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Best jobs to meet celebrities

Quintessentially People is a recruiting agency that provides staff to royal families, politicians and international executives, as well as "high-profile names" in music, fashion, film and television—none of whom they are permitted to name. When working with such celebrities, the agency is most often looking for a private chef, a bodyguard or a traveling personal assistant. Royals or politicians more often have household-related requests, such as a nanny, an estate manager or a palace manager. Read more: 10 Celebrity Bachelor Pads. But the headhunter has also had assignments to find a "ninja nanny" a nanny trained in martial arts and with experience as a close-protection officer or a butler with dog-whispering skills who can teach the client's canine how to play the piano, said Quintessentially People co-founder Sam Martin. Nondisclosure agreements are de rigeur when dealing with celebrities, but despite the discretion, not everything is top secret.


Celebrity Bars in London

We spoke to three people who all get paid to look after the A-list. Kermit the Frog did something similar. What it entails: Every day she sends audio cuts of celebrities — whether on the red carpet or from their own interviews — to be used in radio bulletins across the UK, she co-ordinates the celebrities coming in and out of Bauer and does a fair few interviews herself.

I got it! How to cope with it? Francis is one of the original members of the Guest Relations team started up about a year ago when the O2 realised they needed a specific team to deal with very high profile guests.

What the job actually is: Making sure that, when a celebrity pulls up to the O2 to watch a show, their stay is as smooth and shrieking-fan-free as possible. What it entails: He heads up a team of nine people all stationed in different areas of the venue to make sure everything goes smoothly. Also, you get to meet so many great people in this line of work. Stay calm. Throw in some sweeteners — a free ticket for next time, that sort of thing. Deborah is the president of ACA-UK , a huge online network of celebrity PAs, and has worked as one herself for years among many other roles including marketing, PR and as a buyer.

What it entails: Oh, so much stuff. But I have got extremely cross. I tend to lower my tone and speak rea-lly slo-wly when annoyed. If you love films, for instance, then it makes sense to join some aspect of the film industry so you can make contacts and, at the very least, have something to talk to your boss about when sitting on the plane.

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Tips When Working with High-End Celebrity Clients

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. When you see your favorite famous people on TV and in magazines, it's hard to believe they were ever people like us - working on getting by. But even the brightest stars had to start with their simple first jobs before making it big!

But reportedly the Material Girl didn't last too long. Brad Pitt may be one of the sexiest men in Hollywood, but once upon a time he had to dance in a chicken suit for El Pollo Loco. After dropping out of the University of Missouri's journalism school to pursue an acting career, the actor wound up donning the full poultry garb to hand out flyers and attract customers to the restaurant in order to pay his rent.

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30 Celebrities Who Now Hold Regular Jobs

It's only natural to feel a little anxious if your boss decides to attend your regular staff meeting. And it is entirely OK to feel somewhat on edge if you are seated next to your CEO at a company retreat. But it is a fairly different kettle of fish if you encounter a true A-lister in your regular work life. For instance, I have worked for large multi-national companies where it was fairly common for global celebrities to be involved in some of our projects. And it was not unusual for these celebrities to interact with certain members of staff. For some, it was a perk of the job and certainly made for an exciting work environment. For others, it was an anxiety-inducing ordeal that led to great consternation and, unfortunately, some uncomfortable and unprofessional moments. Over the years, I have learned that some people are simply not aware of how to interact with celebrities or VIP clients.

Want to Work for a Celebrity? It May Be Possible

However, there are other cool jobs you can look into if you want to meet celebrities on a personal level. Getting a celebrity-adjacent job is not a walk in the park. Some spend years practicing guitar or toning their voices and never actually get to it. Others try to enter the celebrity world from the back door by becoming managers or PR personnel, but the market is oversaturated with these professions.

Being a celebrity has its perks. You travel to exotic places, dine at five-star restaurants and probably never get tired of adoring fans screaming your name.

