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Need a real man in my life

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And of course I feel the need to balance the funny stuff and approach the topic dead seriously. But before I start doing that, let me give you the links that triggered this post. The bottom line is very simple. To be a man we have to be a mature version of a person with a Y chromosome. Our physical development takes care of itself more or less. We just need to keep eating, sleeping, drinking and breathing although it helps tremendous if we do that properly.


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10 Commandments Of A Real Man

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And of course I feel the need to balance the funny stuff and approach the topic dead seriously. But before I start doing that, let me give you the links that triggered this post. The bottom line is very simple.

To be a man we have to be a mature version of a person with a Y chromosome. Our physical development takes care of itself more or less. We just need to keep eating, sleeping, drinking and breathing although it helps tremendous if we do that properly. I typed this list in my phone while waiting for my order of Thai food. I did it off the cuff, There is no particular order nor am I having pretenses about it being complete. This is a list of features I honestly feel a mature man must own, be or do:.

Being fearless does not mean being without fear, being fearless means admitting your fears and going beyond them. A real man is not in denial of his fears, holding up a mask of invulnerability but is willing to face his fears and work on them.

He has the courage to do things that frighten him when the situation calls for it. A real man knows that the path towards fearlessness is endless. A man should be flexible and reliable at the same time. If necessary he can start all over again at any given moment. Whatever happens; his house was burnt down, his crop failed, he lost his job, his wife had a miscarriage: even if he has mourning to do he starts all over again. He is not afraid to be gentle nor afraid to be sad.

He is in touch with his emotions and is able to express them. He has the courage to live his dream and the space to listen compassionately. A real man owns his anger. His anger has transformed into masculine compassion. He can be angry, strong, decisive and courageous. His anger serves his presence and the presence of others. It is not a humiliating or destructive type of anger. This is just as sad as a man completely disconnected from his anger.

He becomes emasculated and has no power at all. Mature anger, on the other hand, is a big turn on. Try not to become a man of success, try to become a man of value. Einstein said that. If you fill your days with doing something that pays the bills but is essentially meaningless you are wasting your precious life.

Yes, even if it pays the bills so handsomely that you can spend 2 months per year on adventurous holidays and eat in fancy restaurants, you are still wasting your life. A real man has the balls to travel outside his comfort zone to make a sincere attempt to contribute to mankind. He works for the greater good instead of for the sake of protection of his self image and clinging to the illusion of safety.

This life is a journey and we all are somewhere on our path. A real man is honest about where he is at in his development.

He knows his strengths and his weaknesses and not ashamed of either. That there is always work to do is a given to him. He knows where he has his work to do and is willing to listen and learn from those who have done that work. A coward is always trying to hide his weak spots, a real man works on them. He is willing and able to reveal himself even in the midst of pain. He is vulnerable because he wants to be vulnerable. By opening up in every moment he is continuously practicing his courage.

A real man does not hold back. When he makes love he opens up to all his rawness and all his tenderness and he gives his woman everything he has got. He does not shy away from intimacy. He can penetrate his woman so hard and deeply that she can feel that he is entering her soul.

He aims for her heart. He makes her feel like a princess and a porn star simultaneously. When push comes to shove every man should be able to defend his wife, children and honor. Just like we teach our children to swim to prevent them from drowning a man should know at least enough basic fighting skills so he can throw a punch in case of an emergency.

A real man has spent enough time in a ring or dojo to ensure a deescalating presence. He does not panic, is not easily provoked and has some strength and skills. A real man can hold both the utter importance and the utter unimportance of life at the same time. He can see his own failures and flaws and joke about that. Since he knows his self image is just an image he feels no need to defend that image.

A real man has the capacity to light up the room. A real man embraces life. A real man is devoted to the development of body, mind and spirit. Not to stay ahead of other men, not out of fear of being defeated, but because he has more to offer when he is healthy and present. Taking care of his body makes him fit and strong, taking care of his mind makes him clever and sharp, taking care of his spirit makes him wise, warm and compassionate. A real man knows that his body and mind are mortal but that the love he spreads during his life remains.

In the end a real man knows that he is just a guy. He likes hanging out with other men, he might drink beer during football, he loves his woman and he works wholeheartedly. Basically, he is just trying to do his best to make the most of life and is having some fun while doing that. His sweat is honest, his heart is open and his back is straight. I wrote this list in March I am amazed and flattered by the popularity.

For me, to stay true what I wrote above is my daily practice. I gave up my home in Amsterdam in January to step into the unknown, to go on a spiritual quest.

I will travel the world for a full year, searching for men and women who fit the profile. I call them warriors. Follow this blog if you are interested.

