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The best ideas come from those who use the agency management system each day. Collaboration and communication play a significant role in advancing the Partner Platform agency management system in a way that aligns with how independent insurance agencies manage and grow their business. Partner User Community includes every independent insurance agency using the Partner Platform agency management system and includes a volunteer board of Partner Platform users. All members are encouraged to get involved in the current and future direction of the Partner Platform agency management system through. One of the most notable is the effect on disrupting business operations.


Agency Management System Selection Summit

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Moderators: Josh , independent guy. Quick links. Agency Management System Your response to industry hot topics. I have used the search to look for which CRM system would be the best to use in terms of ease of use, lead management, etc. And all I could find were ancient posts and below. Since technology moves at the speed of light these days, I was wondering which Agency management system is out there and which one you guys recommend. Thank you ahead of time for the replies.

They were selling a product that was not fully functional. We ran into problem after problem and you had to input codes and attach only to certain things, was not functional and had to search to find things you needed. A nightmare work was not getting done, the Agency did training for a year and kept changing how we did things to accommodate to the system, instead of the other way around.

You cannot go wrong with AMS. It is user friendly, not a million codes to put in and work around from your elbow to your thumb. If you want happy CSR's and user friendly input without work getting piled up and get the necessary reports you need, then you need to go with AMS It is a dream to work with.

Also they have two different views for the system the Classic view which I'm used to and the Next Generation view.

Good Luck in your search! The firm has gotten much better at focusing on their customers needs and is working hard at making sure their disparate solutions work well together. While all of these tools have aged a bit, they still "get the job done".

The second most popular tool in the space is probably TAM, from what my personal experience I found the tool capable of managing prospects and serving a businesses normal day to day duties just fine. I found the experience clunky but the delivery options cloud desktop, monthly fee etc. There are some up and comers worth mentioning on the retail side that lack the features of the two listed above but offer interesting value propositions QQ Catalyst: has a strong user base in the southeast and seems pretty user friendly Ezlynx: has released an agency management system as well Hawksoft: has actually been around for a while and lets you install it on-site or in the cloud.

Thanks in advance! Applied Systems Epic is the fasted growing system out there and in spite of a few people here who may not have all of the information, I would take a close look at them. I do not know of anyone unhappy with that purchase. They will not be the cheapest, though. The above negative poster has no other posts and is likely a troll. I work for Advantage CRM.

The soft ware that we have is called X2 and its a lot cheaper than salesforce and most other software but still has the capacity for cloud storage and total customization. Its great for small to medium sized businesses. There are a lot of horror stories with CRM software that is why I would like to invite you all to a webinar that will show you what it can do for you. Our next webinar is on April 2nd at 9am mountain time but we hold webinars frequently. Send me an email if you have questions or if you would like to attend.

My email is jcunningham accelas. It is unfathomable some of the flaws in this program. Does it seem reasonable to anyone that this software cannot even calculate Annualized Premium on the Book of Business report? I mean, it can't even tell you the size of your book. Also, download is a flat-out joke. Rather than suspend many transactions that download if they don't match up it'll either create a new policy which cannot be merged with the correct policy, thereby creating permanently duplicated policies OR it will delete the downloaded policy altogether leaving you completely unaware that the data on that policy is not correct unless you make it a routine procedure each morning to read the technical IVANS download jibberish reports.

So far, there is nothing we have used in this new system that is not a step backwards in the managing of our business. Our workflow is harder, data transparency is horrific and we have dramatically LESS insight into our business than we had just two weeks ago. I am hearing that Hawksoft is the way to go and I now wish I had listened to those who recommended it to me. Kevin M. Not something they really talk about. They have customers on systems they haven't supported since To keep using Instar I need someone to help me with the code that I received from Vertafore every quarter to keep the Instar going.

I don't know. Can anyone help me? Anyone know or suggest a management system that is easy to convert from Instar? How about Hawksoft? Our agency is also in the "looking for a new management system. Change is daunting, and I want to get it right. AMS Prime is being discontinued at the end of , I'm looking now before that time so to avoid the crunch. I read the post from someone that said "if you like your system, just keep using it even after support ends And if that is the case, well then just continuing on with the same old system will not work.

We have looked at the following: AMS - I think I like it, but am nervous about the issues people have stated, and the cost is outrageous. TAM - no way, not an option seems very old to me, and that was a year ago when we did the actual demo. QQ Solutions - seems like a very nice option, but I am concerned if our agency can grow with it Nexsure - for the cost, it seems like a great system, but I am concerned if our agency can grow with it EZ Lynx - not doing it, they literally will not do a demo, just provide a person with a name and password and ask you to run two systems to give it a shot.

