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My girlfriend said we need a break

I was dating this girl for about 5 months. I am 43 yrs old, have a good job, stable life, got my shit together. She is almost 39 with a 15 yr old daughter who just adores me. Anyways this girl fell hard for me….


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My Girlfriend Said She Wants a Break

So, you meet a girl, fall in love, and you think everything is great! The infatuation stage is powerful — in fact, researchers have found that being in love affects our brain in almost the exact same way as if we were on cocaine. Crazy, huh? But, as we all know, the newness wears off eventually. And then real life sets in. All the things that used to be cute about your partner become annoying.

Then conflicts start happening. The fighting ensues. Maybe you thought everything was good between you and your girlfriend. You were satisfied and thought things are great. But then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, she drops a bomb on you — she wants a break. They see a lot more nuances and intricacies in relationships than guys do. Before you read these possible reasons your girlfriend wants a break, keep in mind that not all relationships are the same. Some might apply to you, but others may not.

It might. Sometimes we are in denial of our own actions, so you need to take good, long, hard look at yourself and see how your actions contributed to why your girlfriend wants a break. I know you think she is. But sometimes people have doubts about the relationship and are reluctant to tell the other person.

No one does. But guess what? It happens. Maybe your girlfriend wants a break so she can sort out her feelings for you… or for someone else. Or they completely ghost on you. But it happens all the time, unfortunately. And there are a lot of girls out there who think their boyfriend is selfish. They think they are giving everything to you and getting nothing in return.

A lot of guys like their space. They might not like texting all the time and keeping up the connection that needs to happen for a healthy relationship. As a result, she feels neglected and distant from you. Most girls like affection. They want you to hold their hand, cuddle with them, hug them, and sit close. And this goes beyond the bedroom. They want daily physical affection.

Are you affectionate with her? Or not? Some guys think that what girls say is boring or repetitive. Or they only want to listen if she has a problem that needs solving.

But she wants you to have an actual conversation with her. So, put down the TV remote, turn off the game, and talk to her! We all like to hang out with our friends. On the flip side, if you have no friends, she might feel smothered. You need to put in some effort! That way, you might be able to get her back and keep her happy. Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Your Name:. Your Email:. Personalized Message:. Did your girlfriend just tell you that she needs some space? Are you confused about why?

Here are some possible reasons your girlfriend wants a break. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

By Dr. Carol Morgan. Share Tweet Pin It. Where did that come from? I thought everything was fine! Carol Morgan Dr. Carol Morgan has a Ph. As a relationship and succes Follow Dr. Carol on Facebook Twitter Linkedin. Don't Miss this! Pin It Tweet Share.

Defining What It Means to Take a Break in Your Relationship

It may come as a nasty shock to you when your girlfriend suddenly announces that she needs a break from the relationship. It is easy to assume that she is walking out on you but she may not necessarily mean that. Naturally you are hurt and angry at her decision and you would probably be tempted to plead or threaten her into staying.

I want time for me. I want to work on myself. But no matter how hard the situation might be for you, never succumb to the pressure of the moment and react emotionally and out of fear.

If your relationship is on the rocks, your girlfriend may have suggested that she wants a break from you for a few days or even a couple of weeks. It may sound like a daunting prospect, especially since you feel like you are losing your grip over this relationship and desperately want your girlfriend back. You may even have resisted her efforts. However, if she is adamant, you need to question your thinking and take the right steps. To begin with, don't equate 'break' with 'break up'.

My Girlfriend Wants A Break But Still Contacts Me

Does your girlfriend want a break, but she still contacts you? If she does, it probably means she wants the best of both worlds. The question is, why would she want a break when she still contacts you and presumably loves you? If your girlfriend wants a break, she is, in essence, using euphemism for two strong reasons. Subconsciously, your former girlfriend thought that by giving you a little bit of hope to cling on to, she could then safely—without feeling guilty or any harsh feelings on your end, make a swift transition from being in a relationship to being single. This breakup excuse is just a deception—a distortion of senses; a lie to create a false understanding of reality. To put it in my own words, the author defines clouded visions of hope as grabbing onto unrealistic expectations for support when the current situation seems hopeless. Moreover, Viktor explains that people react positively even in their darkest moments—as long as they are given false hope. On the day of the breakup, your ex felt an overwhelming desire for space, hence why the best non-hurtfull approach seemed to be to propose a break. In my opinion, when a person lets go of you in small increments by first suggesting a break, followed by silence, the dumper believes it will make you feel better.

My Girlfriend Wants to Take a Break

Recently, my girlfriend told me that she wants to take a break from our relationship. According to her, she needs space to think about things and wants to slow things down. Has she been cheating on me? As I read your note, I immediately knew this was the kind of issue a lot of guys encounter over the course of their dating lives. I can imagine the first place your mind traveled to was to a place of self-blame.

By Chris Seiter. When a girlfriend asks you for a break this can be a confusing situation, you might ask yourself if the relationship is over or just on hold.

Many people come across this certain phase in their relationship where their partner asks for a break or for some space. The relationship between a girlfriend and a boyfriend is so intimate that when either one of them asks for some space, things get a little messy. It might cause a huge shock to those who think that nothing can harm their relationship and their partner cannot live without them.

She Needs A Break

Looking back, I realize that every single time I unnecessarily suffered and by extension made my partner suffer through months or years of a bad relationship…. This article is by no means meant to be taken as gospel. These signs are not commandments.

Here you are going to get a breakdown of what it all means and I will go over the different situations you may have faced that brought you here, and how to turn things around. A lot of men go into panic mode when this happens! She says she wants to take a break! Is it all over?! I love hearing from you so I welcome your comments below. Please comment on this blog if you need advice or have any questions!

“My Girlfriend Wants a Break. What Should I Do?”

So, you meet a girl, fall in love, and you think everything is great! The infatuation stage is powerful — in fact, researchers have found that being in love affects our brain in almost the exact same way as if we were on cocaine. Crazy, huh? But, as we all know, the newness wears off eventually. And then real life sets in.

“What does it mean when my girlfriend wants to take a break?” I am going to make sure you fully understand what it means when a woman says she needs a.

So, a lot of women tend to soften the blow on an actual by saying that they want a break for a while or they need some space to help keep the guy calm and ensure that she remains safe and unharmed during the process. You need to ensure that you start to build on her feelings of love, respect and attraction for you at this point, rather than further destroying her feelings. For example: If a boyfriend suddenly begins to beg, plead or cry to his girlfriend when she tries to break up with him, she will lose even more respect and attraction for him.

The relationship seems to be going great, except for a few minor hiccups. But that's normal in any relationship, right? There are several encounters that occur in a relationship that may make one or both partners feel the need to ask for a break. If you're in a relationship that has hit a few rough patches, your girlfriend may be trying to figure a few things out.

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