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Does brock ever find a girlfriend

In the anime, he made his first appearance in the fifth episode of the show, called "Showdown In Pewter City". Ash earns a badge from the Gym, despite not actually beating Brock in a match. Brock left the Gym when his father returned to take it over, and he would join Ash on his adventure as one of his most faithful companions. He has appeared in almost every generation of the games, and has starred in many different adaptations of the franchise. We are here today to lay bare the secrets of Brock.


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After his defeat against Ash Ketchum , he quickly gave up his title. He accompanied Ash on his journey for quite some time, all while trying to live up to his goal. Brock's most notable feature is that his eyes appear to be closed all the time. This has been the center of fan attention for a long time. He also has spiky brown hair and tan skin, notably darker than the skin of any other major character in the anime until Iris in the Best Wishes series.

Along with Tracey, Cilan, and Kiawe, Brock is the tallest of Ash's traveling companions and the closest to looking like an adult. Next to actual adult characters, however, it is clear that he is still a teenager. Not counting temporary outfits, he has worn three different outfits, all of which have had the colors orange, green and brown with blue shoes. In the Original Series, he wore an orange t-shirt, a lime green cargo vest with 4 pockets, a dark brown belt with a gold buckle and dark red pockets, brown jeans, and blue-gray sneakers with white trim.

In the Advanced Generation Series, he appeared in a new outfit, which consisted of a brown short-sleeved jacket with orange trim, a green short-sleeved undershirt, grayish-brown cargo pants, and indigo sneakers with light blue trim. In the Diamond and Pearl series, he wears yet another new outfit, consisting of a green collared shirt, an orange vest with brown trim, khaki pants with knee stitching, and blue high-top sneakers. His lime green cargo vest lacks the two pockets in the edge of both sides.

Brock is considered the most mature, wise, and levelheaded of the main characters and he is arguably the most intelligent character as well. He often acts as an older brother and caretaker to the other characters and a voice of reason in disputes.

He will usually place others before himself and will help and support his friends even against his better judgment or at his own expense. He handles all the cooking and cleaning for his friends. Despite this, all his maturity and rationality leaves him completely when he catches sight of a beautiful woman.

Brock has a desperate need for female companionship, which grows worse as he fails to gain it. He will do anything and everything he thinks will impress women, which inevitably ends with his heart being broken every time. A few women have shown interest in him though, such as Wilhelmina, Temacu, Natalie, Lucy, Holly, Autumn, Narissa, and Lizabeth, but most others do not notice him or are not interested.

No matter how many times he is disappointed, though, Brock remains determined to find a girl to start a relationship with and has indicated several times he would stop traveling with Ash and stay with the girl if this happened.

He also likes both Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. This behavior tends to wear on the nerves of his friends or others around him, especially Misty and Max who both commonly dragged Brock away from women by his ear. His goals have played a passive role in his character's activity and development, and his role has generally been one of support for other main characters, usually contributing more in terms of wisdom and comedic antics than the action of the series.

His other goal, to find a girlfriend, is similar to Team Rocket's quest to capture Pikachu, in which both are for comedy and thus doomed to fail. Brock is very caring towards his siblings including his younger brother, Forrest and has great respect for his father, Flint. He also shows his anger and disdain towards his mother, Lola who is responsible for remodeling the Pewter Gym into an aquatic gym, as well as her ditzy behavior.

Brock does care about his parents but he gets annoyed with them from time to time. Also, Brock doesn't like when his parents leave him to take care of their home. Brock greatly cares for his siblings and always looks out for them.

In addition, Brock would do anything to make his siblings happy and gives his support for them. Brock and Ash are best friends as they traveled a lot together. Also, Brock has been a big influence on Ash as a mentor. Also, Brock and Ash don't usually fight with each other but they sometimes have small fallouts and makeup pretty quickly. At times, Brock helps Ash see through his mistakes and they have practices battles together.

Although she declined his apprenticeship, Brock and Suzie decided to be friends. After Suzie decided to travel, Brock formed a friendly rivalry with her but they kept in touch as friends.

Also, Brock took care of Suzie's Vulpix for her, which she was very grateful for, and did give it back to her when the time came. Brock is close friends with May as they would go shopping together in some towns and cities while Ash and Max went to do their own thing. For instance, he gets annoyed when Misty pulls him away from girls, Brock gets annoyed when Max pulls or drags him away from them. Brock and Dawn are great friends with each other.

