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Maxwell Smart. Agent Chief of Control. Admiral Hargrade.

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List of CONTROL Agents

Maxwell Smart. Agent Chief of Control. Admiral Hargrade. Harry Hoo. The Claw. X Guests X. Barbara Bain. Tom Bosley. Carol Burnett. James Caan. Johnny Carson. Wally Cox. Robert Culp. Bob Hope. Martin Landeau. Julie Newmar. Leonard Nimoy. Tom Poston. Vincent Price. Don Rickles. Cesar Romero. Star Trek's Deela. Kathie Browne. Don Adams' Father. Perhaps this had something to do with Johnson only serving one Presidential term.

But we digress. Bumbling Max might be, but it shouldn't be ignored that he does eventually get the job done. Whether it's in a gun fight or a tumbling, fist fight, Max usually prevails. Compare this with the number of times those top UNCLE agents, Napoleon and Ilya, end up in the hands of the bad guys, and Max's score doesn't look all that bad. A small bantum rooster, Max bobs back up from his dunks into disaster with his confidence intact.

Failures get filed into their proper perspective. After all, he is the chief field agent for Control and has saved the world innumerable times. What balances out Max's nickle-pinching cheapness is the generosity of his affection and loyalty. Sure, he might momentarily wonder if the Chief has volunteered for anything recently when the bad guys are wondering who to shoot first, but he is quickly brought back to perspective and his courage certainly matches that of many of our favorite spy guys.

Though there is a good amount of physical comedy, at which Max is a master, much of the comedy is verbal, the show owing a large debt to a great set of writers. Gathering clips for music videos for this show needs to be done with the sound off, since it's impossible to turn off one of their wonderful jokes in the middle, even when the action needed for a music video clip is long over and done.

Don Adams won three Emmys for his role as Maxwell Smart, and they were well deserved. The actor submerged into the character, and we believed in Max just as much as he did in himself. While the series was a success with audiences and critics, the movies didn't do well at all.

It wasn't that the audience had given up on Maxwell Smart, it was more that Don Adams had. Part of Max's appeal was that he never saw himself as the bumbler the audience saw. He could fall flat on his face and still come back knowing that he was as good as he thought he was. By the time Don Adams played Max in the movies, he'd become a spectator of the famous character, and that innocent belief Max had in himself was just gone.

Instead of seeing Max, we saw Don Adams playing a bumbling spy that Adams let you know, unconsciously, wasn't him at all. And all the repeats of those beloved, familiar jokes just couldn't rise past that loss of the character's innocence. Agent 99 appears in the first black and white episode as a chauffeur, and from the moment she takes off her cap and reveals herself to be a woman, it's clear that there's a chemistry between 99 and Max.

But she seems to be divided between the two worlds of the 60's - the woman who steps back and lets the man lead, and the woman who is very, very good at the career she's chosen for herself.

Half of her might be good at the spy game, but the other half of her is willing to give the credit for her ideas to the male of her choice - Max. They're partners, even though Max always wants to protect her. But 99 fights for the right to do her job in the dangerous world in which they operate, and Max will back down and let her be that full partner.

If there's a comparison that can be made for 99, it might be to Sidney Bristol in Alias. Like Sidney, 99 marries her spy partner and has children while still on the job. In both shows, their organizations come though with babysitting services. Not bad company benefits. The woman is a wonder. Brilliant, beautiful and talented. What an absolute joy and pleasure she's been for us.

It's the Chief of Control's job to put his agents into danger, and that the Chief does, guilt not withstanding. But as a former agent himself, the Chief isn't so rigid in his lines of authority that he won't go out to save Max himself. In one of the most wonderful episodes, Max wanders the room picking up objects that remind him of Agent Fang, the dog Max loyally defends against Fang's own bumbling efforts.

Against orders, Max goes in to save Fang. When Max is captured, the bad guys believe that they now have the bait to catch the Chief. And, sure enough, Thaddeus wanders his office where everything reminds him of Max, including Max's rubber duck gun, which then goes off, reminding the Chief how often he reminded Max not to leave his duck loaded.

And off goes the Chief, too, to save his friend. And when events turn the organization upside down, the military background of the principles make it not surprising that a demotion doesn't mean the Chief storming out but, rather, acting as Max's subordinate and putting his heart into the job.