Who the heck has time to run two systems? So, nope, not going with them. Agency Matrix - nice system, but extremely limited as far as commercial lines management is concerned, so nope. EPIC - still waiting for Applied to get back to us to setup a demo, has been a week now I know we can grow with it. I know it does personal and commercial lines well.

But I also looking for something to help integrate our life and investments side. It seems cumbersome when it comes to that QQ Solutions - I like this system, but am very nervous I will outgrow it very quickly. I'm nervous about what it really does and need some feedback from those that use it. Nexsure - I really like this system. Seems as though it manages both personal and commercial lines well. Seems as though it would integrate our life, health, and investments better than any other system.

But, I am nervous because I just don't see it being used. So it's really difficult to get a good feel for QQ and Nexsure. We write a ton of life and investments, on an individual basis. There are two producers, neither who care about or really even use a computer, they rely on their assistants for that.

For those two agents there are 3 CSRs. And if we did that, we would want to integrate them with the PC, obviously. I am also looking to bring on another PC producer in the next months.

My book has become the size that management takes a lot of time, and I am loosing out on new business because of it. So, my question to you is this. What do you believe is the best user system out there for the money that can do PC, Life, Health, and investments. Call them. I bet they will continue to support ALL of these systems with download long after the vendors stop. Was AMS really doing that much to earn it anyway? When a date is communicated, we will have at least 15 months of service, maybe longer.

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Strategic Insurance Software Introduces New Partner XE Client Portal

Moderators: Josh , independent guy. Quick links. Agency Management System Your response to industry hot topics. I have used the search to look for which CRM system would be the best to use in terms of ease of use, lead management, etc.

Search throughout your database by client name, search name, email address, policy, note title, and more. Documents can be viewed if your device supports the document file type. Clients, client notes, contacts and individuals can be created with this updated version.

Simplify your software search in just 15 minutes. Call us today for a fast, free consultation. For free software advice, call us now! Product Overview.

Partner XE

Agency technology expert Steve Anderson serves as a virtual matchmaker between independent agencies and the leading agency management system vendors. The Agency Management System Selection Summit will help agencies who think they might need to update or replace their existing agency management system. The Summit provides an easy way for agency owners to compare and contrast the top Agency Management Systems and vendors to start the process of deciding which platform might be the best fit for their organization. Developed by Steve Anderson, an acknowledged expert on agency management systems, the Summit consists of about twenty minute webinars, each featuring a different system management system platform handpicked by Steve to be involved. Recordings of all of the Summit vendor demo videos will be available so you can review what was presented. These recordings are continually being updated to reflect the latest system developments. Direct contact information for each vendor is provided for any follow-up information. Register for the Summit Course Today.

Partner XE Software

The Partner Platform is a web-based agency management system designed for the independent agent focused on improving new client acquisition as well as enhancing client retention. Agencies using the Partner Platform typically have complex commercial clients, rely on fully integrated GL capabilities and want access to sales and marketing capabilities to improve producer productivity. Agency owners enjoy the reporting and business analytics which help them understand their business better and find ways to improve production and efficiencies across all aspects of their agency. And with all that, the Partner Platform is still easy to use, intuitive and built for the non-technical person who wants to focus on insurance.

Partner Platform by SIS.

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Partner User Community

InsureSign , the e-sign tool trusted by tens of thousands of insurance professionals, today announced the launch of its integration with the Partner XE agency management system. Through this integration, agents can now eliminate unnecessary steps and time-draining manual processes through easy-to-use solutions. Partner XE users can service insureds by securing signatures the fastest and easiest way possible via InsureSIgn.

This latest addition to the robust Partner XE management system syncs the user's website with the system, providing insured access to policy information online. Agency customers can view and print policy summaries, driver's lists, auto ID cards, and certificates of insurance instantly. Agencies will receive real-time email notifications of customer activity and can view reports directly in the Partner XE system. This helps us compete directly with online markets and better secures our relationships. We've waited a long time for a tool like this and, as usual with Partner XE, it's been worth the wait!

Partner Platform

The SIS service team is built to respond quickly and accurately. Performance is continually measured with a focus on how quickly and effectively client requests are resolved. When you contact SIS for product support, you may be talking to one person, but you have the resources of the entire SIS team working to solve your problem. Our Customer Support Analysts work closely with our software developers, allowing the support team to get to the bottom of your problem faster. We want to hear from you and find out what issues you are having so we can improve future versions of the Partner Platform agency management system. We make sure the feedback you provide to our customer support team is seen by our product development team to make the Partner Platform agency management system even better. One of the most notable is the effect on disrupting business operations.

Partner XE Mobile allows quick, secure access to SIS' award winning agency management system for viewing agency information from your smartphone or  Rating: 3 - ‎2 reviews - ‎$ - ‎iOS - ‎Business/Productivity.

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