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There are hundreds of so-called agencies out there which apparently act as booking agents or artist managers. And there are about 4 million DJs and artists who want to be managed by these agencies. It needs to ascertain that they have:. From the perspective of the DJs themselves, it is important that they understand the standard requirements above. To be a serious applicant they should be able to tick all of those boxes, and demonstrate their worth with suitable evidence. Because of the saturation of the DJ market i.

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14. Work with Your DJ Team

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We're always asked by our students 'How do you get DJ gigs? There are two distinct ways of getting DJ gigs, either the gigs come to you or you go and hunt them down yourself. Most DJ's start with the latter but the big aim should be that the gigs eventually come to you. Promoters will only come knocking on your door if you're an established artist and that normally means that you're a well known music producer.

If you learn how to produce and release great music you can skip the hard part and enter further up the food chain. If you're a new unknown DJ you'll need to go out there and get gigs yourself or you'll need to get working on that big hit-single in the studio, either way it's going to involve a lot of dedication.

Big DJ's will have a booking agents representing them and sourcing them gigs, but for many new DJ's getting to that stage is a real catch 22 situation. Well the good news is that there are many different ways to get DJ work, you just need to have a plan and work hard to meet your goals.

To help you on your way I've compiled a breakdown of some of the many ways in which you can get DJ gigs or exposure and become a full-time artist or producer.

I've even included some handy cheats and tricks to help you get one step ahead of the competition, it's a dog eat dog world out there so take any opportunity that comes your way.

When I first started DJing I would often go out every single night of the week, often to more than one club night in an evening. The more you circulate in a scene the more connections you make the more influential you will become not to mention the more fun you will have! Promoters will always book those closest to them, DJs who support the club night by attending on a regular basis will get preference when it comes to DJ gigs so always make sure you visit the club before asking to play.

Socialise with the promoter and become friends with those around you to cement working relationships. Word of warning, don't get sucked into party animal mode too much, it's great to support a night but if they are picking you up off the floor at the end of the night you'll quickly move from being an asset to an annoyance!

I've also had many friends get sucked into the vortex of clubbing that is drugs and drink, make sure you know your limits and play safe, you'll need to be getting up early in the morning and preparing your world domination plans anyway! Sometimes there are no cool club nights in your area or you just don't like what's available or even the promoters running them. Easy solution, start your own night! This is one of the biggest ways of launching your own DJ career and a great way to make extra cash as well.

The two main formats are either you charge on the door or you run a free entry party. This is a really low risk option and can afford you a small amount of cash to pay for things like promotion of the night, graphics, photography and DJs etc. Once you've gained some experience in running nights and built a mailing list you can then work on larger events where you hire venues and charge on the door, this can be a lot more profitable but also has higher financial risks.

If you start small and work your way up you can minimise most of the pitfalls. Make sure you always have enough money to run the event even if you don't make any money on the door. Always act professionally. Apart from making some money on the door, the main reason I am giving you this idea is because it can really benefit your DJ career. It gives you a solid resident slot which can act as a launchpad for bigger and better things.

You can book big DJs and be on the same line-up as them, that means you'll get to know them personally advancing your influence in that scene. Running your own night will help you cultivate your own crowd and pulling power as a DJ.

Once you have a following you are much more valuable for other promoters who will want to book you on the off-chance your crowd will follow. If you would like some advice on setting up your own brand just contact us and ask for Buster.

When you are a new DJ you mainly need to be concerned about getting experience playing for a crowd and exposure. The easy way of doing this is to DJ for free. This presents little risk from the promoters point of view and means you're more likely to get your foot in the door for future paid work.

It's normal to DJ for free if you think it would benefit you in the long term but if you can't see any benefits don't do it. Try not to undersell yourself and the industry as a whole. Don't be a push-over, remember it will cost you to DJ. Sometimes you will be asked to sell tickets in order for a chance to play somewhere.

This is a normal practice and the benefits are that even if you are relatively unknown you can DJ at a reputable club which is good for your DJ CV. Having a great list of places you've played before will help you get gigs elsewhere as it proves you know your stuff. Once you've got the benefits of having played at the venues once there is little incentive for you to continue unless you enjoy the experience.

Selling tickets will be easy the first couple of times but much harder in the long run so make sure your first pay-to-play gig is in one of the best venues. We also organise smaller gigs where ticket sales are not necessary but of course those venues won't carry as much prestige.

If you run your own club night or have a resident slot somewhere you can sometimes organise a gig swap with another DJ. This is a great way of extending your geographical reach, in some cases you can even do this with DJs in other countries. It normally works as a straight forward swap, no money involved. You book them to play at your night and in return they book you to play at theirs.

The benefits are numerous, not only for your DJ CV but also to gain more followers around the world, not to mention it's practically a free holiday!

This is essentially just networking but you can approach a promoter in a few different ways, the best way is through recommendation or through visiting the event and meeting in person. Sometimes the venues run 'in-house' promotions and you just need to talk to the manager of the venue. I know many of my students who have spent a day going from venue to venue with a mixtape and been turned down by almost every single one, but it only takes one to say yes to make it worth while.

Once you've got gigs you normally get more gigs as a result so I still think this is a viable option. Failing this you can try to e-mail them directly, often the best way to do this is to research the event online and contact them via Facebook or their website.

One way to stand out in a crowded market is to be the best in your field. DMC champions often take this route perfecting their skills to blow the competition away! Once you think you're the best you'll want everyone else to know about it so make sure you step out of the bedroom and promote yourself.