You may not have the acting chops or the looks to make it as a big-name movie star. Your voice may be better suited to singing in the shower than singing on stage. Celebrities capture the spotlight, but behind each famous face is an army of handlers and support staff who keep the whole show running.

How to Become a Celebrity Manager

Celebrity culture changes in an instant. While you can't always predict a fall from greatness, smart celebs do their best to prepare. For stars who know just how quickly a knee injury can torpedo an athletic career or those who come to realize how few and far between roles for actresses over 35 really are, a regular job starts to look pretty appealing.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 15 Celebrities Meeting Their Celeb Crush/Idol (AWKWARD)

They juggle multiple hats for their famous bosses. On any given day, a celebrity personal assistant can act as an executive secretary, personal shopper, event planner, or counselor. Their primary mission is to make sure everything that needs to happen for their client gets done. Most celebrity assistants work full-time hours, but in reality, live on call Frantic day-to-day duties make the role of a celebrity personal assistant potentially exhausting. However, the perks and unique opportunities that come with the job can make it highly rewarding as well.

103 Celebrities Who Had Surprising Jobs Before They Got Famous

Celebrities hold a special place in the lives of many people. Meeting celebrities can bring happiness, bolster self-esteem and make you feel that you are experiencing life in ways that are not available to the average person. One way to cross paths with celebrities is to find a job in a field that provides opportunities for meeting actors, singers, musicians, politicians and professional athletes. TV, magazine, radio and newspaper editors and reporters cover a host of events that feature celebrities. From professional sports events to awards ceremonies and one-on-one interviews, news reporters and editors often meet celebrities. Those working in the news media must be prepared to ask probing and sometimes unwelcome questions of celebrities.

Aug 2, - Do you just want to meet celebrities, or do you want to work with them? Chauffeur What are the best jobs that doesn't require meeting and talking with people?What is it like to work with famous celebrities? - Quora.

We spoke to three people who all get paid to look after the A-list. Kermit the Frog did something similar. What it entails: Every day she sends audio cuts of celebrities — whether on the red carpet or from their own interviews — to be used in radio bulletins across the UK, she co-ordinates the celebrities coming in and out of Bauer and does a fair few interviews herself. I got it! How to cope with it?

10 Best Jobs for People Who Love Celebrities

The rest of the movie is basically a series of scenes in which assistant Sachs runs around Manhattan with coffee, Chanel and the occasional fully grown St. Bernard, all while taking orders from her crazy boss and trying to stave off a mental breakdown. As a former magazine intern myself, I remember fuming in the bathroom at a work event after a tongue-lashing by an overstressed assistant.

Being a Celebrity Manager may seem like an exciting opportunity, but it also requires a lot of hard work and savvy business skills in order to manage celebrity careers. They do this by handling contract negotiations as well as handling other business matters such as promoting their artists. Celebrity Managers can represent a variety of celebrity talents: Actors, Comedians, Personalities and Athletes to name a few professions. People who want to become a Celebrity Manager can rely on their natural talents in order to get ahead in the industry as well as advancing their education.

With riches inevitably comes power - especially for celebrities. Most of us have to make do carrying out our own tasks and chores, but celebrities with too much money can simply hire personal assistants to do the jobs that they do not want to.

Life in the celebrity fast lane looks like fun. But unless you're getting ready to star in the next summer blockbuster or have a hit single hidden away, stardom isn't in the cards for most of us. That doesn't mean there aren't ways to feel like part of the action and earn a living at the same time. From nannies to stylists to party planners, it takes a big staff to keep a star's life running smoothly — and many have consequently built successful businesses by working with celebrities.

During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: October 25, Reader-Approved References. To be a celebrity personal assistant, you need to be energetic, organized, and have a can-do attitude.

London is known for its celebrity culture and if you know the right celebrity bars and celebrity clubs you can rub shoulders with the A-List. If that fails, you will definitely be able to spy out your favourite "celebrity" tv stars! Get booking guestlist or an area at these great bars and clubs and you may bag yourself the celebrity of your dreams!

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