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Yaya and nadech dating

Many fans were aghast to hear the Nadech and Yaya breakup. Then, you come across all these evidences, pictures of them dating, cruising around Paris on a luxury car, watch all their interviews, then reality hits you. Yes questioning their relationship is an offensive thing because it's not a matter of your opinion it's a matter fact, they are dating and since And if they still dont believe even with all the evidences, then thats their choice. Thank you for nice words, maturity and most importantly understanding the differences. He also frequently appears on listings of the most popular and influential people in Thailand.

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Yaya and nadech dating 2014 been

Last year on Valentine, he buys her nadech expensive and limited edition flowers, she tells media it was from her mom, media doesnt believe it and asks Nadech.. Nadech stands there smiling shyly and sneakily without denying it and even joking that even the cameraman is laughing at them because Yaya kept saying it was her mom while he just stood there nadech nothing.

This year, on his birthday, his family has a private with Yaya's family and as usual, his mom posts a bunch of pics of the 2 families acting like in-laws together.

For years the media and fellow celebs have been saying that Nadech wants to go public with the relationship but Yaya doesnt. Then now when she basically repeats what he said recently, hes suddenly denying it!?? Even then, I didnt really care but then I saw Yaya's interview with him at one of the award shows and she nadech admitted she wasnt happy with his manager and went to him to complain. She looked like she was very annoyed with his manager saying that she doesnt speak Thai well while And said nothing.

Not only did they embarrass her by making her seem like the desperate chick wanting to date him, nadech his manager also went as far as to say she doesnt speak simple basic Thai which she definitely does. She kept repeating strongly that dating understood every word she heard that day in the and responded accordingly while Nadech stood there looking lost and afraid to confirm or deny anything. Thats why so many people, including the media, were shocked by him. Nadech has been so obvious with his relationship with Yaya so no one expected him to be the one to retract this statement.

U should watch their interview together from last week.. God its was soo painfully awkward at the end because the reporters kept asking Yaya if Nadech was mistreating her or hurting her while he was standing right next to her.

Even the and people recognized that she was humiliated by this whole thing and Yaya has never ever been in this position before. Nadech is a nice guy and definitely talented which dating why im looking forward to this lakorn but honestly, hes not the smartest cookie out there. If he was gonna react this way, then he should have been more and over the past few years and stopped making it so obvious that the 2 of them were dating. He should have been more private about this and leaking and posting all these pics of acting like a couple privately.

Last week, him and Yaya went out for dinner with his friends from school and one of his friends sneakily filmed Yaya sitting at the yaya without her being aware of being filmed. He then posted it on instagram.. Right now, it seems like he wants people to think they are dating but doesnt want to actually say it out loud for some reason which is perfectly fine but he shouldnt be leading HER to think its ok to be public about it so to speak.

Last edited:. Apr 20,. Shiera dropping all this tea!. I'm completely oblivious to what has down with NY never cared to look into them tbh but seeing your comment has me side-eying Nadech.

Saw this edit on IG by athippycreation. NY has made things so complicated for themselves. I don't feel sorry for anyone of them. One had been wanting to open up about their relationship when the other one is not and, and now when the other one is ready, the other half don't want to.

They had been playing this game yaya their fans for years. Nadech have been banking from this koo-Jin long enough. Yadech to me play with their fans emotion too much. Whether you are dating are not it isn't that hard of dating answer. They got boat loads of fan that support their relationship it is not like the fans are against and being together. It's too much of a child's game.

I saw on an Instagram of this lakorn with Matt and Nadech. Someone commented that she doesn't like Matt's acting lol. Another person said, you go acting by yourself hahaha Fans are so funny. Isn't Yaya the one who calls Nadech "Tee Rak" in public then quickly denies it during the interviews? Regardless both of them are playing the same old game, I noticed nadech have just kinda gotten bored of it. They don't want to get hurt yet they keep putting their selves in that position. They don't want the news dating yaya them about their relationship, how about just giving them a solid answer, unless its a no then it makes senses and if its a yes, they're riding their way to nadech bank.

I like both of them just not together, but its more like most shippers don't understand Nadech and they usually give him problems every time yaya does something that isn't "fair" to Yaya, and its annoying as heck. I'm saying if they both want to be private then stop giving people something to talk about, except that only means they wouldn't have as much popularity as they do now cause of this game they are playing.

And for Nadech to be exposing the shirt Yaya made for him might've been stupid but seriously if you guys wanna be private why even make a shirt yaya this, that's really odd.

If they're fans are able to put all the pieces together, saying they are a couple, then they're both not private enough. In some , i feel like if and fans weren't so possessive yaya And, he wouldn't have to try to be so in love with Yaya, like it's his job. Then no one would've gotten hurt, either way this and dating is the and keeping most couples in the spotlight dating its whatever.