Brock and Kiawe are very good friends even though they share a friendly rivalry with each other. Brock encourages Steelix and will always rely on it due to being his ace battler.

Seeing that it could help his family, Brock left Steelix with his family but when he returned home during his second tour of Kanto he noticed that it evolved while he was away. Also, Brock and Steelix can perform Mega Evolution together. After ending his travels, Brock had Steelix in his part again. Brock sometimes calls on Geodude for help in battle or for other things. After ending his journey, Brock had Geodude with him from time to time.

Brock first meet Crobat when it was Zubat at Mt. Moon and caught it before he and his friends enter the mountain. They share a tight-knit bond for each other and care very much about each other. After evolving into Golbat, Brock got sick and it and Frorretress, during its days as a Pineco, never left his side until he got better.

When it evolved into its final stage, Brock calls upon Crobat for help in battle or to look around. After ending his journey, Brock had Crobat with him once again from time to time. Brock first meet Vulpix when it was with Suzie and took a liking to him. Brock grooms Vulpix whenever he could and has a good relationship with it.

However, Brock knew he had to return Vulpix to Suzie and when that time came he was grateful to its trainer for letting him take care of it for so long.

Despite being back with Suzie, Brock knew in his heart that he and Vulpix will always be friends. Instantly, Brock wanted to catch Forretress during its time as a Pineco and even told it after he catches it that they were gonna be pretty good friends.

Also, Brock would risk his safety to protect Forrestress and it would do the same for him as he even would stand by his side. After his Battle Frontier journey, Brock left Forretress at home with his family.

Brock first meet Ludicolo when it was a Lotad and showed it how to properly use one of its moves. When he and his friends were leaving, Brock noticed that Ludicolo wanted to go with him which he happily accepted and they became friends.

After evolving into Lombre and into its final stage, Brock call upon a lot more during the rest of his journey in Hoenn. Seeing that Ludicolo got along with his family, Brock decided to let it stay with them. Brock first meet Marshtomp when he was a Mudkip but he didn't take to him at first but after saving him from getting washed away is when he started to trust him.

After that, Brock and Marshtomp formed a close bond with each other. Brock calls upon Marshtomp to help look for things but that was shown during his time as a Mudkip. When he evolved, Brock was excited that Marshtomp wanted to date a girl's Flaaffy while he wanted to date its trainer but they were both pulled by Max and May at the same time. Also, Brock has Marshtomp help him in battle more then he did when it was a Mudkip.

After his Battle Frontier journey ended, Brock had Marshtomp stay home with his family. Seeing that he was alone, Brock asked Sudowoodo if he wanted to come with him which he accepted but not before battling him first. After battling and catching him, Brock and Sudowoodo formed a bond with each other.

After evolving, Brock calls upon Sudowoodo for battle at times due to its growth in strength. Although he leaves him at home sometimes, Brock does bring Sudowoodo with him sometimes when he leaves home.

Brock and Croagunk instantly bonded with each other when they first meet as he saw something in him along with him. Although, Brock get upset when Croagunk Poison Jams him and takes him away from girls. However, Brock remains close with Croagunk and he does call on him for battle from time to time.

Brock does bring Croagunk with him sometimes but he usually leave him at home. Brock received Chansey when she was an egg and hatched into an Happiny. Also, Brock and Chansey instantly became close friends after meeting one another. At times, Brock calls on Chansey to help lift heavy objects. After his Sinnoh journey ended, Brock left Chansey at home with his family. Instantly, Brock and Comfey became good friends. After Ash loses to Brock, a stranger offers to help make his Pikachu stronger.

Pikachu after being hooked up to a local hydro-power station becomes stronger and manages to defeat Geodude , but Onix remains too strong. Onix has Pikachu in a body bind ; however, Pikachu's previous electric attack ravaged the gym, which set off the fire sprinklers, weakening Onix. Though Pikachu is able to then damage Onix further, before Ash can deal the finishing blow, he is restrained by Brock's younger siblings, demanding he leaves Onix alone, before Brock orders them to stand down.

Though Ash technically won, he declines the badge on the grounds that he unfairly beat Brock, but Brock later catches up to him and presents him with the Boulder Badge anyway, saying that he wants Ash to fulfill his dream of becoming the best. The stranger that first helped Ash reveals himself to be Brock's father, Flint.

