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Can a woman get a groin pull

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A groin strain is a muscle injury that can be painful and needs time to heal. We find out more about how groin strains can happen, their symptoms, and how long a person can expect recovery to take. Groin strain affects any one of a group of muscles at the top of the thigh. The muscle can be partially or completely torn, which can cause considerable pain and discomfort.

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Rehabilitating a Groin Pull

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You may have had a minor groin problem at one time or another. Most of the time our body movements do not cause problems. It's not surprising that symptoms may develop from everyday wear and tear, overuse, or an injury. The groin areas are located on each side of the body in the folds where the belly joins the legs. The pubic area lies between the two groin areas. Groin problems and injuries can cause pain and concern.

Most minor problems or injuries will heal on their own. Home treatment is usually all that is needed to relieve symptoms and heal. An acute injury may occur from a direct blow, a stabbing injury, a fall, or from the leg being turned in an abnormal position. You can pull strain or tear a groin muscle during exercise, such as running, skating, kicking in soccer, or playing basketball. You can strain a groin muscle while lifting, pushing, or pulling heavy objects.

You might pull a groin muscle when you fall. A sudden pulling or tearing of a groin muscle may cause sudden pain. A snapping sound may be heard with hip or leg movement. Swelling and bruising can happen quickly. Sometimes swelling and bruising do not show up for a few days after the injury. Overuse injuries occur when too much stress is placed on an area. This often happens when you overdo an activity or repeat the same activity day after day.

Overuse can lead to muscle strains or tears or may cause swelling. Overuse may cause:. Groin pain not caused by an injury to the groin may be coming from other parts of the body. This is called radiating, or referred, pain. Pulled muscles , ligaments , or tendons in the leg may cause symptoms in the groin. It is important to look for other causes of groin pain when you have not had an injury.

An inguinal hernia is a bulge of soft tissue through a weak spot in the abdominal wall in the groin area. See a picture of an inguinal hernia. An inguinal hernia may need surgical treatment. A sports hernia may affect the same area of the groin in competitive athletes. Infections may cause a lump, bumps, or swelling in the groin area.

Glands lymph nodes in the groin may become enlarged and painful when there is an infection in the groin area.

If the infection is minor, the swelling may last a few days and go away on its own. Rashes in the groin area have many causes , such as ringworm or yeast. Most rashes can be treated at home. When a child develops groin pain, the pain may be caused by a problem with the upper part of the thighbone head of the femur or the hip.

Common causes of groin pain, knee pain referred pain from the hip , or limping include:. Check your symptoms to decide if and when you should see a doctor. Many things can affect how your body responds to a symptom and what kind of care you may need. These include:. You have answered all the questions. Based on your answers, you may be able to take care of this problem at home. Certain health conditions and medicines weaken the immune system's ability to fight off infection and illness.

Some examples in adults are:. Based on your answers, you may need care right away. The problem is likely to get worse without medical care.

Based on your answers, you may need care soon. The problem probably will not get better without medical care. Home treatment measures can help relieve pain, swelling, and bruising and promote healing after a groin injury. These home treatment measures also may be helpful for noninjury problems. But if you think you may have a more severe injury, use first aid measures while you arrange to be checked by your doctor. It may take 4 to 6 weeks or longer for a minor groin injury to heal.

Stretching and strengthening exercises will help you gradually return to your normal activities. Stretching exercises begin with range-of-motion exercises. These are controlled stretches that prevent stiffness and tendon shortening. Gently bend, straighten, and rotate your leg and hip.

If you have increasing pain, slow down or stop the exercises. You may do strengthening exercises with light weights, such as ankle weights, after the pain has decreased and your flexibility has improved.

Non—weight-bearing activities, such as swimming or cycling, may be helpful depending on the seriousness of your injury. A sports medicine health professional or trainer can advise you about fitness activities.

Talk to your child's doctor before switching back and forth between doses of acetaminophen and ibuprofen. When you switch between two medicines, there is a chance your child will get too much medicine. Home treatment measures may also be helpful for:. Call your doctor if any of the following occur during home treatment:. The following tips may help you prevent a groin injury or other problems in the groin area. Steps to prevent a groin injury or strain may include the following:.

You can take measures to reduce your risk of becoming infected with a sexually transmitted infection STI. You can also reduce the risk of transmitting an STI to your sex partner. Know high-risk behaviors and the symptoms of STIs , and do not have sex with anyone who has these symptoms. Condom use may reduce the risk of becoming infected with an STI. Condoms must be put on before beginning any sexual contact. Use condoms with a new partner.

Try the following things to prevent jock itch fungal infection of the skin in the groin or yeast infection cutaneous candidiasis :.

To prepare for your appointment, see the topic Making the Most of Your Appointment. You can help your doctor diagnose and treat your condition by being prepared to answer the following questions. If you have a rash, do not have sexual contact or activity until you are seen by your doctor. This will reduce the risk of transmitting a possible infection to your sex partner. If you do have an STI, your sex partner or partners may need to be evaluated and treated also.

