ECO-FUNDRAISER-MARCH-1“Friday March 18 at 6pm we rally the troops, the good vibes and music lovers on the SC to raise some funds for the East Coast Originals. Hemingway the flumes The Perries and Christian patey kicking off from 6. A karma keg from Stone & Wood Brewing with all proceeds going to the ECO to keep building up the Peregian Originals! and Cooroy Originals See you there!”
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Z-DAY • Saturday 19th March

z-day-poster-1Stoked to be contributing to this…

Are we supposed to sit by idle while we continue to use a long outdated system that produces war, poverty, collusion, corruption, ruins our environment and threatens every aspect of our health, and does nothing but divide and segregate us?

FREE FOOD (100% vegan), FREE MUSIC and FREE ENTRY at the awesome New Globe Theatre. The global sustainability advocacy organisation, The Zeitgeist Movement warmly invite you to attend Z-DAY 2016.

10:00– 18:00 Saturday 19th March • The Flumes at 12pm.
New Globe Theatre BNE
Check into the facebook event…

BALCONY TV • Sunday 20th March

BTV_SC_Poster_web-1We’re playing at 12pm Sunday 20th March before we do our BALCONY TV session at Maroochy Surf Club. Come down and hang out with us, we’d love some company cos we get nervy in front of the camera!

Wild Rocket at Misty’s • Saturday 5th March

the-flumes-wild-rocket-sat5mar-2We’re playing a Duo show at Montville’s Wild Rocket at Misty’s Micro Brewery 12-3pm Saturday 5th March. Local food, gourmet beer, fine music (that’s us ;), it all adds up to something good!

BLACK BUNNY KITCHEN • Sunday 31st January

the-flumes-black-bunny-kitchen-sun31jan-1We’re playing a Sunday Session at BLACK BUNNY KITCHEN this weekend. It’s our first time there but we hear they do super tasty “chews and brews” and we’ll be playing 3 sets from 3:30 – 6:30pm. Love to see you there 🙂

CAFE LE MONDE • Sunday 17th January

the-flumes-cafe-lemonde-sun17jan-003We’re gonna be lushin it up this Sunday in Hastings St. Noosa Heads at Cafe Le Monde from 6-7pm. Shannon Sol Carroll kicks it off from 4pm and its free entry. How’s that for a Summer Sunday afternoon’s shenanigans?!