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Dating vogue patterns

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Recreate a look that dates back to the s, '40s, '30s, or even the Roaring Twenties. Vintage fashion admires be prepared to rejoice! There is some rather exciting in-vogue breaking news involving you and your handy sewing machine. Today, over 83, vintage sewing patterns are accessible online thanks to the website, the Vintage Patterns Wikia.

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Dating Vintage Patterns

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Hi, this seems to me to be a simple question- but one that I haven't found the answer to Why don't the Pattern Companies offer their older patterns as downloads on the Web I realize that they may not have them all- but surely they have some of them This is me www. I just discovered your site and am sooo happy I did.

I re-sell vintage patterns and since some of the Pattern Companies didn't date their patterns until the 80's I do a lot of guessing. For the most part I am correct but your site covers so much more about dating these special patterns I will use your site from now on Thank you for all of your hard work on this topic. Great article, I too resell patterns and this info is very informative.

Thank you Debora. If you love vintage style then most likely you own a few vintage wardrobe pieces. Over the years many of these vintage pieces have gotten moth holes, faded, or the fabric has become fragile. In some cases this can add to it's charm and it can become "shabby chic", but if your looking for just "chic" then be prepared to shell out some cash or if your handy with the sewing machine why, yes, I am!

There are benefits to sewing your own clothing! Here are just a few good reasons: We all know what colors look good on us so we can choose the fabrics that best suit our complexions. Vintage styles can also have an updated, fresh look with new fabrics. By premaking a pattern using inexpensive muslin, you can adjust the fit so that the outfit fits you like a glove! Making new clothing from vintage patterns means you can easily wash and wear what you make without fear of it falling apart.

Great for everyday wear! Making a piece of clothing from vintage patterns will give you the same time of experience that someone from that era would have had! It can be an experience, because many older patterns come unprinted! Exploring vintage patterns will further your knowledge of the fashions of that era. Personally as I've begun exploring vintage fashions, I've found that I am most attracted to styles from the 's.

That's not to say I wouldn't mind making a couple June Cleaver type dresses, but mainly my personality and what I am used to wearing is more figure flattering for the 's. I'd really love to find a 's military style dress pattern with a hat. What fun that would be to make! Dating old sewing patterns isn't as easy as just looking on the pattern envelope When dating a sewing pattern that does not have a year on the envelope, you'll want to consider a few things:.

Companies reissue patterns using the same numbers so this won't be very helpful. Butterick was the very first home sewing pattern company started in Vogue Patterns began in through mail order only, but didn't take off to be the Vogue we know today until when they were sold in department stores.

Vogue patterns did not begin dating patterns until the 's. Simplicity Sewing Patterns began in and began dating their patterns in the 's. In they dated the pattern envelope on the bottom front and then in the later 40's you'll find the date on the back side of the instruction sheet. The original prices ran from cents. McCall began business in You can usually dates their patterns on the bottom in fine print or behind the back flap of the envelope. In McCall added an "s" to their name so they we're known as McCall's.

They were also the first to print on the paper pattern pieces. Hollywood Patterns date between the 's- early 's. Advance Patterns were designed for JCPenny from Original prices started at 10 cents and went up to 75 cents. Mail order patterns became popular in the 's and designs were featured in various woman's magazines with a coupon that could be cut out and sent in.

There were various companies that offered these patterns, but some of the most popular were Anne Adams, Sue Burnett, and Marian Martin. The price of a pattern then, like today, would vary based upon an elaborate pattern verse a normal pattern. Printed patterns pattern pieces with printed edges were more expensive than unprinted patterns. With unprinted patterns you match notches and cutouts together. Keeping that in mind, you can still get a rough idea of the era based upon price and then use further assessments to narrow it down father.

Many children's styled patterns remained this price as the adult size patterns increased in price. Early 's elaborate patterns, such as coats, suit sets etc. Early 60's kept this price and children's patterns remained this price for awhile in the 60's.

From then on, I'm guessing our grandma's couldn't imagine patterns costing so much or maybe it was the invention of the "barcode. In the 's character sketches on the pattern featured very faded faces and just really an 'idea image' that it was an actual person.

Many styles were cut on the bias to mold to your figure. Hemlines in fashion go down with the dollar don't know why, it just has played out that way During the depression era women began to sew more now than ever before.

Clothing was mended time and time again before just being tossed to the wayside. Children's garments were sewn with the idea of passing them down to younger family members.