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Learn how we develop our content. To learn more about Healthwise, visit Healthwise. Healthwise, Healthwise for every health decision, and the Healthwise logo are trademarks of Healthwise, Incorporated. Women's Health. Inguinal Hernia. Groin Problems and Injuries. Topic Overview You may have had a minor groin problem at one time or another.

Groin injuries most commonly occur during: Sports or recreational activities, such as ice hockey, cross-country skiing, basketball, and soccer. Work-related activities. Work or projects around the home. Motor vehicle accidents. Groin injury An acute injury may occur from a direct blow, a stabbing injury, a fall, or from the leg being turned in an abnormal position.

Overuse may cause: A hairline crack in a bone stress fracture. Osteitis pubis, which is a condition that causes chronic groin pain because of stress on the pubis symphysis. Distance runners and soccer players are most likely to be affected.

Hip problems. Avulsion fractures.

A 24-year-old woman with right groin pain

We are going to list possible causes for your groin pain. We are going to discuss Comprehensive Prolotherapy treatments as a possible remedy. The question as to whether these treatments will help you is something that would need to be discussed with a healthcare provider familiar with the challenges of your type of groin pain, the symptoms it is causing you, and with knowledge of Prolotherapy treatments.

You are here: Your Health Update Newsletter. It would be reasonable to assume that nagging groin pain is due to a pulled muscle.

You may have had a minor groin problem at one time or another. Most of the time our body movements do not cause problems. It's not surprising that symptoms may develop from everyday wear and tear, overuse, or an injury. The groin areas are located on each side of the body in the folds where the belly joins the legs.

Hip-groin pain

A year-old woman presented to clinic with complaints of long-standing right groin pain. She reported an insidious onset of pain approximately 1 year prior to presentation with significant worsening during the past 3 months. The pain was constant and mechanical in nature, made worse with forward flexion and abduction. She denied fevers, chills, dysuria or hematuria. She had no prior history of hip injury or gynecological issues. She denied any recent alterations in her exercise regimen and led an overall sedentary lifestyle. Initial conservative management with oral NSAIDs did not alleviate her symptoms and she developed progressive pain and a feeling of joint fullness. She ambulated with a non-antalgic gait and had full range of motion of her right hip.

Groin Strain

Learn how to recover and get back to reaching your fitness goals. A pulled groin generally refers to a muscle strain in one or more of the inner thigh muscles. The five major muscles of the inner thigh function to move the legs medially toward the middle of the body. This muscle group is important in activities such as sprinting , hurdling, soccer, hockey, and even horseback riding.

If you're an active person, you may attribute pain in the lower abdomen or groin to a muscle strain, especially if you experienced that kind of injury when you were younger.

A groin pull is actually an injury to one of the hip-adductor muscles on the inside of the thigh, which help bring the legs together. A groin pull can be quite painful, but it is not dangerous. It can be painful for older patients who already have difficulty walking. At any age, the injury may become irritated when people are carrying something and walking downstairs, when they have little control over the adductor muscles.

Diagnosing and Treating Groin Pulls

When a muscle is strained, the muscle is stretched too far. Less severe strains pull the muscle beyond their normal excursion. More severe strains tear the muscle fibers, and can even cause a complete tear of the muscle. Most commonly, groin pulls are minor tears of some muscle fibers, but the bulk of the muscle tissue remains intact.

A groin strain is an injury to the groin—the area of the body where the abdomen meets the leg and the inner thigh muscles attach to the pubic bone. Typically, groin strains occur in the muscles of the upper inner thigh near the pubic bone or in the front of the hip. This injury tends to be more common in athletes and men; however, certain activities can increase the risk for anyone to experience a groin strain. Groin strains can occur during sprinting or any type of activity requiring forceful movement of the leg, such as jumping, kicking the leg up, or changing directions while running. Physical therapists treat groin strains by reducing pain and helping patients improve muscle strength and leg motion and to increase the speed of recovery.

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All patients are required to wear masks and practice physical distancing in our waiting rooms and offices. View image. A strain is a stretch or tear of a muscle or tendon. People commonly call such an injury a "pulled" muscle. The muscles in your groin help bring your legs together. There are two muscles that may commonly get injured in a groin strain: the adductor magnus the large muscle running down the inner side of the thigh and the sartorius a thinner muscle that starts on the outside of your hip, crosses your thigh and attaches near the inside of the knee. A groin strain most commonly occurs when you are running or jumping or when there is a forced push-off or cut. You will have pain or tenderness along the inner side of your thigh or in the groin area.

Apr 30, - You don't remember what you did, but what else could be causing the pain? However, recurrent episodes of groin pain, or pain that gets worse.

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What can you do about a groin strain?

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Groin strain vs. hernia pain: How to tell the difference

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