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Find me a girl the jacksons lyrics

I got to find me a girl Oh, I got to find me a girl. Somebody who Can make all my dreams Come true Somebody soft and warm I know just what I want I've been searching everywhere Can't seems to find her anywhere Could it be you, could it be you Could it be you I got to find me a girl Oh, I got to find me a girl Somebody true To make all my lonely nights A thing of the past Someone to make everything All right I got to find me a girl Find me a girl Find me a girl Oh baby Somebody who Can make all my dreams Come true Somebody soft and warm I know just what I want I've been searching everywhere Can't seems to find her anywhere Could it be you, could it be you Could it be you. You will get 3 free months if you haven't already used an Apple Music free trial. Type song title, artist or lyrics.

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The Jackson 5

Enjoy Yourself 2. Think Happy 3. Good Times 4. Keep On Dancing 5. Blues Away 6. Living Together 8. Strength Of One Man 9. Dreamer Jackson 5 member Jermaine Jackson stayed with Motown when his brothers broke their contracts and defected to CBS; he was replaced by youngest Jackson brother Randy.

To ensure chart success, the group was teamed with Philadelphia producers Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, as well as their staff of writers and players. Despite the promise, "The Jacksons" is hampered by derivative tracks and a lack of knowing what to do with the group, particularly lead singer, Michael Jackson. The big hit here, the jerky "Enjoy Yourself," perfectly captured Michael Jackson's late adolescence, with his newfound vocal tics and inflections.

The group was able for the first time to write their own material, something that had been denied to them at Motown. The album was the Jacksons' first gold album, despite selling more than 10 million albums while at Motown.

Motown's sales and financial records were never presented for auditing by the RIAA until Music's Takin' Over 2. Goin' Places 3. Different Kind of Lady 4. Even Though You're Gone 5. Jump for Joy 6. Man of War 8. Do What You Wanna 9. It was released in , the year before the family group moved to Epic Records in for their return to mainstream success. That song gave the brothers the confidence to decided to write and produce a whole album by themselves.

This is considered their lowest selling album next to Jackson Street. Blame It on the Boogie 2. Push Me Away 3. Things I Do for You 4. Shake Your Body Down to the Ground 5. Destiny 6. Bless His Soul 7. All Night Dancin' 8. This album is a dry run for Michael Jackson's adult solo career. The band had left their longtime label Motown in After their last two CBS albums were spearheaded by legendary producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, Epic allowed the Jackson brothers to write and produce their own material fully for the first time in their career.

Composing much of the album in their home-made recording studio in their gated Hayvenhurst mansion, the group finished recording the album within two months. Like many of the acts that have left Motown though, the Jacksons were often dealt with the curse that they would no longer enjoy the success they had while associated with the label basically giving the same response after hearing of longtime front man Michael Jackson's move to a full-fledged solo career a year after this album was released.

Released on December 17, , Destiny did what it was supposed to do for the group: re-establish them as a top-selling group. The album's success was largely based on the second single released from the album, "Shake Your Body Down to the Ground ", which became a Top 10 single in the spring of The single, "Blame It on the Boogie", was also released.

The album eventually peaked at number eleven on the Billboard Pop Albums chart and number three on the Billboard Black Albums chart and went on to platinum status cementing it as the first RIAA-certified platinum seller by the Jacksons as most of their Motown recordings were uncertifiable, despite their huge success on the charts.

The accompanying tour was a huge success running on many legs and also toured overseas. Can You Feel It 2. Lovely One 3. Your Ways 4. Everybody 5. This Place Hotel 6. Time Waits for No One 7. Walk Right Now 9. In , Michael Jackson's classic Off the Wall was still selling. This album has the group fleshing out their sound and songwriting abilities even more.

The anthemic "Can't You Feel It" has enough hubris and undeniable craft to get this polished work started. But as Triumph plays, what's striking is that the songs don't immediately leap out at you but they all land on their feet. The blissful and funky "Lovely One," with its effortless, punchy horns, has Michael Jackson with his quirky vocals and charisma. At it's best, this is a collaborative effort, not just super-hot Michael Jackson talking his brothers out for a spin.