I agree with Sasuke, how is Nadech suppose to go against P'A, he helped Nadech become the big star he is now. Even though he said Yaya probably didn't understand cause her Thai wasn't as good but he was just trying to save her until he knew what was going on. Apparently them 3 weren't on the same page. Like I said Nadech is always the one being attacked regardless dating he does. I just don't get this couple, everything has been nadech same for 7 years and its so old now. I don't feel like these two are dating BTW, they're more like business partners in my eyes.

Apr 21,. To simply put to. Yadech are old enough to give a definite answer one way or the other and let the fans deal with it. None of them are going to do bodily harm probably the most pout a few days and life goes on. Prolonging the answer is just dragging the fans along. Yeah we don't need to hear them say they are dating, fans shouldn't be mad when he doesn't back her up then. AnnTfan said:. Yaya of their fans are delusional to be shipping their fancy couples to the point of bashing other actresses.

Someone had comment "Matt is inappropriate at yaya" and one of picture for this lakorn on IG. That's was rude of them. I feel like Kim and bashed a lot. Especially cause she was Nadech's first new n'ek people were always talking about how this isn't right cause they were siblings in 4hjhkk. I find it a bit weird to watch a lakorn where pranangs play siblings and then another lakorn they play deep lovers or vice versa! Aww that's not the case for me, I think its dating I just see them as actors.

Right but then I try to look pass that! Yes they are just a bunch of actors and actresses! But can you imagine Nadech and Yaya starring as siblings? Ha the fans will throw a fit for real!

Vimalee Live Love Laugh. As an NY fan since the beginning of their nadech, I do feel bad for dating because they are not open like other couples, but I'm also glad they have each other. According to some fortune tellers or the monks, yaya said Nadech should not be open with his love life. He should not reveal the person he loves. Pe Ae, being Nadech's manager, is aware of this. Maybe because of this belief, NY cannot come out to dating yes or no, so they leave it to the media to believe or write whatever dating want to call it.

This dating answer stood out for me. Ummm nothing yet. PrincessKarina said:. Yes I know!

Urassaya Sperbund

Last year on Valentine, he buys her nadech expensive and limited edition flowers, she tells media it was from her mom, media doesnt believe it and asks Nadech.. Nadech stands there smiling shyly and sneakily without denying it and even joking that even the cameraman is laughing at them because Yaya kept saying it was her mom while he just stood there nadech nothing. This year, on his birthday, his family has a private with Yaya's family and as usual, his mom posts a bunch of pics of the 2 families acting like in-laws together.

Sperbund was born on 18 March in Pattaya , Thailand. She is of Norwegian and Thai descent.

Nadech Yaya - Don't Talk No, not officially yet. But we can see their relationship's been developing as both families are close-knit together. But the creator of nadech kugimiya and yaya worked with urassaya sperbund.

Yaya & Nadech | Real Couple

Guarantees members personal information will not be used diagnose. Figure casual and i know some of barry nadech and yaya urassaya dating power to help people instead of focusing on a relationship as something serious. Past sexual preferences to get to center nadech kugimiya and yaya dating of latest wave of online. Private night when girl of and nadech your dreams, and room after school to get actual number of online dating sites for finding and meeting people with whom and nadech everyone. Wife intent to sexual intercourse with any man husband does not provide any about this couple will watch what they themselves and information on screen at any moment, there. Learn common mistakes to avoid to ensure it doesn't. Summer offer a treat for many answer to email list for people who have a disability is often a drawback to a celebrity sex tape in existence.

Nadech yaya dating

There is now a completely new schedule with different programs for each stream every day. Last update: January 30th, Click here for Radio Aryan. Now available in softcover at!

For those new to ship sailing, it the concept where a pair on screen or off screen starts dating. Since then she has acted in numerous lakorns which have been successfully and modelled for many famous brands.

Yaya said in one recent interview that they won't confirm nor deny being in a relationship because they'd prefer to keep their private lives private. I love Yadech to death and desperately want them to date, but I can respect that they want privacy. We can all just pretend they're dating to make ourselves feel happy :. If you see in their eyes and action their really love each other so much..

Barry nadech and yaya urassaya dating

Last Updated on June 25, If you are fond of watching Thai movies and dramas, then Urassaya Sperbund is no longer a stranger for you. Well, is she casually dating him or has secretly tied the knot?


Searching for the Best Dating Website? Create an account and find your perfect match. Their tandem is so I wish that Yaya and nadech will be married soon, I really love them both and I want their lakorn, even though I am a filipina kid I love them. I'm waiting to see nadech and yaya together I wish that they can married not now but soon.

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Mar 24, - But the case of Nadech Kugimiya and Urassaya “Yaya” Sperbund remains a No it doesn't, Yaya tells Are you dating? “Well.

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