Solbar Sundays

Solbar Sundays

the Flumes are back at Solbar tonight with sangria specials and smilin faces from 9-11pm after the Latin dancing extravaganza in the back room. Hah! Solbar you just lay it on for us in the best possible way 😉

Solbar Sundays

the Flumes are back at Solbar tonight with sangria specials and smilin faces from 9-11pm after the Latin dancing extravaganza in the back room. Hah! Solbar you just lay it on for us in the best possible way 😉

“Swell” ep, 2011

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In February 2011 The Flumes went into Studio B for 4 days at Griffith University’s conservatory of music. This was a departure from previous recordings. Until this point, The Flumes had recorded themselves exclusively in a home-studio environment. The advantage of recording in a controlled space, having access to quality microphones and front-end gear is clear in the final product. Due to having limited time the whole process was meticulously planned. Beginning with home-recorded beds consisting mainly of bass-lines and carefully constructed tempo envelopes, the Flumes hit the studio running and thanks to the wit and professional focus of engineer Ryan Maroney, managed to commit the instrumentation for 5 songs in 4 days.

The Flumes recording process usually starts with the Harp going down first. The recording of “Swell” used the same approach with Kayt in Studio B’s beautiful big live room using a Rode NT1 and an AKG414, all of the Harp tracks as well as acoustic guitar and Cello started with a crystal clear acoustic recording. Next came Drums and percussion in the small dead room, followed by re-recording the Bass, and finally some scratch vocals. The outro of ‘Underwhelmed’ was recorded live in the Studio.

The final vocals were recorded over 1 long day at Pix Records, Connonndale; at the head-waters of the Sunshine Coast’s Mary Valley. Pix is a masterful technician – and a veritable wizard of the microphone – and able to pull the best performance out of musicians.

The whole thing was then taken back home and the long mix began. The Flumes live sound relies on the Harp’s amp sound, so Kayt’s Fender Acoustasonic consequently spent a lot of time in the Flumes’ pantry in front of various microphones with the Studio B Harp tracks being re-amped through it. The pantry ended up having a real work-out with all of the electric guitar over-dubs being recorded in there, as well as vocals for ‘The Scenic Route’.

With all the recording done over five days in February and March 2011, the final mix took until mid-May to settle in. Once it was done, the stems went back to Pix and were re-rendered and mastered through his racks of beautiful analog hardware.

The CD cover artwork was designed by Kayt and Steph and packages 5 blissful tracks. ‘Climbin the Vine’ and ‘Underwhelmed’ – tracks 1 and 5 – have since gone on to receive Highly Commended in the 2011 Queensland Music Awards.

The Flumes are:

Kayt Wallace – Harp, Vocals
Stephan Beattie – Bass, Guitars, Vocals


Damien Jones – Drums, precussion
Ryan Maroney – Percussion
Kate Bergman – Cello
Gavin Rossetti – Guitars on ‘The Scenic Route’

Engineered by Ryan Maroney and Pix Van Mason.
Mixed by The Flumes.
Mastered by Pix Van Mason.

Press Clips for “Swell” 2011 ep

A Cafe Envy twist on The Flumes bio

“Harper Kayt Wallace artfully bends traditional expectations of what this ancient instrument should sound like, melding tones effortlessly into a unique, contemporary, upbeat style all her own.

With a solid rhythm section filling out their sound delivered by skilled bass guitarist Stephan Beattie and drumming prodigy Elliot Gwynne; The Flumes are guaranteed to surprise, entrance and entice you to dance.”

The Point – Sunhine Coast Underground Music Portal

“…I love seeing other people’s reactions to a great local band that they haven’t seen before. There’s something gratifying about it. For a trio like The Flumes, who are steadily gaining momentum and really are rare musical animal, the reaction is completely just…”


This is just about our favourite festival blurb ever…Thanks Island Vibe, we love you too x.

Like pixies cavorting through an opium den in an albino rastafarian daydream. The Flumes seamlessly weave the organic tones of the giant harp with dubby grooves and rhythms – creating a lush cinematic brew.

Excerpt from Scope Magazine

The Flumes are one of those rare musical finds that seem impossible to pigeonhole into one genre. So when listening to their hypnotising new EP, I gave up completely and allowed myself to be carried along on the meandering psychedelic ride that is “Swell”.

Media release from– KURANDA ROOTS FESTIVAL 2011 – Queensland locals The Flumes bring psychedelic element to Kuranda Roots.

“…The soulful music of The Flumes spreads across a number of genres. They describe themselves as alternative folk fusion, however; their music predominantly sees elements of blues, funk, folk, jazz, reggae and rock which are very apparent when listening to these very talented musicians in a live setting or otherwise, on a recording. The earthiness of this group can be felt during any live performance where it is very easy to be swept away by their soothing yet soulful show. With a solid fan base and keen interest from music lovers The Flumes will no doubt bring a certain element of richness to the Kuranda Roots Festival where punters will get a taste of what this extraordinary group has to offer. With such a diverse range of music and instruments teamed with rich vocals The Flumes create an amazing live sound that has to be seen to truly be appreciated…”

TimeOff – iss 1515February 2011.

the Flumes TimeOff 6pack interview 2011
the Flumes TimeOff 6pack interview 2011

Winning shot in 2012 SCOPE Magazine music photography comp.

This photo of Kayt is Steph’s winning entry in LisaSister + Scope Magazine’s 2012 Sunshine Coast Music Photography Competition.

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