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How to get a girlfriend through instagram

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What if I told you… that there is a secret weapon that attracts multiple women while exerting as least effort as possible? Too good to be true, right? In this article, I will show you how to attract a girl using Instagram. As well as show you how Instagram provides you with wayyy more leverage to impress girls than the outdated, traditional ways.

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How To Date The Instagram Girl You’ve Never Met

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What if I told you… that there is a secret weapon that attracts multiple women while exerting as least effort as possible? Too good to be true, right? In this article, I will show you how to attract a girl using Instagram. As well as show you how Instagram provides you with wayyy more leverage to impress girls than the outdated, traditional ways.

Anything that gives you the ability to get in contact with the girl in the future is a good thing. Once he gets her attention he will shake his tails feathers, and this motion, along with the colorful patterns attracts the female peacock into mating with him. Now think of yourself as that peacock, and Instagram is your colorful tail feathers. Most times a girl will give you her number because she feels bad or because your approach gave her an ego boost , so she rewards you like a dog.

You approach her the same way, but now instead of asking for her number you ask for her Instagram. If you have an attractive profile which I will show you how to in this article , where in your posts she sees you;. Both women and men aim to have thousands of followers because it gives them a sense of popularity and admiration.

Everyone wants to be an influencer. I engaged in a casual conversation with her for about 45 seconds, and finally I asked for her name, her nationality, and finally for her Instagram. And it makes sense because there is minimal risk in giving out an Instagram. On the other hand, giving out her number comes with the risk that the guy might be a creep and call her excessively. To get that girl to respond, you have to work some excellent game on her for at least 15 minutes, and that is just not very efficient!

However, by asking for her Instagram instead, you become as efficient as can be. Unlike if you were going for phone numbers. You would have to game them for a minute before they give you the number, allowing you maybe two numbers in 15 minutes. If you have an excellent Instagram page, then you can sit back and let the profile do the work for you.

Just to name a few, for the full manual check of this article. After enough time spent with a woman for her to notice these character traits in him, she begins to develop this irresistible attraction. Once you do this, then just add the girl to your profile and let it create all the attraction for you.

After your profile has done all the work for you, she will either; direct Message you first, or you can hit her up. Now, you may be asking… how do you do it!? In this next section I will give you the step by step instructions on how to attract girls on instagram. So we have gotten to the juicy part; this is where I am going to show you how you can completely optimize your Instagram profile to attract as many girls as possible.

Answering how to attract a girl on Instagram. If you already have an Instagram, I recommend that you either open up a new one or clear your current one of all past posts. When writing a Bio, you should keep it short, simple, and straight to the point. In my bio, I like to let the girl know what I value, and what my work and hobbies are.

Burger emoji. Also, the fact that God, family, and lucy the dog are mentioned there; lets her know that you are a loving family man.

That Bio alone is enough for her to want to learn more about you because it sounds like the type of life that she would enjoy being a part of. And she for sure will want to meet Lucy, the dog! The pictures you post on Instagram must be well thought out, with the purpose of showing that you possess the characteristics of an attractive man.

How do you do that? It can be by the beach, ocean, mountains, desert, and even a beautiful city. She will think you are super talented and exciting! If you have a cute dog take photos with it. Have someone get a picture of you and your friends at the beach with no shirts on. She will be impressed with the discipline you must possess to have a body like that, and she will be turned on by your aesthetics.

Make sure you smile! Let her know that you enjoy what you do. So take as many pictures with your boys as possible while doing some cool shit. If she happens to have a similar preference, then the similarity between the two of you will attract her to you.

Pre-selection is a big factor when attracting women. The more girls in the picture the better, but make sure you are the only guy in the photo. Plus, I will be showing you ways in which you can gradually increase your followers over time.

The best way to begin is by adding everyone you currently know. Whoever you need to add to make it to followers, DO IT! From there your Instagram is presentable enough for you to start building your following.

Adding followers at social gatherings is one of the easiest ways to get many followers, this is mainly because people are under the influence of alcohol, making them extremely friendly. All you have to do is talk to someone for 30 seconds and ask them if they have an Instagram.

Nine times out of ten they will say yes and add you instantly. To gain followers I like to go straight for the big fish. Meaning that I make most of my followers the girls that I talk to. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the article most girls will say yes because they want to have more followers. Easy peasy…. Do this method consistently, and within six months you will have an extra followers on your Insta, all hot girls!

This tip will in turn will help you get more girls because of your following; It is a positive feedback loop. A win-win. The last but equally important way to impress a girl using Instagram is using live video and stories.

They do the following;. Have you ever been catfished? Not only do you waste a ton of time, but you also get excited over nothing. And that is the purpose of the live video, through it, you can show you are real and a genuinely cool guy.

But her internal voice is always there, reminding her of all those times she got excited for a catfish. However, by showing her a live video or story, you put the nail on the coffin! DO NOT… start a live video or share a story while nothing exciting is occurring. Just like in the posts section, you must show that you possess a pretty badass life.

And if you can get other girls in your live videos to build the perception of preselection, even better! Look, a picture can only do so much. All crucial elements to getting the full experience of a person.

A video, on the other hand… It can! Emma Stone is a perfect example of this. That is the effect you can have on her by posting a story or going live. She gets the full experience of your fun personality. She can imagine herself hanging out with you now , and having a fun time since she knows what to expect.

Maybe while having a few drinks and joking with your friends. There is no reason to go around wasting precious time trying to get her to give you a flaky number. You can just add her on Instagram easily, and let your content do the work for you. We live in the age of social media, so utilize the tool provided to you. Did you enjoy the article? Why not share it to help someone else? Skip to content What if I told you… that there is a secret weapon that attracts multiple women while exerting as least effort as possible?

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How To Attract A Girl Using Instagram (4 Proven Hacks)

Whether you like it or not, social media is a necessity for gaming these days. Build a life where women find and contact YOU. It just depends on how tight your IG game is.

Instagram is not designed to be a dating tool, but with a bit of hacking involved it beats even the conventional dating platforms. Let me show you how to meet girls on Instagram.

By the way, do you sometimes get stuck in online conversations? Very frustrating I created a bonus named The 10 Texts That Always Work , including my favorite text to send when I have gotten her number, an easy message to get her out on a date, and some witty lines to get the conversation going. Download it, it's completely free and easy to use.

Instagram Game: How To Pickup Women With Instagram (Proven Techniques)

The game has changed. Use it correctly and you can look forward to an army of ladies flooding your DMs. Women you meet for two minutes transform into dates that sleep with you quickly. Girls who forgot meeting you become stalkers begging for your attention. The most that pops up on their phones when you text them is your name and an avatar. Women have to choose their dates carefully, or they risk going out with some creepy psycho stalker. This has become more common in the era of social media and dating apps, which allows them to find someone better within seconds. With Instagram, you can become that someone better. Once she sees your profile, she learns all the awesome things about your life. Then, with Instagram Stories, you can endlessly regain her attention in a non try-hard way.

How To Get Girls on Instagram: The Step-by-Step Guide

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14 Ways to Date and Flirt on Instagram

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SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Putting An Engagement Ring On Girlfriend While She's Asleep... *Emotional*

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How to meet girls on Instagram (+ video guide)

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May 31, - First and foremost, have pictures of yourself on your profile and make sure she has access to them! A guy with a private profile can easily give the appearance  How to start talking to a girl on Instagram.

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