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Imagine celebrities like Martha Stewart and Stanley Tucci making some of your cherished family recipes —. Joe Jonas is trading the stage for your phone screen with his latest project — a travel show on streaming service Quibi. The "musical journey" featured the premiere of the rapper's latest collaboration with Kid Cudi. The film will be produced by Clive Davis and directed by Stella Maghie in association with Houston's estate. More and more people across the U. The single was originally recorded for her album 'High as Hope', and all proceeds go to the Intensive Care Society.

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Posted by Kevin Stewart-Panko on April 23, at pm. Released in , Murder in the Front Row: Shots from the Bay Area Thrash Metal Epicenter quickly became a dominating mainstay on the coffee tables of thrash fans young and old with its gorgeous, visual chronicling of the early days of the Bay Area scene.

As time anointed the music and personalities that emerged from the region with legendary status, it became clear to Adam Dubin that more of the story needed to be told and a more dynamic medium would be required to do so. The film is a bright and informative, energetic and entertaining romp through the half-decade that changed the face of heavy metal forever.

The story is told thoroughly, lovingly and respectfully via revealing interviews with not only the usual suspects, but a heaping handful of those who knowingly and unknowingly played integral roles in fostering the scene via art, antics, friendship, behind-the-scenes business and simply being poser killing fans.

Of course, Metallica features heavily and has its fingerprint all over the place. What can you tell us about the genesis of the film? That was the fall of and nobody knew what was going to happen; in fact it was very dicey as to whether I would even stay at all. Luckily, I won them over, did a little filming and eventually they accepted me and I became part of the goings-on there at One On One Studios.

Something epic is happening here! At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in , Metallica gathered a lot of people from their past and present; people who had helped them along the way at various times.

Brian and I became a friendly and subsequently kept in touch a little. A few years later, I ran into him at a Metallica concert. He had just finished the book, gave me a copy and I absolutely loved it! You know how you have those few books that stay on your nightstand as the perennials so you can look through them at any time? Murder in the Front Row became one of the perennials. They were so alive and real and I loved that everybody was young. They were the same as everyone else in the photographs, just hanging out with a gang of people.

In the back of my mind, I wanted to do this as a documentary and Brian had been thinking about it. I felt that my relationship with Metallica was such that I could get them to sit [for interviews] with me for the film.

I figured I had that. So, we sat together and before we signed the contract, it was very important to Brian and Harald that I tell the story properly. We agreed on the approach. The real story of the Bay Area scene is the story of a group of young people who built a scene because they loved this music. Some of those people were musicians who became famous, but other people were just as important: the men and women who drew the flyers, the people who worked in record stores and so on.

There are those people who were there in different ways. That was really important. We agreed on that and started rolling from there that happened very organically from that point onward. That meeting between Harald, Brian and I, where we agreed on the idea, was in the spring of and I started filming that summer. I started with an agreement from Metallica. Probably, the most famous person I got to straight away was Ray Burton, the father of Cliff Burton, who recently passed away.

He became more well-known and something of a celebrity himself because of his carrying the torch for his son. He was a great interview. So, I had him and a bunch of the fans and I just kept coming back to the Bay Area. I was able to look at it from the top down and see it from the outside. I had a certain perspective in that I had also been in a scene itself with the Beastie Boys and the like.

So, we kept filming and it was kind of like a snowball. The more interviews I did, the more people heard about it. It started to build very quickly that we were filming this and that we were getting it right.

Slayer was still going at the time and they were on tour in Reno and Gary Holt said he would sit for an interview. That right away lifted things as each step made it more legitimate and more real.

So, onward we went. So, to answer your question [laughs], we started in summer of and the movie was finished and premiered in April and did its screening run afterwards. Did you have a similar difficulty in nailing down interviews or was that pressure eased by having the resume and background that you have and having Brian and Harald in your corner and vouching for you? My agreement with Harald and Brian was quite simply an option agreement on a book, like any option agreement, and part of the option was that if we went forward with the movie, payments would be made and for those payments we would secure the rights to use all the photographs.

