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Skip navigation! Story from Music. The Ronettes had it all wrong. The best part of breaking up is not the making up. That rarely happens, and when it does, it often leads to more breaking up. No, the real pleasure in having your soul shredded by another human being comes in the days, weeks, months, or maybe even years of wallowing that follow.

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Breakup Songs For Dudes: 18 Go-To Tracks That Will Help You Get Over Your Ex

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We've all been there after a break up when all you need is a kick ass song to get you over that waste of space ex lover - luckily Capital's got you covered with the ultimate break up power playlist! What could be more therapeutic following a break up than listing to some seriously feisty songs to get you over your ex? Luckily the biggest names in pop - and we at Capital - have got you covered.

From Ariana Grande to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini - check out the ultimate playlist of tracks to get you over your ex. You'll feel better in no time! Oh come on - the girls' first song taken from 'Glory Days' needs NO introduction. Crank up those speakers and scream it to that photo you promised yourself you'd burn!

The clue is in the title - Chezza doesn't care about her waste of space exes and neither should you. It's impossible to wallow while listening to Cheryl's catch pop hit. Onwards and upwards, ladies and gents! We don't recommend tattooing their face, however - it's probably not worth the jail time! This is the perfect track once the anger has calmed down a little - embrace your new single self, you sassy little hunk of sexiness!

Forget the one that hurt you and move on with your jazzy, fabulous life. Kelly's never looked back and neither should you. Bit of a power tune with some raw guitar action? Lawson definitely delivered - and will have you back to your feisty self in no time with 'Brokenhearted'. If Ed Sheeran can get over someone cheating on him with this much spirit, so can you. Yep, the ginger ninja's penned the perfect track to make you feel better about any break up.

It's an oldie but a goodie - Justin's song about Britney Spears will have you telling your exes that they've lost you for good and they can damn well cry about it too.

Ms Goulding isn't one to wallow in misery after a break up - and she definitely got over her exes with the gorgeous Dougie Poynter! Make like Ms. Swift and let that guy or girl know you're never coming back to them. THE song to listen to while you bag up their belongings - ultimate girl power sass fess AND you get extra wardrobe space too. You just can't beat a classic, and Mr Raymond's 'Burn' has been on ever break up playlist EVER well, for about the last 10 years at least. K-Pez is a BIG one for female empowerment and this track will definitely have you feeling better after a bitter split.

Hot On Capital.

30 Songs To Get You Through Every Breakup

FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. Lovers come and go from our lives, but their impact can be felt even years later. We've bared our souls, our bodies, our pasts as well as our hopes for the future to them.

When it comes to painful experiences, going through a breakup is right up there with getting a face tattoo. Moving on from a breakup is hard—really, really hard—and can take time, but music can be a crutch that helps prop you up while you heal.

After you've wiped away your tears, turn to this definitive playlist. And here's a Spotify playlist of all the songs mentioned in this post. Is it peculiar that she twerk in the mirror? And am I weird to dance alone late at night? And is it true we're all insane?

The 30 Best Songs About Moving On To Help You Get Over A Breakup

Breaking up is seriously hard to do. Whether it's a relationship that ran it's course and you're dreading losing your SO as a friend, a passionate romance that you realized was emotionally abusive, or a fling that probably shouldn't have gotten serious, every breakup is hard for its own reasons. Breakups just suck. But no matter how things ended or who did the dumping, there's definitely a song that perfectly captures the way you're feeling post-breakup and help you get through this mess! This is possibly the nicest breakup song ever written. Ariana took her pain from her broken relationships and came out on top as a better person. Usually breakup songs are about hating the person you just broke up with, but Ari took it one step further and made sure they realized what they were missing. Sometimes, a breakup can really show a person what they're missing.

14 Songs GUARANTEED To Get You Over Your Ex

When your relationship has ended and your heart is breaking, having a playlist full of songs you can cry to, laugh to, dance to, and do whatever you need to do to is key. Luckily, making music is part of the recovery process for many musicians, which means there's no shortage of songs about moving on and picking up the pieces for you to choose from. But if you don't want to end up wallowing in self-pity for too long, what you really need is breakup songs about moving on to bigger and better things. So open up Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, or whatever music app it is you love most and make yourself a playlist using the list of songs below. Then you can play it on shuffle and repeat whenever you feel the desire to call your ex or when it feels like you the pain is just too much to bear.

There are different ways to handle a breakup , depending on the situation, of course. But whether you're wallowing in tears because you got blindsided or giving out high fives for finally letting go of the jerk, one thing's for sure: music makes it all better.

We avoid it, but it still happens. You wonder how something that was so amazing became a cause for so much pain. Fortunately, we have breakup songs to help us through the ordeal.

Get Over A Guy In 17 Songs

We've all been there after a break up when all you need is a kick ass song to get you over that waste of space ex lover - luckily Capital's got you covered with the ultimate break up power playlist! What could be more therapeutic following a break up than listing to some seriously feisty songs to get you over your ex? Luckily the biggest names in pop - and we at Capital - have got you covered. From Ariana Grande to Cheryl Fernandez-Versini - check out the ultimate playlist of tracks to get you over your ex.

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One unappreciated benefit of having your heart absolutely obliterated by a breakup is the comfort and romanticism of the breakup playlist. In your gut you know what this is. It's that set of songs you'd never play in front of another human person, but blast on full volume when your roommates are gone and you need to induce a sob. A breakup playlist is a mix of guilty pleasures and songs so sad they sound like rhythmic dying, and in the throes of heartbreak, it's the only thing you want to hear. By all means, make your own breakup playlists, luxuriate in your own sadness, do you thing. But if you're simply too despondent to bother assembling a set of breakup songs, a team of scientists and music psychologists worked with Amazon Music to create a breakup playlist for you.

7 Upbeat Songs to Help You Get over a Guy ...

You could ask anyone in my life, I have music or a movie going on in the background at almost all times. I speak almost exclusively in movies quotes and song lyrics. It is my belief that you absorb the environment you surround yourself in. If it has been weeks or even months since your break up and you find yourself watching and rewatching sappy love movies and listening to mopey music take an emotional inventory. Salk was a researcher in a lab at the University of Pittsburg. It was later written that he spent sixteen hours a day, seven days a week, for several years searching for a vaccine for polio. No matter how much time he spent searching, he just kept hitting a wall and coming up empty handed.

Oct 18, - Looking for that perfect song to help get over a guy or girl? These absolute anthems will help you get through any break up!

If the music we listen to is any indication, then breaking up, feeling down about it and hopefully finding the courage to move on are some of the most common shared human experiences. As centuries of forlorn singletons have learned and generations of songwriters have mastered, one of the best cures for heartbreak is the balm of music that speaks to our souls — or maybe helps us rationalize away the tears. Vincent , Lorde , Kesha and P!

This Playlist Is Scientifically Proven to Cure a Broken Heart

There's a reason there are so many good breakup songs : it's something everyone goes through. Whether you've been dumped, are the dumpee, or have decided to mutually part ways, everyone has a different way of coping with the end of a relationship, but according to psychologists, listening to songs about moving on can be a really helpful part of the process. As noted by Good Therapy, there's also decades of research suggesting that music can have positive effects on listeners in pain.

33 Breakup Songs That Make Up The Ultimate Heartbreak Playlist

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