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Best partner for an intj male

When it comes to love and romance, some people are just more inclined towards logic and proven facts. For the INTJ falling in love is something which can be difficult at times, since they want to apply logic to the situation as well. When it comes to their soulmate and finding their ideal match, the INTJ often has their own beliefs about what this means, and might even be a bit cynical at times. They are more drawn to facts and things which can be proven, which does make emotions and romance a bit tricky for them. For the INTJ the idea of a soulmate might be something a bit more difficult to really believe in.



9 Unmistakable Signs You’re Dating An INTJ

That changed when I started dating an INFJ —someone who is like me in so, so many ways, yet as different as the sun and the moon in others. As a result, this pairing is a common one as common as any pairing can be for such rare personality types. Together, we get to let our quirky sides out and indulge our flights of fancy—without giving up our generally organized lives. All of the above may sound made in heaven, but every couple has their differences. INTJs, on the other hand, enjoy discussing the merits of the idea itself, in abstract terms, and treat the personal impact as a footnote.

This can come off as deeply insulting, without the INTJ realizing why. Meanwhile, INFJs tend to put out a lot of reassuring, supportive words to those they love, and these words can seem insincere or meaningless to an INTJ—who would much rather get results than a pat on the head. We live almost entirely in the future. An INFJ learns early in life to trust his or her gut feeling about someone they meet, while an INTJ views hunches with suspicion often to their detriment. Instead, her attention is on the conversation, music, or something else enjoyable.

In almost everything in life, she will choose comfort or ease of convenience over pure efficiency, and I will choose the opposite. But no couple is perfect, and fights happen. In general, whether a disagreement turns into a fight depends on which mental processes the couple uses to address it.

Here are the complete car models of both types:. The result: no fight. This could be for several reasons:. And they are both incompetent at these roles. The INTJ will start to rant about the unfairness of the situation. They may construct elaborate metaphors or hypotheticals trying to make their feelings understood. They could try to turn the tables and argue that they are the victim in the situation, even if they were actually the one who caused the initial slight.

They will cast blame on their partner. They may revisit the timeline of who said what and who said it first. They can dig into a vast repository of past slights, quoting something their partner said years ago as proof that the partner is lying or wrong. It involves physically separating. Instead, they have to go over it again and again in their own heads, alone.

This is the ideal circumstance for their dominant Perspectives function to take over. The effective thing to do is to compromise. Instead, you have to agree in advance to use this process the next time you fight, and then someone has to invoke it when the time comes. Are you in a relationship with one right now? What do you feel pulls you two together—and what are the biggest stumbling blocks? Your article is amazing!! It really says alot about the challenges and rewards the relationship has to offer.

I am in denial but I have most of the personality traits, unfortunately. My partner is INTJ and he is exactly what you said in your article. We are similar in many ways but so different. We drive each other crazy, but, there will be times when he shows me how much he loves me in a unique way. We have been together for 11 years, btw.

This is an amazingly written article that sums up my relationship exactly. It feels like someone has been watching us and wrote it all down.

We very rarely ever fought but when we did it was only this. She would brush it off instead of mentioning it to me and then once it piled up long enough a fight broke out over it. Again, we never fought except for this.

Neither of us has ever met anyone that understands us so our chance meeting was an amazing thing. Alas, my inability to be outwardly emotional to a high enough degree destroyed it. This INTJ personality type feels like a curse. Not something to be celebrated for its rarity. All my other relationships have been with extroverts and they were worse. They never seem to understand the need for space unfortunately. My INTJ could be seen as the extreme type wherein he shuts off anybody for a period of time- most of the time.

While I am the intense feeler. My caring nature gets somehow bruised. Give us a topic to discuss and both of us can have hours and hours of fun. This article helped a lot. I am amazed by how well this was written. Hello, i really like your thoughtful and thorough infomartion. Have you ever encountered a LDR? He felt like home. On the section about fighting, we rarely fight, but we normally do go in to co-pilot, but on the rare times a silly disagreement or misunderstanding turns in to a fight or the other person is insulted and one or both of are under duress, our 10 year old selves come out.

We learned in our first year of marriage, space and time fixes these fights. Highly effective. Do you have any children? I have a child from a previous marriage who is most likely an INTP and is 7 years old.

Everything in this article is so true. I do most of the masterminding and she helps show me how to realistically apply those ideas. Her perspective often keeps me in check. I love my best friend! Then you might not be an INFJ. Our personalities are built on intuitive work. Not necessarily. It depends on the situation. This article made me cringe for exactly that reason. Oof, send help.

My boyfriend is the INFJ. I can say this article really accurately describes some of the more intimate workings of our relationship. We are celebrating our 2nd anniversary in just over a month and have never fought. We handle disagreements with radical honesty and compromise. I had a good laugh at the part about being together in silence on devices and the INTJ ranting about an article. I found the part about disagreements to be incredibly enlightening. I once explained to my boyfriend how I shut down when someone raises their voice at me during an argument.

I warned him if we were to fight not to yell at me, as it would be counterproductive to finding a solution. I suppose that motivation for the conversation makes me a typical INTJ.

I, of course, pushed back. A fight is coming sooner or later, better to be prepared to work on our communication than blindly continue forward as though rough times never happen. He more or less compromised with me by returning my comment with a nod of acknowledgment. Relationship is awesome. Relationship life is like a tunnel, long and much to explore.