A great way to display your skills is on YouTube. Not as easy as it sounds but this is the main route to make it as a full-time artist. If you make a great track you can virtually skip all of the steps in this blog and just get a good booking agent to do all the hard work. You'll need to dedicate a lot of time but nowadays you can do it on a budget. There is no need to have recording studios of your own you can start out with as little as a laptop and headphones.

Once you have great music out there the gigs will come to you. As a producer you can often sign to a label and become part of a bigger community of artists who often tour together or perform together under the brand of the label. If you can't join a good record label why not start your own? It's not as hard as it seems. Anyone can start a label and distribute tracks online at relatively low cost.

Don't expect to make much money in the actual selling of the music but the notoriety can really help you get exposure and hopefully lots of high paid DJ work. Many DJ's supplement their income with mobile DJing for parties, events, weddings etc.

If you don't want to pollute your brand a good idea is to set up a second profile as a mobile DJ or DJ for a mobile DJ company under a different name. Another benefit is that you will gain lots of experience playing other styles of music. Word of mouth is often the best way to advertise. Why not ask your friends to post a status asking if they know of any venue managers or anyone else that might be able to give you your next DJ gig? You could also get friends to help you out by posting your mixtapes to help spread the word.

Any press is good press! Why not try pulling a PR stunt to get attention? You'll need a great idea and then you'll need to plan something very visible and invite the press along or go somewhere where the press are already gathered. You could be the first DJ to mix while sky-diving or maybe gatecrash a big red-carpet event. Journalists love a story to latch onto so be creative and think outside of the box to get noticed.

It's a great idea to have a business card printed and carry them with you everywhere you go. You never know when you'll run into a new contact. I recommend starting by getting a small run of template-based cards while you experiment with your branding. Make sure the graphics don't look out-of-fashion and avoid cliches like images of headphones!

It's a great idea to handout CD mixtapes demos or even USB demos to promoters , managers and potential followers. Some even try to sell them, which is illegal if you don't own the copyright of the music on the mix of course!

A physical item will get more attention than a digital one so if you send a mixtape in the post with a nice letter and cool packaging it will be far more memorable for the promoter than just clicking another link.

Yes, amazing as it is, this is a potential money earner! Just look at DJ Grandpa in Camden Town, he busks legally near the tube station exit and easily makes a few hundred pounds daily! The downside is you might need to dress like a fool and play awful music! It's a formula that obviously works! There's a big market out there for DJ's who play top 40 music. Think about it, the vast majority of venues around the world just play chart-music so that means there would be an equal amount of DJ gigs.

If you're new to the game your normally have to work your way up from the bottom with the warm-up slot. It's a right of passage for many DJs and will make you a better DJ in the long run. Why not create a mixtape just for a warm-up slot and reassure the promoter you'd be the best person to start the party.

Warm-up slots are an art form in themselves, much harder that the main slot. Check out this article on the esoteric art of the warm-up for advice. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours is the way most DJs and Promoters operate.

Use your selling points, skills, contacts, followers and anything else that can afford you leverage when negotiating a cliquey little deal. Get your foot wedged in that door by shutting everyone else out!

Keys to Finding A DJ Manager

Being represented can be an integral part to growing as an artist in the modern industry. No matter the style of music you play, getting the right agent at the right time in your career is an important step in making it as a successful musician. Looking at the options available, while talking to experienced agent and director of FMLY Agency Darren James-Thomas, we look at how you can you find the right booking agent, and what it means to have representation when it comes to booking.

We're always asked by our students 'How do you get DJ gigs? There are two distinct ways of getting DJ gigs, either the gigs come to you or you go and hunt them down yourself. Most DJ's start with the latter but the big aim should be that the gigs eventually come to you.

Many busy DJs may be thinking that hiring a DJ manager may help take some of the extra responsibilities off their plates. The question is, what are the keys to finding a DJ manager? Consider these suggestions before you set out to hire the perfect professional help. One of the first keys to finding a DJ manager is being manager-worthy. What does that mean?

How to find a booking agent

On the surface, DJing seems like a one-man job; the perfect field for personalities who are well-suited to working on their own. But who do you really need on your team, what qualifications should they have, and how do you find these people? Read on! Not for : Setting your beat-grids, deciding what your sound and brand should be, paying the bar tab for all the girls you invited to the club. A good manager will create opportunities for you, and help to make you money. At the beginning of your career, you may not need a manager. Keep in mind that the right manager for you may not be an established manager working at a big company. For example, Avicii met his manager, Ash Pournouri , online at a music blog.

Getting on to a DJ Agency’s books

The reality is that the DJ pay scale varies widely. You may only be in the booth from 10 p. When you make the decision to commit to your dream of being a professional DJ, these are the key questions you need to ask yourself:. Many DJs will spend hours networking and meeting with club managers or promoters every week. Others will travel long distances to gigs and pay the cost out of their own pocket.

Book world-renowned and rising music artists, DJs and celebrity talent for commercial or private events around the world.

First, a proviso. For a lot of us, DJing starts out as a hobby — something to do after school, over the weekend, or to meet girls and guys. When that hobby becomes a source of income on the side, we take it a bit more seriously because it can pay the odd bill or a deliver a killer weekend. This is great if you can count the number of shows you play in a month using one hand.

Get more DJ gigs

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4 Signs It’s Time To Get A Manager

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