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Can a guy still get circumcised

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Circumcision is the surgical removal of foreskin. Foreskin covers the head of a flaccid penis. When the penis is erect, the foreskin pulls back to reveal the penis. During a circumcision , a doctor cuts away a portion of the foreskin and reattaches the section that remains to create a shorter section of skin. Circumcision in infancy is performed for several reasons , including religious, social, medical, and cultural purposes. For example, in Jewish and Islamic communities, this procedure is common as part of religious standards.

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Getting Circumcised as an Adult

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Circumcision is the surgical removal of foreskin. Foreskin covers the head of a flaccid penis. When the penis is erect, the foreskin pulls back to reveal the penis. During a circumcision , a doctor cuts away a portion of the foreskin and reattaches the section that remains to create a shorter section of skin.

Circumcision in infancy is performed for several reasons , including religious, social, medical, and cultural purposes. For example, in Jewish and Islamic communities, this procedure is common as part of religious standards. Newborn circumcision is more common than circumcision as an adolescent or adult. In the United States, more than 58 percent of newborns are circumcised.

However, total circumcision rates in the United States may be as high as 71 percent. Some people with an uncircumcised penis have the procedure later in life. People who choose to have it done may do so for many of the same reasons parents choose it for their newborns — medical, religious, or social. Note that circumcision is an ongoing source of discussion and debate in many societies. We will present some of the current findings and research, but many claims are being challenged.

In the United States, the American Academy of Pediatrics currently supports the infant procedure for its health benefits. On the other hand, in adults, the benefits of circumcision depend largely on the reason for the procedure in the first place. Conditions that can be treated with circumcision include:. Other claimed health benefits should be approached with caution.

Commonly cited benefits include the following:. The U. The World Health Organization reports that risk is 60 percent lower in people who are circumcised. According to the CDC, circumcision also lowers the risk of a person with a penis getting herpes and human papillomavirus HPV from vaginal intercourse.

Other research involving heterosexual couples suggests circumcision may protect people with a penis as well as their sexual partners from syphilis. However, this remains a hotly debated topic among researchers. According to some research , people with a penis who have been circumcised may have a lower risk of developing a UTI compared to people who have intact foreskin.

This can cause uncomfortable tightness, scarring, inflammation, and even infection. Circumcision can prevent this condition. Likewise, balanitis occurs when the head of the penis becomes inflamed and swollen. It may be the result of an infection or irritation, but circumcision helps prevent it from occurring again. This is largely a misconception.

Uncircumcised and circumcised penises both require proper cleaning. While some people believe that an uncircumcised penis requires extra attention when it comes to hygiene, it just requires different steps. Oil, bacteria, and dead skin cells can accumulate under the foreskin and develop into a buildup called smegma.

Individuals who are devout to a particular religion or wish to comply with cultural traditions may find that completing the procedure has an emotional or spiritual benefit. This is a personal choice, and if circumcision is important to your spiritual life, you may find a benefit in this area. Newborn circumcision is a very brief procedure.

For an adult, however, the surgery is slightly more involved. It can take between 30 minutes and an hour. An anesthesiologist will administer medication to help sedate you.

Depending on your preferences, you may receive general anesthesia or more localized anesthesia. During the procedure, the doctor will move the foreskin away from the head of the penis and then back onto the shaft. Then, the doctor will use a scalpel to cut the skin.

For infant circumcision, a doctor snips the skin away from the penis with scissors or a special appliance. For adults, the skin will then be cauterized or stitched back to the shaft with sutures that will dissolve. This is to be expected. Apply an ice pack to your groin for to minute windows of time every two hours.

Be sure to put a thin piece of fabric between the ice and your skin. On day two or three, your doctor may ask you to return to their office to have the dressings replaced. Recovery from adult circumcision typically takes two to three weeks. You may need to request a week off from work. Some people will not be able to return to normal activities for longer. Sexual intercourse and masturbation may need a bit longer — up to six weeks. Pain from adult circumcision is typically mild.

Your doctor may prescribe a mild pain reliever, but over-the-counter options may be sufficient to ease any discomfort. Your doctor may also prescribe an antibiotic in order to prevent a possible infection.

