to you, stares you in the face, and says, in a booming voice, "Are you trying to pull something on me?

Most men couldn't. Or suppose a stunning, beautiful woman in a tight, slinky, bright red dress strides up to you, stops with her hand on your chest, and says, in the most sexy voice you can imagine, "Do you want me?

Most men would fumble over their own words and drop the ball here. Before you can create tension, you must first be able to handle tension, and that means not flinching when ridiculous situations thrust themselves upon you. And there are exactly two components to this:. You won't get the first of those two until you've been out there and seen it all or at least a lot of it , again and again.

That's simply field experience, and it's why it's so important you're out there and meeting a lot of new women. Don't get the experiences, and you can't get the conditioning - and conditioning is crucial to your future growth. But the second of those two you can work on right now, without an ounce more experience in these types of situations than you had when you started reading this article. Don't instantly react. When people panic or get overly excited, they tend to react quickly and instinctively.

Thing is, if you don't have much experience in a given situation, your instincts tend to be wrong. Your first reaction to the big guy might be to sputter out excuses, or to violently push back and escalate the situation. Your first reaction to the beautiful vamp might be to say, "Yes, absolutely! So stay calm, and don't instantly react. Don't escalate.

Many people escalate when others suddenly force things upon them. They challenge the guy to a fight, or they tell the girl they like her and ask if she likes them. This is wrong - because it's following the other person's lead instead of having them follow yours.

Don't bow out. The other chunk of people bow out of tense situations - they tell they guy they're sorry and don't know what he's talking about, or the tell the girl, "Not really," and shoot her down if they're afraid she's just toying with them. This is wrong because it tends to make you look weak or afraid, or, in the case of the woman, it wrecks an otherwise great opportunity. This takes the other person off the initiative and transfers the initiative to you, giving you time to regain balance and assess the situation.

Asking the tough guy, "Begging your pardon? Asking the beautiful girl, "Is this how you normally greet strange men? Do you have a name, or do they just call you 'man killer? From there, once you're back steering and directing things , you can talk intelligently with the tough guy, or gauge whether the girl's really sexually wound up in which case, you'd escalate things very quickly, but on your terms or simply thought you were cute but wanted to test you first because she likes toying with men and wants to screen out all but the strongest and most experienced men , and take it from there.

The majority of men in today's dating arena seem to follow a philosophy of, "Spill your beans to girls, and it'll all be fine. The reason men adopt this "strategy" in the first place is because they see themselves not getting anywhere with women So they work harder to show what high value men they are.

13 Tips to Get You In the Mood ASAP

Men throughout history have bemoaned the fact that they often find themselves mystified as to what women really want, but when it comes to sex, the truth can be even more muddled. Think about it: There are still broad societal taboos around sex and talking about it openly. Worse, many men think they know how to, but are actually still in the dark. In order to help you out, we spoke to five different sexperts to shine a light on how to really turn her on.

Sometime back ago, when I was still new to learning about seduction, I shared with a friend the tale of a girl I'd gone out with and the sexual dialogue I'd tried using to get her mind going the right way But words aren't very good at this.

When it comes to the art of seduction and getting a woman sexually excited, Huffington Post sums up the whole conundrum perfectly: women try to avoid being seen as slutty or too forward while men, dogged by the fear of rejection, try to dim their domineering or intimidating selves. The result? To get a girl to sleep with you, you need to ignite a sexual spark and turn her on. To turn things around quickly, use this Fantasy Ignition technique to ensure she gets turned on and thinks about you in a sexual way. When you know how to turn a woman on, everything else goes out the window.

Everything You Need to Know About Female Arousal

Pay it forward! Print, email or share this with your guy to let him in on what really gets you in the mood. By Flannery Dean Updated October 4, What do men need to know about women and sex? Fire up the printers, ladies. And prepare to forward this link to the man in your life. Men and women experience sexual arousal and desire differently.

13 Foreplay Tips That Lead to Better Sex

If you're new here, you may want to get my discreet newsletter to learn how to make your lover sexually obsessed with you and only you. Click here to get it. It's free. It's discreet. My discreet newsletter will teach you how to give your partner back-arching, spine-tingling, screaming orgasms.

This is a very popular method of sexual arousal. Maybe you're rubbing a certain spot on the clitoris head.

Don't forget to pin this for later and follow Redbook on Pinterest for more sex and relationship advice! The scene: You're coming home at the end of the long work day, exhausted, and want nothing more than to put on your favorite sweatpants and eat cereal out of the box with your bare hands. Except, wait, not really — you also want to have sex.

The Top 3 Secrets to Achieving a Female Orgasm

Foreplay—the tantalizing, PLAYful activities that people engage in beFORE sex, hence the name—is commonly accepted as something that should happen before intercourse. The questions of whether it does happen, how long it typically lasts, and what people are actually doing , foreplay-wise, are another story. While the study doesn't prove that heterosexual women aren't getting enough foreplay, it does suggest that lavishing your partners with lots of it adds up to more fun in the bedroom.

So, here are 7 ways to arouse a woman whether you are approaching a woman for the first time, on a date with her or in a long term relationship or marriage…. One of the easiest ways to arouse a woman is to make her feel girly and feminine in comparison to your masculine vibe and behavior around her. If a guy is approaching a woman for the first time, he will have a more masculine vibe if he can be confident, calm and present in the moment. Just like we men are naturally attracted to the feminine things about women e. So, when you interact with a woman and have a masculine vibe, it makes her feel naturally attracted and aroused by you, as long you are letting her experience the full extent of your masculine vibe, rather than a supressed version of it. For example: Many guys supress their masculine vibe to be more neutral and friendly around a woman and some guys supress their masculine vibe so much that they end up coming across as feminine.

What really turns women on and how men have got it complicated

Arousal is the state of being awake and focused on a certain stimulus. For individuals who have a vagina, this involves a number of physiological changes in the body. According to the Cleveland Clinic , desire disorders involve a lack of sexual desire or interest in sex, while arousal disorders involve wanting sex but struggling to get your body in the mood. The sexual excitement stage — also known as the arousal stage — involves a range of physiological changes in the body. Most of these functions prepare the body for vaginal intercourse. For example, your vagina becomes more wet because the glands produce lubricating fluids. Your clitoris and vulva swell up as your blood vessels dilate. Your nipples might become more sensitive to touch, too.

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Achieving an orgasm can be elusive for a lot of women. But it can be as simple as time, tenderness, and knowing how to stimulate her sweet spots. The key is spending more time on foreplay and learning about the two spots that, when stimulated, can lead to a female orgasm.

To Keep Your Woman Satisfied in Bed, Make Sure You Do this One Thing:

If you are a man who really wants to please his partner in bed, read this. You educate yourself about the best ways to care for your partner during sex. Problem is, most of it is written by people who are really comfortable with their sexuality.

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