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What immunizations can a pregnant woman get

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Before getting pregnant, a woman should ensure that she is immune to infection from rubella german measles. Rubella infection during pregnancy may cause miscarriage or stillbirth. Nine out of ten babies will have major birth defects such as deafness, blindness, brain damage or heart disease. This is known as Congenital Rubella Syndrome. Immunity to rubella can be checked by your GP. Vaccination is the only way to prevent Congenital Rubella Syndrome.

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What Vaccines Do You Need Before and During Pregnancy?

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Vaccines strengthen people's immune systems so their bodies can fight off serious infectious diseases. Vaccines also benefit society by preventing the spread of communicable diseases. Many women might not realize they are not up-to-date on their immunizations and are susceptible to diseases that can harm them or their unborn child.

Pregnant women should talk to their physicians to figure out which vaccines they might need and whether they should get them during pregnancy or wait until after their child is born. Some people might be allergic to an ingredient in a vaccine, such as eggs in the influenza vaccine, and should not receive the vaccine until they have talked to their doctors.

A number of vaccines, especially live-virus vaccines, should not be given to pregnant women because they might be harmful to the baby. A live-virus vaccine is made using the live strains of a virus. Some vaccines can be given to the mother in the second or third trimester of pregnancy, while others should only be administered either at least three months before or immediately after the baby is born.

Vaccines that are offered during pregnancy, such as the flu shot, are recommended for pregnant women. Depending on the circumstances, your doctor will weigh the risks of vaccination against the benefits the vaccine can provide. The following vaccines can potentially be transmitted to the unborn child and might result in miscarriage , premature birth, or birth defects:.

Side effects vary from none to those that can occur up to three weeks after vaccination. If you experience any severe side effects, be sure to tell your doctor:.

If you have ever had chickenpox, you are immune. If you have not had the chickenpox, you have likely received the Varicella vaccine. A blood test can make this determination. Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services.

Appointments Why is vaccination necessary? Why do pregnant women need to be vaccinated? How do I know if a vaccine's ingredients are safe? Can a vaccine harm my unborn child? What happens if I am exposed to a disease while I am pregnant? Which vaccines can I receive while I am pregnant?

The following vaccines are considered safe to give to women who might be at risk of infection: Hepatitis B : Pregnant women who are at high risk for this disease and have tested negative for the virus can receive this vaccine. It is used to protect the mother and baby against infection both before and after delivery.

Influenza : This vaccine can prevent serious illness in the mother during pregnancy. You can receive the vaccine at any stage of your pregnancy. The CDC recommends that all pregnant women receive this vaccine, please accept this vaccine for the safety of you and your baby.

Which vaccines should pregnant women avoid? Women at high risk for exposure to this virus should discuss the risks and benefits with their doctors. Measles, Mumps , Rubella MMR : Women should wait at least one month to become pregnant after receiving these live-virus vaccines. If the initial rubella test shows you are rubella non-immune, then you will be given the vaccine after delivery.

Varicella: This vaccine, used to prevent chickenpox, should be given at least one month before pregnancy. Pneumococcal: Because the safety of this vaccine is unknown, it should be avoided in pregnancy except for women who are at high risk or have a chronic illness.

Also, the risk of getting polio in the United States is very low. What side effects can I expect after a vaccination? If you experience any severe side effects, be sure to tell your doctor: Fatigue Fever Headache Non-contagious rash or red bumps Pain in joints Severe allergic reaction in very rare cases Soreness and redness at injection site Swelling of neck glands and cheeks Ask for a Vaccine Information Sheet, VIS on the vaccine you have received, or you may go to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What if I never had chickenpox? Show More.

Can Getting Immunizations Affect My Unborn Baby?

Protect yourself and your baby by getting the right vaccines before, during, and after pregnancy. The vaccines you get before and during pregnancy play an important role in protecting your health, and they safeguard your baby's health as well. A mother's immunity is Baby's first line of defense against certain serious illnesses. Sharon Nachman, M.

Vaccines strengthen people's immune systems so their bodies can fight off serious infectious diseases. Vaccines also benefit society by preventing the spread of communicable diseases.

