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Get my girlfriend into gaming

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The games that got her into gaming were the ones she chose for herself. Perhaps related to this, her grade point average was nearly two points higher than mine throughout high-school and college. Her disinterest was down to a difference in character, which was one of the reasons we were together. A couple autumns later, however, she saw me spend a week totally absorbed in Grim Fandango. The snatches of dialog she overheard, and the glories of Rubacava, were enough to pique her interest.

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My one secret trick for getting my girlfriend into PC gaming: do nothing

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I mean, that article is…bad. Also, sometimes people just bounce off. Nothing sucks the joy out of something more than being pushed into it begrudgingly.

She loves a good story and grew up on things like Avatar, Harry Potter, Disney, etc. Has she actually asked you to do this? Because maybe she was just showing an interest in your hobby!! My wife likes a very, very narrow kind of game- puzzle solving and the occasional Mario. She tells me where to go and what to do with her character, we sip some bourbon and have a good laugh.

To echo the sentiments of others here: did she ask you to get into games? Did you ask her what kinds of things she likes in movies, books, films? These are big questions that should be answered before we can really help and might be the whole key to this whole thing.

Getting someone into something on the supposition that she wants to without actually talking to her is a huge issue. Its funny the blind spots we develop for this which are obvious. The zombies and dark humor make me think she might possibly be into Dead Rising? If you can get into the loop it offers there is a lot to enjoy with its weird and silly humor. On the plus side, if she does get into it, I think many of these games have a coop mode if you can figure out a way to make that happen.

Good luck! Unlike me who likes to try a little of everything, but rarely really digs into anything. Go figure. That opens up the kind of games you could introduce her to considerably. She played Myst growing up which might be a good fit and I think she dipped into a few things here or there because of her brother. I think it helped that we played a lot of games together.

For me and her, that was the Uncharted games. Your mileage may vary. Overcooked can get anyone into gaming. I managed to get my mum, dad and sister playing it at Christmas. Agree with those above who advise against forcing it, letting her follow her interests, and accepting up front that she may just not be that into games.

NB: she may find the horniness alienating. I could see a lot of people bouncing off because it feels too hard to learn. Overcooked was a great idea too. Is the Lego Marvel series too silly to suggest? Very new-player-friendly and already related to her interests….

The best thing to do is try to use your knowledge about a your partner and b gaming to be a resource that can aid her interest in playing games.

For example, I asked my girlfriend is she had played rollercoaster tycoon growing up and her eyes lit up and we had a pretty long conversation. A week later it was on sale, and I bought it and she loves it. Even trying to wrap ones head around how to use a controller can be a significant challenge. Though nearly every game has a tutorial, there are very few games that do a good job of teaching you how to think about playing a game, in the general sense.

Except for maybe, Snipperclips. Additionally, the first group of levels provide soooo many teaching opportunities for new gamers including showing them how games challenge everyone.

I think there is a strong argument to be made for jumping right into the deep end with a big overwhelming RPG instead of trying to lead with lighter, smaller games like Snipperclips or Ovecooked. You can play Skyrim and have tons of fun without any understanding of crafting, alchemy, skill trees, enchanting, or spells. Button mashing through combat on the easiest difficulty can get you pretty far in most RPGs. I play a wider variety of genres and games in general, while for the most part my partner sticks to platformers and racers.

Even the Bloodstained prequel game, which I thought he would love since he adores Castlevania III, he preferred to just watch me play. The point is that gaming is a pretty wide form of entertainment, like movies or books. Part of that is that you have to be emotionally prepared for her to bounce off of the medium entirely. While I can empathise with that feeling of wanting someone to like something you do and them not getting it, you have to remember not to be pushy, not to make assumptions, and to let her find the areas of gaming that speak to her.

No one just picks up a Dualshock or Joycon with the right muscle memory already dialled into them. Best of luck to both of you. Tips for getting my girlfriend into gaming? Video Games. Fangdango June 14, , pm 1. CrimsonBehelit June 14, , pm 4. Fangdango June 14, , pm 5. My bad! YBDave June 14, , pm 6. Also if she has high standards for writing gaming probably not gonna scratch that itch.

