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Rishta In Sahiwal

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Imagine a world where a man posts a picture online and 10 brave young Pakistani women drop down a comment saying "interested". Who are these women? Where did they come from? Where did they get the courage to seek out partners for themselves in a culture that would otherwise condemn their desires?

Are they not afraid of what the world will say? And most importantly, where do they exist? STRA is a matchmaking initiative that adds a unique twist to traditional matchmaking by placing the power to choose your partner in the hands of young people. The idea to create a space where young people could look for prospective life partners online came to Areeba Atif, a Pakistani living in Canada, who met her husband in high school.

To help people overcome this struggle, Areeba made a Facebook group called 'Skip the Rishta Aunty' earlier in and added her single friends and those looking for partners for their siblings or friends.

There are several matrimonial groups and apps online but I felt like this group would attract young people, make them feel comfortable and become more productive. I also wanted to hand the power of decision making to those who are getting married," says Areeba. This group aims to provide a more effective alternative to matchmaking; it's more time-effective and relaxed, less awkward, transparent and straightforward and helps avoid challenges due to lack of communication.

Four months in and the group has almost 2, members, but Areeba admits that it is not one of those groups where the success can be counted by the number of members. In fact, she "cleans" the group every now and then and removes people who violate the rules and are not serious.

People looking for a partner post their profile on the group and then those who are interested comment below with a link to their profile or those of their friends and siblings. If the person looking for a match is also interested in the individual who comments, they take it to private conversation. In this way, everyone on the group is risking something, and there can be no freeloaders. Users are also requested to indicate in their profiles that they will get in touch with anyone who is compatible and hit like on all posts that show interest to indicate that their profiles have been seen.

This ensures that nobody keeps waiting. When asked how Areeba deals with ghosting or disappearances, she tells Images that this practice is unethical and strictly unacceptable in the group. Matchmaking can be a complicated process and can sometimes even involve manipulation or gaslighting. However, all kinds of harassment in the group is taken very seriously. In any instance, if someone is manipulative or causes discomfort to another person, they are banned and their names are taken on the group to ensure others are warned.

But sometimes, that is not enough. What happens in scenarios where banning and public shaming are not effective? Areeba mentioned that it's interesting how she had no support when the group began, but now, some lawyers and cybercrime experts are in the group who have graciously offered to help should the need arise.

Members are also requested to initiate conversations via Facebook Messenger so that there is proof in case anything inappropriate is said. STRA may seem like any other online matrimonial service, but as it grows and evolves, it may end up revolutionising traditional ideas of what seeking romantic love ought to look like.

By imposing rules and standards on its members and asking everyone to take the same leap of faith, STRA creates a safe space for people to express their expectations and desires from a life partner. Mahwash Ali, who a member of the group, found out about the group from her brother and joined it.

It took her a while to gain the courage to post her profile, but when she saw how comfortable the environment was, she was motivated to post. Mahwash believes matches are made in heaven but can be found on Facebook too. The fact that members have access to each other's profiles on Facebook makes the process much more real and transparent, allowing for mutual interests and personal preferences to be identified quickly.

Another major positive change is that in the group, women are vocal with their preferences and what they want in their prospective partners. Some women who post their profiles clearly state that they are invested in their careers and are only looking for partners who will support their goals. This kind of honestly would probably not be possible in a traditional matchmaking setup that involves both families and a tea trolley.

As a society, we hardly give women the option to express their desires during the matchmaking process, but to lead successful lives as couples, both men and women should know what they want and consider their preferences while seeking partners.

Areeba understands this. According to Areeba, another great change wrought by STRA is putting the responsibility on men to be likeable too. In our patriarchal culture, women have to look pretty but not threateningly beautiful, be skinny but not too thin, be well-educated but not too career oriented But men don't have bear the burden of being exceptional.

In fact, they typically don't have to try very hard at all In one instance, a guy posted a humorous profile on the group marketing himself as a great potential husband by outlining everything that he could offer and his realistic expectations from a life partner. Areeba tells Images that his profile became a favourite among women. He liked someone there, they spoke and within a month they got married in a simple yet beautiful nikkah ceremony followed by rukhsati on the same day.

This is the change she wishes to bring in society — making marriages easier, not complicated. Traditional practices are so deeply rooted that it is going to take decades to change them.

