q+a with Lloyd from Little Boom

Saturday, 13 September 2014 By Lloyd Thompson

With their LP Sweet, Sweet Rain getting National Airplay, and plenty of it, The Flumes are poised as one of this years up and coming bands. Their blend of Roots and Folk coupled with the resonating sounds of an Electric Harp has crafted a stylish niche. Continue reading “q+a with Lloyd from Little Boom”

“Sweet, Sweet Rain” Review from Little Boom

The Flumes – Sweet Sweet Rain

Little Boom, Tuesday, 5 August 2014 By Lloyd Thompson

Sweet-Sweet-Rain - 6 Panel SINGLE Middle Pocket-1-proof005 2“Before hearing the latest album by The Flumes – Sweet, Sweet Rain, I would have considered the harp to be a niche instrument. This album changes everything.

The Flumes have with them an impressive release, this album flows, it’s well mastered and the musicians are deep in the groove delivering the goods. Kayt Wallace, lead vocalist and electric harpist weaves her lyrics over tight down-tempo and funky rhythms. The bass grooves over a crisp drumline holding down the backline.

The title track Sweet, Sweet Rain is one to look out for mid album, but one of the most catching of the tracks is Moonsong. It uses simple hooks and the sparse minimal touches over Kayt’s smoky vocals just work, not to mention that grooving solo.

The Flumes hail from Northern Queensland and this release almost takes me there, some of the instrumental numbers sample the rainforest sounds that one becomes accustomed to in the far north. And I like nothing better than an album that plays well through. From the first track to the last this band weave you around their finger and take you on trip into those exotic and not so distant lands.

It’s great to hear a cohesive album rich with new ideas and new twists. There is also something intangibly great about them being from out own shores. I would predict a good future for these guys if they keep pushing the envelope with these already high standards”.

Thanks heaps Lloyd! We love it when someone really gets it 😉

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The Music

EnlargeThe Music ReviewBig thanks to The Music for featuring us in this week’s edition, Terry Soo [Soul Bridge Media] for the great image + Brie for the sweet album review…

“Boasting suave soul undertones to complement the folk hints of Coolum hinterland, opening track Flyin’ Colours immediately gets you compulsively grooving. Delving deeper into a mellow trance guided by harper and lead singer Kayt Wallace’s lush vocals, you quickly realise that The Flumes are the perfect end-of-week cure, embodying chilled Friday nights with a glass of merlot. Let the natural Star of the Sea and the soothe Sweet, Sweet Rain cleanse your spirit as you too discover there’s “Nothing quite like dancing naked in the rain”.

Brie Jorgensen

Kayt’s real job.

Classic stuff from one of our most beloved and talented old friends. Read the rest of it here: dateordie.com.au/ it’s hilarious! 🙂

“It’s 1am on a Friday night. Lock & Load has just turned its lights on so everyone can see my drunk-ass face. I’ve had an unexpectedly embarrassing night which for the last hour I’ve been trying to kill with beer. I came here tonight to watch The Flumes, a friend’s band. The harpist – yes, this band has a harp. It’s about 6ft high, bright blue and electrified – is an old school friend of mine, Kayt. With her floor-length skirt and waist-length hair, plucking the strings of her harp she looks like she’s on a break from her real job of swimming about underwater and luring seamen to their deaths”.