AtomicBrain June 14, , pm 7. AppleCider June 14, , pm 8. AxelAodh June 15, , am Velocirapture June 15, , am ProfessahJay June 16, , am BluShine June 16, , am So, absolutely true about Skyrim.

Top 50 Games To Get Your Girlfriend/Boyfriend Into Gaming (Part 1)

My girlfriend has recently stuck her feet into the pool of gaming so to speak, and is splashing around a bit. She started off by watching me play Witcher 3 and was really into that but when I offered to let her play for a bit to walk around Novigrad and talk to people for example she declined and said she liked to watch me play it more. I did some research for local co-op games we could both play together and game across Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Trine 1 and 2 etc she very much enjoyed those. But now I would like suggestions for good offline singleplayer games for her to play on her own on her laptop.

For as long as I've written about video games 80 years , I've been getting the same messages in my inbox every February. They have subjects like "Getting your girl in on the game," and come loaded with lots of statistics about how many women like games a lot and ideas about how games can be a fun, sexy thing to do with your partner.

So my girlfriend has been really trying to get into games. She loves the idea of playing them and always wants to watch me play but she has problems playing them herself. Problem is she's just aaaaawful at them, just can't seem to get the hang of navigating in a 3D space,, and anything that really requires quick reflexes usually becomes very frustrating. My question is have anyone else had any luck finding good games to start their non gaming partners, friends, family out on. I mean, does she have any kind of starting point?

Tips for getting my girlfriend into gaming?

Gaming with your girlfriend, for some, is the "Final Frontier". Well it doesn't actually have to be all that difficult. There's a little bit of gamer inside all of us, and as gaming is breaking into the mainstream today with smartphones and online casual gaming it's becoming that much easier to get your significant other to join in on your favorite pastime. Gaming together can be a great new way to spend quality time doing something you will both enjoy, but how do you go about it? Read the How To below for some ideas to get you started and some warnings on what not to do when getting your girlfriend to play video games. Was this helpful? Gaming together should be a joined experience, most preferably in a co-operative game. Lounging on the sofa on your phones is not gaming together.

Games to get your girlfriend into gaming

You play games, but your significant other does not. To relax after work, you load up Overwatch on the living room Xbox. Your beau, on the other hand, wants to cook dinner with you. An hour watching you gun down virtual enemies is, to them, the definition of boring—even disrespectful of their time. In my experience, gaming with your significant other can solidify romantic bonds.

There are a fair number of things in this world that annoy the snot out of me.

I mean, that article is…bad. Also, sometimes people just bounce off. Nothing sucks the joy out of something more than being pushed into it begrudgingly.

Getting my girlfriend into games.

A lot of these games on the list have been taken from personal experience of mine and people I know. Go easy, and have fun! Hopefully no controllers get thrown around.

Pretty self-explanatory from the title! With all the E3 stuff going on at the moment and my girlfriend showing slightly more interest than normal , I was wondering if anyone's got any tips or recommendations for things to try together? So I'm a woman who is a gamer. I obviously don't know your girlfriend at all so my assessment could be completely wrong. I looked at the games in that article and most of them aren't really to my taste. You could start super simplistic like that or give games with a good story a try.

How To Turn Your Girlfriend Into A Gamer

During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Many men will be forced, at some point, to part with their beloved game console by supreme order of their female companions. Make gaming an activity you both enjoy!

We guys can't get enough of playing video games, it's like a drug but our girlfriends don't feel the same way. We show you how to turn her into a gamer girl.

Gaming can be a difficult hobby to maintain if your new or existing partner does not share your passion. I recently spoke with some of my female friends about what they really thought of gamers. You need to offer your own time to an activity that might not particularly interest you but she really enjoys.

50 Games To Play With Your Non-Gamer Girlfriend

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