Wear comfortable but supportive underwear that can hold the head of the penis toward the belly button lying flat. Loose-fitting underwear allows for too much movement. This can increase swelling and pain. Within a day or two of the surgery, you should begin trying to walk. Keep the movement low-impact and slow at first. As soon as your bandage is removed, you can take a shower. The fragrance and chemicals may irritate the sensitive skin as it heals.

Pat dry the area to reduce sensitivity. The results you experience from adult circumcision will largely depend on the reason you had the procedure in the first place. If you chose to have it to stop or prevent infections or physical issues like phimosis, the procedure is typically very successful. You may not experience these again in the future.

If your circumcision was for religious reasons, you may feel more deeply personal about your beliefs after completing the procedure. For most individuals, the surgery will have no lasting impact on sexual function, urinating, or sensitivity. Most individuals in the United States who are circumcised undergo the procedure as a newborn. Choosing to have it as an adult requires some initiative and planning.

However, keep in mind that adult circumcision is a simple procedure with very few risks or complications. Talk to your doctor about your expectations for circumcision. Together, you can make a plan that is comfortable and suitable for your objectives.

Circumcision has been around for millennia, rooted in the rituals of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and some African cultures. But aside from its roots…. When most people think about penis health, they think about sexually transmitted infections and erectile dysfunction.

While these conditions can…. Foreskin restoration has roots dating back to ancient Greece and Rome. An overly sensitive penis can affect your everyday life. Not only can it lead to premature ejaculation, but it can also cause discomfort and pain in…. It's not uncommon for your testicles to change size over the course of your life, but in some cases, there's an underlying cause that should be…. A partial circumcision may be an alternative to full circumcision.

Your doctor may recommend this procedure to help treat various conditions. It can…. As with any surgery, circumcisions can leave a scar. Here's what it may look like, how it varies by procedure, how to minimize its appearance, and…. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis.

Collagen is an essential building block for the entire body, from skin to gut, and more. Here's five changes you may see or feel just by taking more…. Common beliefs regarding the benefits of adult circumcision. Risks of adult circumcision. Recovery timeline.

Postsurgical care instructions. What will your results be? Uncircumcised: Pros and Cons to Consider. Is Foreskin Restoration Possible? What Causes Penis Sensitivity? Read this next. Circumcised vs. Should I Circumcise My Child?

Circumcised vs. Uncircumcised: Pros and Cons to Consider

Before circumcision, the foreskin covers the tip of the penis glans. After circumcision, the tip of the penis is exposed. Circumcision is the surgical removal of the skin covering the tip of the penis.

It is one of the oldest and most common surgical procedures. A male may undergo this procedure for religious, social, medical, or cultural reasons.

Snip snip. Photo by Phalinn Ooi. Thanks to my hippie parents, I was never circumcised , even though I grew up in the Midwest, where circumcision is the de facto norm. Because it was slightly unusual where I lived, my sexual partners often asked me what it was like to be uncut. The answer, of course, is that I've never known it any other way.

Circumcision in men

The main difference between a circumcised cut and uncircumcised uncut penis is the presence of foreskin around the head of the penis. Although it really comes down to personal preference, the presence — or lack thereof — of foreskin does have some effect on your hygiene and overall health. Read on to learn more about how circumcision can affect the appearance of your penis, sexual function, and more. Circumcised Cut : Your penis size is based mainly on your genes. These determine the phenotype, or physical expression, of your penis. Penis size is also based on blood flow to the penile tissues. The foreskin usually looks bunched up. Cut: In a cut penis, the foreskin is absent.

Benefits and risks of circumcision

Adult circumcision is a surgical option for men who did not get circumcised as infants, and there are sound medical reasons for the procedure. According to the U. Some men may choose to get circumcised because they think that a circumcised penis will be more sensitive and enhance their sexual experience. Studies on this are conflicting. Although some circumcised men do report an improvement in sexual functioning, most studies actually suggest a slight decrease in penis sensitivity after circumcision.

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Back to Health A to Z. The foreskin is the retractable fold of skin that covers the end of the penis. It's a continuation of the skin that covers the whole penis. Read about circumcision for medical reasons in boys.

Adult Circumcision: The Basics

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Male Circumcision

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Read about the medical reasons why circumcision in men may be necessary and also affects the head of the penis, which can become scarred and inflamed.

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How It Feels to Be Circumcised as an Adult

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