The rise of vaccine-preventable illnesses, such as measles and hepatitis, in the United States and around the globe has been alarming in recent years. For women — especially those hoping to become pregnant, as well as women who are pregnant or have recently had a baby — vaccines can be a worrisome topic. There are many misconceptions about vaccine safety in and around pregnancy that can lead to confusion and unnecessary fear of a lifesaving medical tool. The preconception period offers a unique opportunity to find your immunization records and review them with your primary care provider.

Vaccinations in Pregnancy

SUR, M. Adult immunization rates have fallen short of national goals partly because of misconceptions about the safety and benefits of current vaccines. The danger of these misconceptions is magnified during pregnancy, when concerned physicians are hesitant to administer vaccines and patients are reluctant to accept them. Routine vaccines that generally are safe to administer during pregnancy include diphtheria, tetanus, influenza, and hepatitis B. Other vaccines, such as meningococcal and rabies, may be considered. A number of other vaccines have not yet been adequately studied; therefore, theoretic risks of vaccination must be weighed against the risks of the disease to mother and fetus. Inadvertent administration of any of these vaccinations, however, is not considered an indication for termination of the pregnancy.

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My workplace expects us to get several vaccines regularly. But I'm pregnant and scared of what the vaccines might do to my baby. Should I be concerned? It's best to be vaccinated before pregnancy when possible, but some immunizations can be given while a woman is pregnant. Flu shots are recommended for everyone during flu season, and especially for pregnant women.

Learn which vaccines you will need to best protect yourself and your baby against serious diseases. Also available on YouTube.

Jump to navigation. Google Tag Manager. Vaccines Not Recommended for Pregnant Women. However, if a vaccine is inadvertently administered, the risk to mother and fetus should be lower than that from acquiring natural infection because the disease-causing virus has been attenuated weakened and is less virulent.

Vaccines for women: Before conception, during pregnancy, and after a birth

During pregnancy, your immune system is naturally weaker than usual. This means you are more susceptible to certain infections and illnesses which can be harmful to you and your developing baby. Following some simple precautions will help minimise the risk to you and your baby of developing these health issues. Immunisation is a simple and effective way to protect yourself and your baby from certain infections.

Vaccines help keep you and your growing family healthy. It is important to make sure that your immunizations are up to date. The flu and other vaccine-preventable diseases pose risks to you and your unborn baby. Your primary care provider should have a record of all the immunizations you have received. If your doctor does not have a current record of your immunizations:.

Immunization Information For Pregnant Women

Vaccines can help protect both you and your baby from vaccine-preventable diseases. During pregnancy, vaccinated mothers pass on infection-fighting proteins called antibodies to their babies. Antibodies provide some immunity protection against certain diseases during their first few months of life, when your baby is still too young to get vaccinated. It also helps provide important protection for you throughout your pregnancy. Before your pregnancy, talk with your doctor about your vaccine history. You may need vaccines that protect against:. Getting vaccinated against the flu is important because pregnant women are at increased risk for serious complications from the flu. You can get the flu shot during any trimester of your pregnancy.

Jan 1, - Hepatitis B: Pregnant women who are at high risk for this disease and have tested negative for the virus can receive this vaccine. It is used to.

Please sign in or sign up for a March of Dimes account to proceed. When you do get pregnant, talk to your health care provider about vaccinations that are safe to get during pregnancy. Vaccinations can help protect you from certain infections that can harm you and your baby during pregnancy. Vaccinations you get during pregnancy help keep your baby safe from infection during the first few months of life until he gets his own vaccinations. Not all vaccinations are safe to get during pregnancy.

Vaccinations and pregnancy

Generally, vaccines that contain killed inactivated viruses can be given during pregnancy. Vaccines that contain live viruses aren't recommended for pregnant women. Getting the flu shot and the Tdap vaccine during pregnancy can protect you from infection and can also help protect your baby after birth before he or she can be vaccinated. This is important because the flu and whooping cough can be particularly dangerous for infants.

Pregnancy and Vaccination

Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. Some vaccines, such as the inactivated seasonal flu vaccine and the whooping cough vaccine, are recommended during pregnancy to protect the health of you and your baby. An inactivated vaccine does not contain a live version of the virus it is protecting against. Some vaccines, such as the tetanus vaccine, are perfectly safe to have during pregnancy if necessary.

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Vaccine Awareness and Research (CVAR)

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Vaccines & Pregnancy

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