After entrusting Flint with taking care of the gym and the rest of his siblings, Brock is now free to train himself and joins Ash and Misty on their journey. Since then, he travels with Ash and Misty on his many adventures. When asked what happened, Brock just rolled up into a ball and replied, "I don't wanna talk about it" or "Don't mention that name". This would happen every time someone mentioned Professor Ivy. Upon the conclusion of the Silver Conference , the three part ways, with Brock heading back to Pewter City.

The group travels across Hoenn and then return to Kanto to participate in the Battle Frontier. The group went their separate ways and Brock met up with Ash in Sinnoh. While there, they meet a new coordinator named Dawn and her partner Piplup , who joins them on their journey through Sinnoh. Brock is the oldest of ten siblings, with five brothers and four sisters.

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But will they have a relationship outside the confines of the club? Read to find out! Lots of girls in my town do it.

In the anime series , Ash comes across a man that is later revealed to be Brock's father. This is why he became a gym leader, to stay close to his family.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. It only takes a minute to sign up. Ash mentions that Brock will find plenty of more girls that will reject him. To be exact, Brock found over five hundred more girls that rejected him in his tenure in the anime. Sign up to join this community.

After getting rejected throughout his whole life, will our boy Brock finally be able to receive affection? PokemonSunandMoon pic. Pokemon Sun and Moon about to become the default best series in the entire Pokemon Franchise if Brock stays hooked up with Olivia. NextShark is a leading source covering Asian American News and Asian News including business, culture, entertainment, politics, tech and lifestyle. April 30, Racism Asians Donors. Share Tweet.

Top 10 Girls Who Actually Like Brock in Pokemon

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After his defeat against Ash Ketchum , he quickly gave up his title. He accompanied Ash on his journey for quite some time, all while trying to live up to his goal.

Not much is known about Brock's early childhood. Prior to joining Ash at the end of Showdown in Pewter City , Flint left the family home to pursue his own ventures. As a result, Brock assumed the responsibility of running the Pewter Gym while also taking care of his nine younger siblings on his own. Flint took on the responsibilities of the Pewter Gym and his family, leaving Brock free to journey with Ash and Misty.

He is always brought back to reality after confessing to this lucky, or, in some cases, unlucky girl. But alas, among all the various series and team's travels, they only see the characters once. While Brock's love usually only lasts for one episode, sometimes it's one girl, and sometimes it's several.

After two decades of painfully trying and failing to find love in front of the whole world, Pokemon's Brock may have finally found the one. There were a number of things that made Pokemon so popular when it was first introduced to the world more than 20 years ago. The trading cards, video games, TV show, and eventually movies. The video games, in particular, have evolved so that they can still exist and thrive. The TV show has not achieved that to the same level, but it does still exist. In fact, it recently welcomed back popular characters Brock and Misty to the show.

Brock from ‘Pokémon’ Finally Got a Girlfriend After 20 Years of Being Single

Register - Forgot Password. By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. The Pokemon franchise's most eligible bachelor might finally find love. The arc is an informal sequel to Ash's trip back to the Kanto region in , which also featured Misty and Brock in prominent roles. While Pokemon fans are overjoyed to see Ash reunited with his oldest friends, some noticed that Brock might finally have success with a girl, something that has alluded him since the Pokemon anime began over 20 years ago. Surprisingly, Olivia is shown blushing at Brock's advances, signalling that there might be a mutual interest between the pair.

Defending Brock like a faithful boyfriend defends his girlfriend who also happens to be a stripper on the weekends but doesn't do favors at a bachelor party. “Oh, I have to get new tires every six months from doing burn-outs and stuff.” “Why?

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Who is Brock O’Hurn Dating Now?

Brock is Ash Ketchum's most steadfast human companion, traveling through more regions with the young trainer than anyone else, even Misty. In most situations, Brock serves as a mentor and voice of reason for his often hot-headed friend, and his cooking skills make him popular with any adventurer. However, Brock's cool exterior instantly melts when he encounters a pretty girl, and he carries a long history of unrequited love across his seasons. But throughout the years, a handful of gals have actually fallen for Brock, often when he drops his pandering and just acts normally.

Brock (anime)

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Brock From Pokémon Finally Has A Girlfriend After 20 Years Of Being Painfully Alone

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Brock From Pokemon Finally Has A Girlfriend After 20 Years

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