In the 's character sketches were more detailed, but generally the pattern envelopes were only printed in colors in the early-mid 40's. Later 40's introduced more color to the envelope. The character featured generally had small pointy lips, defined small facial features, her hair was curled under or tightly coiffed.

Fashion sense in the 's was all based upon the war. The US government was rationing items such as cloth, rubber, and metal so the fashion industry had to adapt. The government also put restrictions on how much yardage could be put into a piece of clothing. The only fashionable items that were not under restriction were wedding gowns and infant clothing. Dressing for the occasion was key. Because we were all in support of our troops in the war, we put the effort in on the home front as well.

Some women took over the factory jobs that the men held previously, thus companies and sewing patterns! Rosie the Riveter was born. If you took to the farming fields, women found that denim trousers were a must. It became acceptable for women to wear these things if they were doing such dirty jobs. Colors for everyday wear tended to be muted colors and brighter for the time period colors were reserved for Sunday services or evening wear. Many times characters were depicted doing something to show you what the outfit was designed for.

An example of that would be a house dress Clothing designed for going out in would have the character wearing gloves with her purse and possibly a hat. The British attacked with the 60's Mod Style. Hippie Style. I believe this is due to the fact that the "hippie" or hipster movement was designed to move away from the traditional and the younger generation didn't want to sew like their parents had.

Embellishing ready made items were also popular in this scene. Painting on jeans and t-shirts or heck, just skin! In the very beginning of home sewing patterns just a bust size was given. In the 's a bust AND hip measurement were given, but a waist measurement was NOT given because it was assumed that the sewer was experienced and able to change that part of the pattern to fit their need.

Up until a size 12 meant a bust size of From on, a size 12 bust increased to 32". In they changed it again and a size 12 meant a bust of 34" and so it stands today. While the bust measurement grew, so did the hip and waist measurements!

Just as today, graphic designers changed around the fonts and logo's. Here's a few dating tips for some of the major pattern companies:.

The 's was when Simplicity began to use color on their pattern envelopes. Previously, it had just been a brown printed paper envelope. The early 30's envelopes were small, but in they increased the size of the envelope to the standard we still see today.

In the graphic font changed, and the logo down the side of the pattern went from grey to black with yellow writing. In , Simplicity added two black bars above the price of the pattern, which then changed in to ONE black bar. In they added one red line one inch from the left hand side of the pattern. In Vogue Patterns was moved to the right hand side of the envelope. Vogue Junior patterns were offered from If you have found a love of vintage sewing patterns, I have a couple of sites I'd like to recommend you check out:.

Readers showcase how the pattern turned out for them and any tips or suggestions. Great to check out before you begin your next project!

Collecting Vintage Sewing Patterns

Good luck. I've even seen the wrong decade on patterns there. Most are probably correct but if you need precision, just tread cautiously. Even if they don't have the pattern you need, you can usually find the year by slotting in your number.

Cover of Butterick Fashion News, October Butterick pattern dated My project for dating vintage Butterick patterns using Butterick Fashion News flyers Click here for an explanation has some new information, thanks to the input of generous readers.

Dating Vintage Patterns Tips for determining the date of a vintage pattern. Not all of the major companies dated their vintage sewing patterns in the same way. It is easy to find a printed date on a vintage pattern to determine the date. But what happens if there is no date to be found? That can make things a little more difficult.

83,500 Vintage Sewing Patterns are Now Available for You to See

By Lizzie Bramlett — October 10th, Lizzie Bramlett is a collector of vintage clothing and sewing patterns , and can be reached via her website, Fuzzylizzie. Paper sewing patterns were first manufactured in the middle of the s. These first paper patterns were designed by Ellen Curtis Demorest. Starting in , these patterns were sold through her magazine, Mme. In , American tailor Ebenezer Butterick was the first to create a sewing pattern in various sizes. It was his idea to use tissue paper for the mass production of sewing patterns. The earliest paper sewing patterns were pre-cut on plain tissue, with notches and holes for markings which aided in construction of the garment.

Hi, this seems to me to be a simple question- but one that I haven't found the answer to Why don't the Pattern Companies offer their older patterns as downloads on the Web I realize that they may not have them all- but surely they have some of them This is me www. I just discovered your site and am sooo happy I did.

The first thing to know about collecting vintage sewing patterns is that the temptation to add "just one more" pattern to your collection is irresistible.

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Below is a list of all of the vintage Vogue patterns on our wiki. Book, June · Vogue Pattern Book International, Spring · Dating Vogue Patterns.

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