The Jackie Jackson-penned "Your Ways" creates the right mix of paranoia and uncertainty that meshed well with Michael Jackson's high-pitched and haunted lead. That certainly mixes well with Triumph's best song, "Heartbreak Hotel which was renamed "This Place Hotel" to avoid confusion with the Elvis Presley song of the same name. The track is an early instance of Michael Jackson's patented love as horror, kisses as doom ethos. The song's creepy aura and sound effects maximize the effect.

Triumph is a gorgeous effort and remains an absolute necessity for any comprehensive collection. Things I Do for You 3. Off the Wall 4. Ben 5. She's Out of My Life 7. I'll Be There Rock With You Lovely One Working Day and Night At this point, Michael, age twenty-three, was among the most popular performers in pop music, and The Jacksons had become legends in their own time and attained their own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Triumph tour would be the group's last tour together for four years, while Michael released the highly successful Thriller album and its singles in and In , Rolling Stone magazine described the Triumph tour as one of the best 25 tours from to It's easy to forget, in the wake of a decade of bizarre behavior, rumors, and innuendo surrounding Michael Jackson that the Jacksons were once known solely for being a major music franchise.

This live album, which was pretty obscure in its original double-LP vinyl version, is a reminder of how great an act they were, and captures what was just about the end of Michael Jackson's work with the family group, all of it very much on a high-note. Live opens with a pounding, powerful rendition of "Can You Feel It" and, with one exception, never lets up, pushing on through a high-velocity and high-articulation version of "Things I Do for You," and a soaring "Off the Wall".

The last section of the album, commencing with Off the Wall's "Rock With You," is practically a live rendition of that album, and so bracing as to almost exhaust the listener; and the preceding medley of their early Motown hits is just about worth the asking price of the disc by itself.

On the down side, there are no notes and barely any credits, and the volume is set a bit low, but it pumps up beautifully with virtually no excess noise. The album is worth tracking down as an artifact of a simpler, more unabashedly joyous time in music, as well as the family's history. Torture 2. Wait 3. One More Chance 4. Be Not Always 5.

State of Shock 6. We Can Change the World 7. The Hurt 8. It was the only album to include all six Jackson brothers together on one record. After a successful reunion on the Motown 25 television special in , Jermaine Jackson decided to return to the group, having left Motown after nine years as a full-fledged soloist.

His brothers had left Motown in Tensions reportedly grew between the brothers during the recording sessions; as a result, little publicity photography was done, and an illustration was commissioned for the album cover this is also why the album only had two videos: "Torture" and "Body"and neither Jermaine nor Michael appeared in either one. As well, the brothers rarely worked together on the album; it was mainly composed of solo songs the brothers had each worked on during that time.

The song "State of Shock" peaked at 3 on the Billboard Hot Two later singles, "Torture" and "Body", were less successful. Victory was supported by the Victory Tour, with lead singer Michael Jackson, who had recently released the world's all-time best-selling album, Thriller, prominently featured. Shortly after the tour ended, Michael and Marlon Jackson quit the band.

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The Jackson 5 Lyrics

Sign In Register. Founding group members Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael formed the group after performing in an early incarnation called The Jackson Brothers, which originally consisted of a trio of the three older brothers. During their six-and-a-half-year Motown tenure, The Jackson 5 were one of the biggest pop-music phenomena of the s, and the band served as the launching pad for the solo careers of their lead singers Jermaine and Michael, the latter brother later transforming his early Motown solo fame into greater success as an adult artist.

Enjoy Yourself 2. Think Happy 3.

Blame It On The Boogie 2. Dancing Machine 3. Hallelujah Day 4. Touch 6.