He joined the army, during World War II, as a radio operator. After the war ended, he went back into Broadway musical comedies and a variety of dramatic film roles.

He appeared in Gunsmoke, Dr. Platt's musical background is used in an episode where he returns to the field with the cover of a singing waiter. Hymie is a state of the art robot created by Dr. Ratton, a rogue scientist. He's used to kidnap a professor that Max is assigned to protect. Taking the place of a new agent Max doesn't know, Hymie builds a relationship with Max, and a drink that Max presses on him creates some unknown effect on the robot's inner workings.

When Hymie brings Max and 99 and Dr. Shotwire back, he's ordered to kill Max, who forgives him in advance. The affection and respect that he gets from Max is in pointed contrast to his being called a monster by his creator, and Hymie takes a mental leap forward by changing sides. Max refers to Hymie as his best friend, and there's a real warmth between them. When Hymie is reprogrammed as an assassin and attacks the Chief, Max is ordered to disassemble him, but Max is unable to destroy the robot and brings in the pieces of a washing machine which he attempts to pass off as his disassembled friend.

The relationship between Max and Hymie is one of the high points of the show though, unfortunately, Hymie only appears in 6 episodes. Admiral Hargrade was the first Chief of Control, and is brought in by the president in times of extreme stress. While he, like the current Chief, might have once been a very competent agent, he's clearly past his prime now, and too old for the job. But there's always a way to make use of the man, even if only as a floor lamp when he falls asleep on his feet.

No wonder he was always falling asleep as the Admiral. His schedule would exhaust anyone! Larabee is the secretary and driver for the Chief of Control. He's as literal in his own way as Hymie the robot, and so good-natured that his inability to discern sarcasm will always be forgiven. Once the Chief's jaws unclench, that is. You have to wonder how anyone that incompetent could keep his job. You'd almost think there's nepotism at play. Robert Karvelas was recruited for the role of Larabee by his cousin, Don Adams.

Agent 44 and, later, Agent 13, provide one of the most consistent gags in the show - their ability to hide in the strangest places. This is taking survelliance to its logical conclusion. Whether they're in a wall safe, a washing machine, an ice machine, a chimney or a grandfather clock, they can always be counted on to overhear the villains' plans, and guide Max eventually in the right direction.

But first they expect Max to listen to their woes, and commiserate, which he does. After all, isn't life about friends helping friends? David Ketchum appeared in the role of Murph in the Union 76 gas station commercials over twenty years. It's usually the members of his own team that have the most frustration with Max, and wonder if he's actually a secret double agent for KAOS, he spreads so much confusion throughout Control.

And none are more frustrated with Max than Carlson, the inventor of their technological gadgets.

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I did enjoy reading this novel by Karen White, although I found it hard to get into at the beginning. It was not similar in style to many of the other books I have read by Karen, maybe that was why Lost Hours. Karen White.

Harold Fuller wrote.. Great stuff, Rich. You have a very interesting writing style..

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Drew Eshelman: Man at Mailbox

Agent 13 is a CONTROL agent who is often sent on field reconnaissance missions where he has to hide in unlikely places such as mailboxes, washing machines, lockers, trash cans, or fire hydrants. Unlike his predecessor, Agent 44 , Agent 13 would reply in bitterness as an effect of his cooped-up state as he tends to resent his assignments. Agent 13 featured in several season two episodes. His mother is also a spy but, says 13, "I don't think she's on our side" [Episode " The Mummy "]. Max takes the call on his shoephone but 13 is not seen or heard onscreen [Episode " When Good Fellows Get Together "]. He is delivered to Max's new condo in a filing cabinet although Max describes him as a "top drawer" agent, he is in the bottom drawer and is assigned to assist Max in thwarting the KAOS threat to destroy all fabric thereby rendering the world nude. To this end he conducts surveillance and reports from inside a magazine and from various nooks and crannies in an airplane where he locates a hidden bomb finishing up in the plane's toilet where Max inadvertantly flushes him [Movie: " The Nude Bomb ". There is disagreement about the context of these events with some arguing that the film takes place in a separate continuity ]. Things have been slow, he says, with only part-time spying now. He joins Max in fighting the new threat, reporting from a fire hydrant despite the danger of passing collies [TV Movie: Get Smart, Again!

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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Max 's idol. The Chief 's best friend. Called by Max.