But after resolving the fight it feels more closeness. It feels we are connecting more at a deeper level. Love and every aspect of life is so amazing. Infj-intj couple is the best as far as I knew. I have never felt so complete and content in my life with anyone else before.

So I encourage you to undergo any conflict or misunderstanding and resolve them. You will be amazed to experience mature love in a deeper level. Been together 4 years, 2. A revelation lol. It still is, but obvs we have been growing a lot lately as Fe and Te clash. Ive met a bunch -my mom in law, 2 bosses, my sister in laws ex boyfriend- geez, superficially for a few hours great time, for whole day not my cup of tea and vice versa haha.

My INTJ actually gets me and we have that telepathic mutual understanding and connection Ni and it feels unparalleled from anybody I know, any other type. Te actually is tribe reasons, while Fe is tribe feelings.

INTJ Weaknesses

But INTJs seek long term, happy relationships the same as any other personality type. They just do it a little differently than most people. Despite their overly rational nature, INTJs are also idealistic perfectionists. This can be a major problem when it comes to relationships.

In order to better understand how INTJs approach dating and romantic relationships, it is necessary to consider the potential impact and implications of their four primary personality functions Ni, Te, Fi, Se. Of course, INTJs would be the first to tell you that how we define lazy is entirely relative.

There will never be any issues concerning infidelity for these two loving individuals. They put the INTJ as their first priority and cannot stand the idea of letting them down. They hold truth at the highest regard and expects their partner to do similarly. Often, the INTJ learns to become more open towards other people and new experiences.

Romantic Relationships

It is important to note that the list below is based on opinion, and may vary from one INTJ to another. In addition, the list is intended for male readership, and may not take into account the opinions and preferences of female INTJs. Most INTJ men will seek an intelligent partner — not necessarily one with a high IQ, but intelligent enough to participate in discussion and debates. INTJs enjoy talking about a wide variety of topics and want their ideas to be heard and appreciated. A lack of knowledge or experience in specific areas is not a deal-breaker; the more important thing is whether or not the woman is willing to learn new things and contribute to a discussion on that subject in the future. In short, intelligence is sexy. INTJs tend to be very independent, both mentally and socially. Not only do INTJs not cope well with being controlled, but they need time alone to recoup from the world at large, and will guard this independence fiercely. INTJ men want to grow as a person with their partner, each helping the other to mature and learn as they make their own life choices. An INTJ relationship is one of mutual support and trust.

9 Reasons Why INTJs And ENFJs Belong Together

People of the following types are more likely than most to share the INTJ's values, interests, and general approach to life. They won't necessarily agree on everything, and there's no guarantee they'll always get along, but they're more likely to feel an easy rapport and have plenty of things in common. People of the following types are likely to strike the INTJ as similar in character, but with some key differences which may make them seem especially intriguing. The INTJ may find people of these types particularly interesting and attractive to get to know.

Not sure what your personality type is?

In romance, people with the Architect personality type approach things the way they do most situations: they create a well-designed plan with precise expectations and the right end goal. Here, the goal is a healthy long-term relationship. They rarely fall head over heels in love in a way that involves spontaneous passion and romance. Architects find potential partners who meet certain established criteria, break the dating process down into measurable steps, then complete the plan with great precision.

INTJ Relationships and Compatibility With All Types

That changed when I started dating an INFJ —someone who is like me in so, so many ways, yet as different as the sun and the moon in others. As a result, this pairing is a common one as common as any pairing can be for such rare personality types. Together, we get to let our quirky sides out and indulge our flights of fancy—without giving up our generally organized lives.

INTJs believe in constant growth in relationships, and strive for independence for themselves and their mates. They are constantly embarking on "fix-up" projects to improve the overall quality of their lives and relationships. They take their commitments seriously, but are open to redefining their vows, if they see something which may prove to be an improvement over the existing understanding. INTJs are not likely to be "touchy-feely" and overly affirming with their mates or children, and may at times be somewhat insensitive to their emotional needs. However, INTJs are in general extremely capable and intelligent individuals who strive to always be their best, and be moving in a positive direction. If they apply these basic goals to their personal relationships, they are likely to enjoy happy and healthy interaction with their families and friends.

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INTJ relationships are best known for having an overture of evolution. According to the Myers-Briggs profile, the INTJ personality is comprised of introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging traits. A relationship with this quiet but self-sure individual can be very enlightening to the participants as a couple as well as on an individual level. Even if an INTJ relationship does not work out, both individuals usually walk away having benefited from the experience. INTJ is more than just a thinker or idea factory. This individual gathers information and then processes the data in a manner that is more abstract than fact-based.

Allowing others to come to them is often Architects' best strategy. Then, if they believe a relationship has potential, they will spare no effort in developing and.

INTJs are not impulsive people. In fact, it could take them years to properly decide whether or not the two of you make sense together. First they have to discern whether or not they are attracted to you. Then they have to assess your suitability as a partner. Last but certainly not least in terms of time allocation , they have to form an action plan regarding which steps they should take to win you over.

INTJ Relationships, Love, & Compatibility

It might not be easy to be in a relationship with an INTJ — the most independent personality type. If their partners fail to live up to these standards, they can become very critical and judgmental. An older INTJ will usually begin to pay more attention to relationships and may somewhat soften up.

Top 10 Qualities INTJ Men Look For In Women

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