That was simple. But what also happened was a lot of good will. Good will begets good will and as we started to make the film, things started to happen. He and I have worked on films since about For some of the people involved, he talked to them endlessly on the phone as the producer to get them settled and set for an interview.

The one that took the longest — I think he was the last or second-to-last interview — was Larry Lalonde. He talked about the early days, talked about Debbie Abono, which is a wonderful story and he remembered her very fondly. I actually interviewed all three of her children and that was great because there was a trust there.

As I built this up, I had my sights set on Dave Mustaine. I had no relationship or previous meetings with Dave. Those are just assumptions, but I could see how he could think that. Now, when we did the interview, I never even questioned him about it; he went into it himself. When I was interviewing him, he was somebody I had to be most on my toes with. There was a point where he laughed and I felt he just dropped his shoulders a little bit.

I literally went out and celebrated the night that we got it; celebrating that it actually happened! Megadeth was in New York on tour opening for the Scorpions, so we shot the interview. I had Brian Lew fly in for that one because I felt that he should be in the room as a familiar face for Dave Mustaine and to help him feel more comfortable. So, I interviewed David Ellefson, then Mustaine came in and we only had 30 minutes with him.

I asked the questions I wanted and let him go wherever he wanted. It was great, he took a picture with us and went and did his thing. Jim Martin has been particularly elusive for a long time. That was, as they say, a pretty good get on your part. The way I got to Jim Martin was a particular case. He came down with Joseph Houston, who manages Machine Head. He came down and brought Jim and Jim is very leery of doing anything and talking about this stuff. He speaks very slowly and deliberately and it was difficult to find a way to use him in the footage.

But, as soon as the camera was off and we were hanging out after the interview, he seemed to lighten up. When we were talking about old times and talking about Cliff, he seemed to be much more easygoing and had a smile on his face.

For the most part people were very cooperative, but I think that owes to my working through Brian and Harald. She was somebody who came a little bit later because she had heard we were doing the movie and doing it right.

They held hands during the screening; it was beautiful. Well, there is and there are a couple stories within it. As I said, when I initially started to make the film I reached out to their management and they were aware of the book and were certainly aware of Brian.

I had interviewed people by the time I came calling for Metallica. There was a healthy showing when I said I was ready for whenever they could do it. At that point, they were on tour and doing a three-night stand in Mexico City and with a day off in between shows, that meant a week of living in Mexico.

So, we got two guys one day and two guys another day. So, myself and my wife went to live in Mexico City for a week in the same hotel as the band.

Again, I flew Brian Lew in as I felt these were the key interviews of the movie and that he would help bring them back. There was this back-and-forth and it was like having a fact checker on hand [laughs]. I think Kirk felt very close to this story, that he wanted to tell his story and that this was the right time to tell it. He was pretty much playacting the thing for me, so I just leaned back and let it go. Just let him go! It was very emotional for him.

After talking about the early days for over an hour, it overcame him and it became a beautiful coda to the scene and the movie. Having said that, the Metallica interviews were all great; they were in a great frame of mind and in a good place. They were playing three sold-out shows at this stadium in Mexico which I think speaks a lot to the longevity of thrash metal.

After working in film and video for thirty years, what would you say that this experience taught you? What did you learn and was there anything that was surprising about doing Murder in the Front Row? The story is a great story and I had to make a film that was equal to the material, so I think in every way I worked at the craft.

Craft is something you work at. Nobody plays guitar like Kirk Hammett or Alex Skolnick without a work ethic behind it. So, my work ethic for the film was to come in everyday and really concentrate on how to make it better.

How did that realize itself?

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The artist makes a careful incision into her body and while the movements which are conduced around us are leisurely, poetic, she invites us to enter into her personal shelter, reveals its inside and she "donates" to us her organs. A new environment has been born from her innards.

Vimeo will finance six new episodes of the series about a weed-delivery guy who interacts with clients across New York City. You can watch it here. The new episodes will be available exclusively on Vimeo On Demand. Vimeo launched its On Demand service at South by Southwest in , and like other purveyors of video online, it now wants to make its own shows. Netflix, Amazon and Hulu all began as distributors, and have since funded series from the likes of David Fincher and John Goodman.