Areeba admits that she feels like some of the worst rishta behaviours have tried to creep into the group as well: for instance, there have been people who have had conversations and seen compatibility, but later rejected their picks due to preconceived beauty standards or material reasons. The group also has people who want to find partners without revealing their identities to everyone. For them, there are anonymous posters available, like Farah Ali. Farah tells Images that it's not just women who want to remain anonymous; sometimes, men are hesitant too, but the whole idea is to facilitate them.

Besides the fact that it has helped 15 people find their partners already, Areeba has heard from so many women who appreciate the initiative and thank her for creating a safe space where they can look for a partner to share dreams, aspirations and goals with. A year-old teacher from Karachi who wishes to remain anonymous recently found her life partner on 'Skip the Rishta Aunty'.

I posted my profile on the page in the hopes that I would find someone who would want to be my partner because of the human that I am and not judge me for my looks or height or weight. And it happened! I found my life partner, who is 35 and working in Dubai. We connected, spoke and then he made a trip to come see me and it got official. The rest, as they say, is history," she tells Images. Are you leading change in your community? Tell us about it on images.

Twitter Share. Facebook Count. In addition to helping people find love, a new Facebook group might teach its members more ethical romantic behaviour. Hafsah Sarfraz. Introducing 'Skip the Rishta Aunty' The idea to create a space where young people could look for prospective life partners online came to Areeba Atif, a Pakistani living in Canada, who met her husband in high school.

Members are also requested to initiate conversations via Facebook Messenger so there is proof if anything inappropriate is said. This kind of honesty would probably not be possible in a traditional matchmaking setup that involves both families and a tea trolley. In our patriarchal culture, men don't have bear the burden of being exceptional. Desk Mrec Top. Read this next. Zadan zArik Jul 29, am.

Also there is need to stop so much visits done by Rishta Seekers, both from Men and Women Family to put an extra Burden on under-stricken families. Recommend 0. Bts Jul 29, am. Marriage itself is a cliche nowadays. Saqib Raza Jul 29, am. Society, we live in, strongly require such solutions and minds like Areeba Atif.

This article helped me to know how even Facebook can be brought to a good use. MA Jul 29, pm. How you would stop Fraud? Sarah Jul 29, pm. Very good initiative! The young generation knows what it wants and may not be able to communicate to the older one who unfortunately are running the show!

About time somebody did this! Thank you! I am a user of this Facebook group, and I think great innovative out of the box thinking, initiative by Areeba. Kudos to her effort, how ever I must point out to new users, that please be vigilant and watch your backs, like all public spaces that we would like to see safe online, there are some very rude and questionably toxic people on the group as well, who do not show respect to other people, shop around like some people do off line, you will also find some members on the group, who are monitoring your activities on the group closely, and may or may not use information regarding your activities ethically.

Set an example, be kind, compassionate to group members, do not break etiquette boundaries, and if u really are not interested in any one who has reached out to you, it takes seconds, just drop them a message your not keen, instead of ghosting or just giving them a maybe will get in touch if i find suitable. Takes seconds, don't waste your time or anyone else's. Talha Jul 29, pm. What ever you say, rishta aunt is the best!

Muneeb Jul 29, pm. I have seen people who have misused such sites and services and lying to girl's family as long as they can just to date girl. Saeed Jul 29, pm. Rishta Aunties are mostly crooks. They charge hefty monies just to get started and often come with lousy proposals almost invariably to be rejected but not before paying another sum for Rista Aunty's expenses incurred. Injla Jul 30, am. The group has a good reputation of attracting and accepting decent, legitimate and good people.

The admins make sure to control behaviours too, and anyone acting out of line is corrected immediately.

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Sahiwal is the agriculture-based district, so rural population is Overall population of Sahiwal district is 2. However, the number of unmarried males and females are , and ,, respectively. This difference in never married men and women in sahiwal shows there would be more boys rishta in sahiwal than girls rishta in sahiwal. The traditional families mostly rely on rishta aunties of baradari to get the suitable rishta within the caste.

Imagine a world where a man posts a picture online and 10 brave young Pakistani women drop down a comment saying "interested". Who are these women? Where did they come from?

Privacy Policy Shaadi is a very important decision in one's life. Getting a good rishta is everyone's dream. Matrimonial and shadi online services are for the people who are truly interested in marriage and are serious to get married as these services are not provided in dating sites. The people of all age group are available in matrimonial listings with all details i.

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female Girl Rishta in Karachi

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Rishta In Sahiwal

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Zaroorat Rishta For Lady Doctor Erum | Get Rishta Muslima Zaroorat Rishta in Pakistan.

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Действительно хорошая новость. ГЛАВА 54 - Пусти. А потом раздался нечеловеческий крик.

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