People could download the email organizer, but using it required joining a mailing list that stretched to nearly , names at one point.

Peter Colt is a currently a police officer in a small New England city where he has worked for the since He spent over twenty years in the Army reserve and was deployed to Kosovo in , where he was attached to the Russian Army. He was deployed to Iraq in and again in

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Victor left to do some other acting jobs, so they changed the number and kept the role the same. Were they? In my garage, there's this huge picture of the Man in the Golden Helmet, but it's my face on it. Those prop guys are really good.

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Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. Smart mailboxes are a great way of organizing mail pertaining to a certain project or conversation without actually affecting it in any way. Go ahead and give your smart mailbox an appropriate name. As you can see from the following screenshot, any work-related e-mails appear in our newly-created smart mailbox. This means that each message must meet all the requirements to be part of the mailbox. This is a good, non-destructive way of organizing your e-mail, thus allow you to rest assured you can find specific messages quickly and easily.

There are some actors so identified with a single role that they complain that any other work they do is obscured. Don Adams, who played the bumbling secret agent Maxwell Smart in the s television series, Get Smart, had very little other work to obscure. Adams, who has died aged 82, was seen in episodes of the spoof spy sitcom over five years from to , later returning to the part again and again when attempts at other comedy series failed. The character was so strong, particularly because of that distinctive voice, that nobody could picture me in any other role. Adams' distinctive voice was delivered in nasal staccato tones that audiences found consistently funny, and was an essential element of Maxwell Smart's character. He was Agent 86 for Control, an intelligence network based deep underground in Washington DC; entry was through the floor of a telephone kiosk. It was the job of Smart - and beautiful Agent 99 Barbara Feldon , as intelligent as he was stupid, both working for someone simply known as Chief Edward Platt - to combat the agents of Kaos, an international organisation of evil. Smart was assisted by Agent 13 David Ketchum , a master of disguise who hid in mailboxes, clocks and vending machines, and a dog called Fang or Agent K

“We've got to have that envelope. You stay and figure a way to get it out. I'll stay with Boyd.” “How do I get into a mailbox?” “You're a smart guy. You figure it out.”.

Ее секрет был спрятан в керамических шахтах, уходивших на шесть этажей вниз; ее похожий на ракету корпус окружал лабиринт подвесных лесов и кабелей, из-под которых слышалось шипение фреоновой системы охлаждения. Генераторы внизу производили постоянный низкочастотный гул, что делало акустику в шифровалке какой-то загробной, присущей миру призраков.

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Преступники, террористы и шпионы, которым надоело прослушивание их телефонов, с радостью встретили это новое средство глобальной коммуникации.

Стратмор смущенно посмотрел на труп, затем перевел взгляд на Сьюзан. Неужели она узнала. Этого не может. Стратмор был уверен, что предусмотрел .

Сьюзан посмотрела на него, стараясь не показать свое изумление. - Неужели. - Да.

Стратмор пришел вчера с самого утра, и с тех пор его лифт не сдвинулся с места.

В таком случае ему не нужно будет передавать пароль кому-то. Возможно, он работал в одиночку. Стратмор хмыкнул. Мысль Сьюзан показалась ему достойной внимания. - Неплохо, но есть одно .

Купол здания, похожий на спутник, находился в ста девяти ярдах от основного здания АНБ, и попасть туда можно было только через главный вход. Поскольку в шифровалке имелось автономное энергоснабжение, на главный распределительный щит, наверное, даже не поступил сигнал, что здесь произошла авария. - Основное энергоснабжение вырубилось, - сказал Стратмор, возникший за спиной Сьюзан.

 - Включилось питание от автономных генераторов. Это аварийное электропитание в шифровалке было устроено таким образом, чтобы системы охлаждения ТРАНСТЕКСТА имели приоритет перед всеми другими системами, в том числе освещением и электронными дверными замками. При этом внезапное отключение электроснабжения не прерывало работу ТРАНСТЕКСТА и его фреоновой системы охлаждения. Если бы этого не было, температура от трех миллионов работающих процессоров поднялась бы до недопустимого уровня - скорее всего силиконовые чипы воспламенились бы и расплавились.

- Кроме всего прочего, вирус просто не может проникнуть в ТРАНСТЕКСТ. Сквозь строй - лучший антивирусный фильтр из всех, что я придумал. Через эту сеть ни один комар не пролетит.

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