Staff Pick Premiere: A parable from Stefan Janoski

This is not a review, ok? After posting for twelve straight days, i took a day off to spare my soul, which ended up with a huge hangover in the day after and lead to this post afterwards. The Ghosts is not about an event, but about characters. About a world. This film achieves what you hardly expect from a short film. Left Right , by Tom Willems: Great use of nonlinear narrative, doing the way it is supposed to be. The technical qualities of this film are outstanding. There two films are in the top because they tell their stories with very distinctive ways and do it perfectly well.

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I have a 'channel' do I?

Information is power. Support the free press, so we can support Austin. Support the Chronicle.

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Posted by Kevin Stewart-Panko on April 23, at pm. Released in , Murder in the Front Row: Shots from the Bay Area Thrash Metal Epicenter quickly became a dominating mainstay on the coffee tables of thrash fans young and old with its gorgeous, visual chronicling of the early days of the Bay Area scene. As time anointed the music and personalities that emerged from the region with legendary status, it became clear to Adam Dubin that more of the story needed to be told and a more dynamic medium would be required to do so.

To Christian worshippers and fans of Monty Python and Indiana Jones , the word is synonymous with the cup of Christ—a holy artifact said to have belonged to Jesus himself, which grants healing powers to those who drink from it. To sneakerheads, the term is bestowed upon any pair of shoes that are so sought after that they become virtually unattainable. Janoski is tough to classify as an artist. His work spans sculpture, music, filmmaking, skateboarding and sneaker design. After casting the sculpture, he then wrote a poem based on it, which turned into a song, which led to the eventual stop motion film. It was really great to see the visions in my imagination be brought to life in such a artistic, and skilled way.

God I Need a Girlfriend, Stefan Janoski

Набирая скорость, оно столкнуло в сторону Пежо-504, отбросив его на газон разделительной полосы. Беккер миновал указатель Центр Севильи - 2 км. Если бы ему удалось затеряться в центральной части города, у него был бы шанс спастись. Спидометр показывал 60 миль в час. До поворота еще минуты две. Он знал, что этого времени у него.

Сзади его нагоняло такси. Он смотрел на приближающиеся огни центра города и молил Бога, чтобы он дал ему добраться туда живым.

Teddy has ruined himself over the years, he doesn't need my help. I wonder Unless some Act of God happens, I will release the OB doc at Pacific (Level 6 Supreme GAMMA inside joke). I will post Now she sounds like JFs girlfriend.

Сьюзан, не слушая его, повернулась к Соши. - Сколько там этих сироток? - спросила. Соши развела руками. Она села за терминал Джаббы и перепечатала все группы, а закончив, подбежала к Сьюзан.

Все посмотрели на экран.

Vimeo Post

Но одно не давало Фонтейну покоя - то, что Стратмор решил прибегнуть к услугам Халохота. Тот, конечно, был мастером своего дела, но наемник остается наемником. Можно ли ему доверять. А не заберет ли он ключ .

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- Да будет. На вид вы человек состоятельный. Дайте немножко денег, чтобы я могла вернуться домой.

Чутье подсказывало Беккеру, что это открытие не сулит ему ничего хорошего.

Сьюзан рассеянно подняла на нее глаза, безучастная к царившему вокруг нее безумию. Все в комнате дружно повернули головы. Диаграмма чем-то напоминала бычий глаз. В центре находился красный кружок с надписью БАЗА, вокруг которого располагались пять концентрических окружностей разной толщины и разного цвета.

Внешняя окружность была затуманена и казалась почти прозрачной.

Vimeo Enters Original Programming Business With Its First Web Series

Где это? - Где же на необъятных американских просторах прячется эта загадочная Северная Дакота. - Где-то поблизости от Вашингтона, округ Колумбия, сэр.

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Трюк? - Теперь уже Стратмор не мог скрыть свое раздражение.  - Это вовсе не трюк. Да я вообще слова ему не сказал о деньгах. Я попросил оказать мне личную услугу.

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