50 Best Michael Jackson Songs

The Jacksons. Kenneth Gamble , Leon Huff. I got to find me a girl Oh, I got to find me a girl Somebody who Can make all my dreams Come true Somebody soft and warm I know just what I want I've been searching everywhere Can't seems to find her anywhere Could it be you, could it be you Could it be you I got to find me a girl Oh, I got to find me a girl Somebody true To make all my lonely nights A thing of the past Someone to make everything All right I got to find me a girl Find me a girl Find me a girl Oh baby Somebody who Can make all my dreams Come true Somebody soft and warm I know just what I want I've been searching everywhere Can't seems to find her anywhere Could it be you, could it be you Could it be you. My Music. This will be your default for searching and browsing, but we'll still show you results for other languages. More from this album Repeat Shuffle

All 147 Michael Jackson Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best

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Michael Jackson , the greatest pop artist that ever lived, has a career that spans more than 40 of his 50 years. The de facto star of Motown's boundary-breaking Jackson 5, the sensitive solo singer behind Seventies hits, the vanguard of the MTV era and the timeless voice behind some of the only multi-million-selling Nineties records you could safely call "slept-on.

You went to school to learn girl Things you never, never knew before Like "I" before "E" except after "C" And why 2 plus 2 makes 4 Now, now, now I'm gonna teach you Teach you, teach you All about love girl All about love Sit yourself down, take a seat All you gotta do is repeat after me. Come on and love me just a little bit Come on and love me just a little bit I'm gonna teach you how to sing it out Come on, come on, come on Let me tell you what it's all about Reading, writing, arithmatic Are the branches of the learning tree But without the roots of love everyday girl Your education ain't complete Tea-Tea-Teacher's gonna show you She's gonna show you How to get an "A" na-na-na-naaaaaa How to spell "me", "you", add the two Listen to me, baby That's all you got to do. Sit down girl, I think I love ya' No, get up girl Show me what you can do Shake it, shake it baby, come on now Shake it, shake it baby, oooh, oooh Shake it, shake it baby, yeah 1 2 3 baby, oooh oooh A B C baby, ah, ah Do re mi baby, wow That's how easy love can be A B C it's easy It's like counting up to 3 Sing a simple melody That's how easy love can be I'm gonna teach you How to sing it out Come-a, come-a, come-a Let me show you what's it's all about A B C it's easy It's like counting up to 3 Sing a simple melody That's how easy love can be.

Find Me a Girl Lyrics

Listen to more than 50 years of music with The Jacksons! Here are albums of all the singers in the family. I've added some others songs, but it is still incomplete. Maybe I'm going to still work on it.

There was really something about Michael Jackson. He was so likable. You rooted for him, were happy for him. Jackson was the most sensational performer — the full package — of his era. From his voice to his image to his dancing, it was so easy to get swept up in his High Pop Art. Off the Wall , his first adult solo album, showed off an extraordinary young man with astonishing moves, and Thriller , well, Thriller was about something more than marketing; it was the work of a pop auteur of unparalleled gifts, as both a composer and importantly a celebrity as well.

The Jacksons Song Lyrics

Все остальные встретили слова Беккера недоуменным молчанием. - Элементы! - повторил Беккер.  - Периодическая таблица. Химические элементы. Видел ли кто-нибудь из вас фильм Толстый и тонкий о Манхэттенском проекте.

Примененные атомные бомбы были неодинаковы. В них использовалось разное топливо - разные элементы.

Find Me a Girl official lyrics by The Jacksons: I got to find me a girl Oh, I got to find me a girl Somebody who Can make all.

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A Discography of The Jacksons

Стратмор повернулся и с удивлением увидел Хейла. Сьюзан поняла, в чем дело: все это время Хейл вел себя тихо, подозрительно тихо, поскольку отлично знал, что нет такой диагностики, в которой использовалась бы цепная мутация, тем более такая, которая занимала ТРАНСТЕКСТ уже восемнадцать часов.

Хейл не проронил ни слова.

The Jacksons Lyrics - Abc lyrics

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