Here you can witness the rawness of the day to day reality when a man lives according to the values he once put into a clean and eloquent list. Learn how to contribute to my quest. I faced my fears, practiced martial arts and yoga , lived, spoken and listened from the heart, met many amazing people, did not work out as much as I liked but meditated quite a bit, did not have a lot of sex but did participate in a very interesting tantra course, never hid my weaknesses, got beaten up by life but bounced back, worked all over the planet trying to inspire as many people as possible and think I am still keeping it real.

I also have decided to not go back to The Netherlands and do another tour around the world. The Quest for the 21st Century Warrior is not over yet. I stayed with her in February Crushed : the morning I woke up in Baghdad to find out I was dumped by my girlfriend.

Sex 2. Knocked Out : about passing out and waking up all bloody after having a powerful mystical Kundalini experience in India. The Power Of Love : about my insights on love, sexuality and energy.

Yes, when will your book be published? Two days ago I realized it could be wise to write a book. I scribbled down an idea for a possible angle during a meeting with an author.

So far everybody likes the idea so who knows.. Men can be clueless about what a man should be. Women know what it means to be a woman but they should lose the guilt and the shame around fully embracing the feminine.

Does that make sense? I found this blog via Elephant Journal this morning… Funny how you say that these are good points that apply to woman too, because that is exactly what I was doin gwhilst reading your post. Checking each point against myself. Thank you for a wonderful blog. Speaking of vulnerability, edge, love…however, I must say the thing that women are missing is Consider patriachy much? That being said, I believe hockey is every bit as much a martial art, so include The Rink with the dojo.

Yes that makes sense, i think. Not to bring on the topic of nowadays role confusion. Dont you agree? Wisdom, humor, and charisma mixed — I know this is what Genpo wanted to do.

12 things every guy should master to become a real man

Real men have telltale signs about their lives. It might take some doing to see these signals, but they are always there. Take Clint Eastwood, for instance. In his film roles, he has often been looked up to as a way to model for how real men act.

What is a real man? Look at the movies. Read the magazines.

Photo by Rafael Pavarott. Friends will often come to me for advice. For them and for myself, the thought of committing our whole life to one person can be rather unnerving. Because we are at this point in our life where we are not just looking for love, but something more.

The Difference Between Dating a Boy and Dating a Real Man

There are certain traits that the majority of heterosexual women look for in a man: kindness, GSOH, an understanding that the fight for gender equality is very much still ongoing. But other aspects of your personality could be a deal-breaker for one woman and simultaneously the reason another falls in love with you. With the advent of dating apps meaning another love interest is never more than a right swipe away, it can be hard to commit. So if you're wondering whether to settle down with your current partner, it might be worth taking a step back and asking yourself whether he ticks the boxes below. While some of us are naturally brainier than others, a new study from the Hanken School of Economics in Finland suggests that the smarter the man, the less likely he is to be unfaithful. According to the research, more intelligent men are more likely to get married and stay married. Even when the women in the study described their husbands as supportive, they also revealed that the men refused to change their own work schedules or offer to help more with looking after children. In fact, a recent study found that young men get more satisfaction out of their bromances than their romantic relationships with women.

How To Tell If He’s A Real Man or Not

What are the signs of Real Men? What are the best quotes and sayings about being a good man? We have covered everything related to the Real Men Quotes with beautiful, impactful images in this collection! We have included impactful images in this collection of quotes to make it easy for you to share them with your friends and followers on social media as well. They love the girl who can make their world the most beautiful.

You want to tell him that how special he is how much you love him , But you are shorts of words or you feel shy to express your feeling which you want to share your Real man.

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101+ Real Men Quotes on Love, Life, Women & More with Images

At this point in my life, I need maturity. Real men are the dependable partners out there, not these immature playboys posing as men. I need to be with someone I can trust.

Barbara Stolfi Maggio. My Life with The Third Man in the Ring by Barbara Stolfi Maggio tells the story of the author's life with her father, a celebrated professional fight referee, a member of a Boxing Hall of Fame, a bookmaker, a mob associate, a bon vivant, and a memorable New York character. The story also encompasses her love-hate relationship with her glamorous but volatile mother. This heart-rending tale will provide insight into the world of boxing in the 30's, 40's and 50's, bookmaking, bootlegging, Prohibition, alcoholism, organized crime's influence into boxing, the underworld's overlord of boxing, mob treachery, Mommy Dearest relationship, child abuse, breast cancer, family estrangement, and reconciliation. This is a New York Story that must be told. Louies Early Years.

How To Tell If He’s A Real Man or Not

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Nov 5, - Real men have telltale signs about their lives. Real-life is not a superhero movie, and there is no need for vengeance served cold over a lack.

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